Maria Divine Mercy: The Woman Behind the Curtain

Originally posted 11 November 2013. Revised 30 November. [See 'Outing' tab above for critical new information. New post added 17 June 2014]

Since Nov. 8, 2010, a woman identifying herself as Maria Divine Mercy, a Catholic messenger from God and the Last Prophet, has posted nearly 1,000 messages from Jesus, the Virgin Mary and God the Father on the Website She has nearly 35,000 international Facebook followers and dozens of worldwide geographically-local Facebook sites. The main FB site, Jesus to Mankind, shows an image of a happy Jesus as messages report of cataclysmic global devastation and Satanic influences leading to the end times and schismatic separation of her followers from the institutional church. MDMers, as her followers are known – possibly numbering hundreds of thousands – have turned into a cult-like mass of sincere, truth-seeking believers who generate plenty of formal reaction from Catholic hierarchy, religious commentators, and theologians.

She has passionate advocates and adversaries.  She has averaged four visions a week for three years that repeat prophetic warnings from a hundred years-worth of seers, and adds lots of her own to the mix, creating a worldwide discussion-frenzy and divisiveness within communities and families, split for or against. Her internet site ranks as the finest-looking bunch of Web pages for any prophet since…well…ever.  She has marketing skills!

But, until now nothing was known of her identity.


Mary photo 2

Mary McGovern

A mosaic has formed that leads to the door step of Mary Carberry, 58, of Dublin, Ireland, who does business under her maiden name of Mary McGovern. She has four children. Two have worked for her firm, McGovernPR, including her daughter Sarah Carberry, 28, and a 27-year son, a Web page designer. The 27-year-old company, McGovernPR, has won international awards for its skill in marketing products and ideas. Other Carberry companies are CultureLink, headed by her husband, John Carberry, and Digital Future Link, headed by Sarah.  Mary, John and their adult son live in Muldowney Court, MalahideCounty, Dublin, Ireland.


Mary Carberry was a follower of the Irish psychic Joe Coleman who began receiving visions in 2009. reported, “Before his most recent trips and visitations at Knock, Coleman worked as a healer.  He ran spiritual development courses and gave clairvoyant readings before the revenue commissioners started looking into his finances. Though he was charging €40 a session for clairvoyant readings he insisted that he never charged for any kind of information to do with his visions of the Virgin Mary.”

Carberry was instrumental in promoting Coleman in broadcast and print media, may have written his book, The Message, and maintained his Web site.   It is believed she wrote a letter on Nov. 1, 2010, to Ronald Conte at defending Coleman and claiming, “I am the second visionary. We both see our Lady as well as her beloved son Jesus Christ.” She made a prediction later repeated by MDM: The Tribulation has already started. The second half starts at the end of 20-12/beginning of 2013.”  The correspondence is signed only “Mary” and adds, “I can’t give you my surname unfortunately.”

Seven days later Maria Divine Mercy [MDM] emerged from anonymity to…more anonymity to receive her first official communication from  God and by Feb. 2011 a slickly designed Web site called went “live.”  As with Mary’s letter to Conte, the new visionary repeats the command from the Virgin Mary that the messages from heaven be published.  Since MDM emerged, Coleman says he has not seen Mary Carberry, though his current website publishes her name in a notice for a 2012 prayer meeting.


There are more connections between the names McGovern – the business woman – and Carberry – the ‘visionary.’ The Irish “Independent” newspaper published this story on July 24, 2010: “An e-commerce initiative launched yesterday and aimed at the 44 million Irish-Americans has pulled off a coup by getting the backing of US internet giant AOL. has been set up by a company called CultureLink which is owned by public relations adviser Mary McGovern and her husband John Carberry.

building site

Block 4 Harcourt Center, Dublin. Home to Trumpet Publishing, Coma Books, and the The Warning Second Coming/MDM enterprises.

The formation of CultureLink may have saved the Carberrys from bankruptcy.  A few months earlier, Dec. 8, 2009, the Irish Independent reported of a couple about to lose their home for falling behind on payments of their $670,000 USD mortgage. The Building Society was seeking to re-possess the $1.4 million USD home.  “[Barrister Ann Lawlor] said John and Mary Carberry, of Muldowney Court, Malahide, Co Dublin, had not kept up monthly repayments of $6,991 USD for the past 10 months and were in arrears of more than $67,000 UDS.” The court denied the repossession.


Breffni Cully

“Joseph Gabriel” at Oct. 6 Chicago MDM workshop

MDM’s visions are published, as commanded, in three volumes called the Book of Truth by Coma Books whose only products are the MDM line of merchandise.  Add a fourth volume for prayers. Visa and MasterCard accepted. To assure the company’s lock on income from published distribution of the messages, Coma Books copyrights the content. Jesus speaks; MDM profits. There is additional legal language protecting publication of the messages: In no event is anyone permitted to publish, distribute or otherwise reproduce in any format any of the content or copies of the content that appears on The Warning Second Coming web site.

Coma Books shares the same address as Trumpet Publishing Ltd, formed by Sarah Carberry [majority interest] and Breffni Cully, 60. A blogger has identified Cully as the same Joseph Gabriel who conducted and spoke at MDM workshops in Canada and the US during late summer/fall 2013, while associates made cash-only book sales. The camera-shy Cully – recording devices and photos were forbidden from workshops – would have reason to change his identity to conceal his business relationship with Carberry that would link her to the visionary, Maria Divine Mercy.  So, we can connect Mary Carberry to Sarah Carberry to Trumpet Publications to Breffni Cully to Joseph Gabriel to the visionary MDM.

photo2 breffni cully

Breffni  Cully with same tie, at a wedding event

[Edited Nov. 19:] As of January 2013 Sarah no longer owns Trumpet Publishing. In her place is Heinrich Martin Roth, 69, of Koln, Germany. Roth maintains German-language online book sales for…the visionary messages of MDM as contained in the Coma Books-published Book of Truth!  So, we connect Mary Carberry to Sarah Carberry to Trumpet Publications to Heinrich Roth to Coma Books to the visionary MDM.

Coma Books and Trumpet Publishing Ltd are located at Block 4, HarcourtCenter, Harcourt Street, Dublin, the identical contact address for, the Maria Divine Mercy Website. It’s a small world.


Who really IS Coma Books, the publisher of MDM’s 3-volume Book of Truth [mail order only; sold separately]?

Companies Registration Office of Ireland reports that the name “Coma Books” was officially registered in February 2013 under number 486479 – the same number assigned to Curra Building and Civil Contractors.  “Coma Books” was being used in printed copies of the book containing the visionary’s messages almost a year before it was legally registered.

In early November 2013, with Sarah Carberry’s name no longer visibly connected as owner of Trumpet Publishing, reports that Trumpet Publishing now owns the name Coma Books.

And who owns Trumpet?  Heinrich Martin Roth and Breffni Cully who, as “Joseph Gabriel,” gave testimonial workshops in Canada, the United States, and Australia, claiming the “truth” of the messages of the invisible woman known as Maria Divine Mercy.

[Edited NOV. 19:] Cully may own the entire visionary enterprise. On his “vCard” – an electronically-traded business card – he identifies his personal company name as The Warning Second Coming, the name used for MDM’s website.

‘Coma Books’ contracts with Magenta Ecommerce to process payment and shipping from online book sales, as Coma is a ‘virtual’ company with no office or staff. Books are shipped to 51 countries in six languages, most prominently in English and German.  Books are printed ‘on demand,’ which means they are printed after payment is received.

WATCH OVER THE RHINE [Added Nov. 30, 2013]

For four months, researchers gathered hundreds of pieces of information “crumbs” as an image formed revealing the mystery of “Maria Divine Mercy.”  Among the crumbs were ten names on psychic Joe Coleman’s list of contacts for a summer 2012 prayer meeting that included Mary Carberry and someone identified as “Herzmariens.”

With no apparent value, the name was archived. Thanks to the work of a German researcher, we now know the significance of the one-word-named individual who likely held hands with Carberry canting prayers while Coleman communicated to the “other side.” He provides a link not only to Mary Carberry but also Maria Divine Mercy.

Herzmariens is a German prayer Website formed in 2003 that promotes “visionaries.”  It means “heart of Mary.”  It is also the pen name of the Website creator – the sales agent and translator of the German edition of Maria Divine Mercy’s three-volume book of ‘visions’…

…Martin Roth of Cologne, Germany!

Is it merely coincidence that Herzmariens, a Coleman-following prayer buddy of Mary Carberry, turns out to be a profit-maker on the visions of Maria Divine Mercy?

And could profit-maker Martin “Herzmariens” Roth have identified himself as “Heinrich” Martin Roth, also of Cologne, Germany, who, with Breffni Cully, shares directorship of Trumpet Publishing founded by Cully and Mary Carberry’s daughter Sarah?  Let’s reverse the proposition: what is the probability that that assertion is NOT true? [See Updates tab for confirmation.]

THE LAND O’SEERS [Added Nov. 18, 2013]

Joe Coleman is among several current Irish seers who have proven to be  frauds or remain “suspect.”  Denis O’Leary, who began seeing visions in 1988, continues to report on his relationship with the other side. He organizes “Circle of Prayer” groups throughout Ireland, similar to MDM’s “crusade of prayer” groups organized throughout the world.

More well known are the visions of Christina Gallagher. In November 2009 London Daily Mail writer Philip Nolan wrote that many claim her to be “the greatest religious con trick ever perpetuated in Ireland.” Within 20 years of her first vision, the mother-of-two described as an “unremarkable housewife” went from ordinary to “fabulously wealthy” and the owner of four mansions. The Irish Sunday World reports that since 2008 Gallagher, with no visible income, resides in a $5.4 million [USD] mansion in upper-class coastal Malahide, north of Dublin, population 16,000. In the same neighborhood as Mary Carberry. Just as Gallagher’s “professional” career was ending, Maria Divine Mercy’s began.


Mary McGovern’s – Mary Carberry’s – marketing skills were noted in an article published in the Irish Business and Leadership journal in December 2009 that announced a new online service provided by her company.  Mary McGovern remarks how skillful online content can deliver “stickiness by engaging readers on issues they care about…we produce content that stimulates online and offline debate. The key objective is to attract repeat visitors to a company’s website.”

JTM image

Happy Jesus at MDM Facebook page warns of global devastation

A year later a woman concealing her identity under the name Maria Divine Mercy demonstrates an uncanny online ability to engage readers on issues they care about. With lots of “stickiness” to keep them coming back for more.  And claims she’s receiving near-daily messages from a talking drawing of Jesus who tells her she is the last prophet. And 100,000 people say, “Amen.” This is an exceptionally remarkable textbook-study in effective marketing and public relations.


More than a year into the visions, Maria Divine Mercy received a protective “seal of the living God” prayer – Number 33 – from her “Jesus” that an enterprising San Diego, California, graphic artist designed into a parchment-colored piece of paper with the prayer, related text, and graphic elements, including a prominent image of a red seal. The seal, according to Maria’s “Jesus,” is His “promise of Salvation” [a clear break from Catholic doctrine].  The paper “seal” has supernatural power to protect all who accept it up to the second coming of Christ.

The seal paper, translated into 16 languages, is downloadable at to be printed and prominently displayed in homes. All seals, past, present, and future have been pre-blessed at MDM’s request by “Padre Dominic La Fleur” – King of Mercy, Canada. La Fleur writes at, “If they [ordained ministers] refuse [to bless the seals], I gotcha covered! Zap!”

Mary had a message from her alleged Jesus to convey to the ‘seal’ artist: Jesus approves the seal and appreciates the artist’s good work. The prayer excludes mention of “Jesus” or “Lord” or “Christ.”

Curiously, the  ‘seal’ artist himself dismisses any special powers assigned to the document he created, or the red-colored stamp itself, which may be purchased from the artist’s catalog of copyrighted graphics that include a symbol of Freemasonry. [Coincidentally, there are 33 degrees to Freemasonry and this is prayer 33.]

On a public-viewable social media page he said in childlike fashion, “I am a commercial artist and I have thousands of stock images. The red seal is one of my stock images which existed years before any of this stuff hit the fan. The red seal is a decoration and has no more power than your FB avatar (duh).”

“Hit…the…fan…no…power…duh.” Earlier this month he was asked if he made money on the seal: “I’m a commercial artist. That’s what I do.” Continuing his online discourse: “If you want me to defend MDM, you’ll have to pay me.”

The artist’s comments have been deleted from live view. Researchers, however, have preserved images of the conversation which will be viewable as embedded links are added to this article. [See Updates tab for the designer's current project.]


In June 2013, three years after Mary Carberry separated herself from the medium Joe Coleman, Coleman received this email: [stet] “I have read a lot about Maria Divine Mercy recently. She hides behind her false title and word is out it’s Mary Carberry. She is being heavily associated with you..can you confirm any truth in this?”

Coleman responded, [stet]Yes this is true, it is all over the internet, I have not seen or heard of her [Mary] in three years now, but I pray for her that she will turn back to God, the devil works in many ways to deceive people and keep them from the truth, any way I am good so far have to try stay in the state of grace, thank you for your concern I send you Mothers love and Blessings, joe Coleman  peace by yours amen.”

A contributor to the Facebook page SafeHarbour, for recovering MDM followers, reports that Mary McGovern’s [Carberry] online LinkedIn photo was shown to Joe Coleman who confirmed that the photo was a younger Mary Carberry. [LinkedIn is a social network site for business professionals.  Mary lists among her special interests, “...reading, especially knife-edge thrillers.”]

A breakthrough revelation of MDM’s identity “went viral” since its posting Nov. 1. A detailed letter, written by someone with Carberry family contacts, identified Mary Carberry as Maria Divine Mercy. The extent of personal information in the message makes a credible case for its authenticity. Researchers contributing to this story know her personally. The author writes that Mary never had visions until she met Joe Coleman.

[stet:] “Joe Coleman’s infestation definitely spilled onto Mary Carberry and soon she too began to have visions. In fact a number of people associated with this medium Joe Coleman began to have visions including Keith who was killed in a car accident. If people are not in the State of Grace and start associating with mediums, false  prophets, well then it is no surprise that they too become infested with the demonic which often leads to visions, prophecies etc but they are not from God, they are totally FALSE.”

Is Mary McGovern Carberry – the international marketing/public relations award-winner – the real MDM? Or the Personna concealing one or more other “visionaries”?

PRIEST” ADDS SUPPORT  [Added Nov. 16, 2013]

MDM’s visions earned credibility early-on from Facebook postings contributed by “Fr. Marie-Paul,” who identified himself as a Catholic priest. He was literate, persuasive, and provided convincing theological support.  But Fr. Marie-Paul would slip references to other messages not so believable, tying MDM with prior visionaries including condemned deceased seer Veronica Leuken, from Bayside, New York, and the Australian cultist William Kamm, who does business as “the Little Pebble.” Kamm  is serving prison time for crimes against two underage girls and is not scheduled for release until 2015.  Kamm himself aggressively promotes MDM’s messages on his Website, of which there is little else left, and on YouTube videos through an intermediary. He claims he will be the last Pope.

Kamm-the-Pebble, 63, has a newer name, William Costellia, which may help establish a post-prison identity that separates him from the subject of the book A Wolf Among the Sheep: Australian Cult Leader William Kamm.  Still an active visionary communicating from his prison cell, his messages remarkably paralleled the messages from Maria Divine Mercy. Grow your own food, money will be worthless, buy gold and silver, the end is near.

And as to ‘Fr. Marie-Paul,’ he wasn’t really a priest after all, but rather a member of the William “the Pebble” Kamm cult. When Facebook followers increasingly questioned his priestly status, the administrator of the official MDM Facebook page, Jesus to Mankind, sought advice directly from Maria Divine Mercy who spoke directly to Jesus who said, directly, the fake priest’s contribution was “important.” Maria emails, “[Fr. Marie-Paul] added great credibility to the messages. I was sad to see him go and I miss his posts.”

Yes, we have a copy of the email.

[Added Nov. 17:] The fake priest, Marie-Paul, continues to promote MDM messages under different names and different Web sites including BiblicalFalseProphet, where he claims that Pope Francis is an ally of the end-times anti-Christ.  And that the anti-Christ is a stuttering American of East Indian ancestry who authors business books that address world hunger. And he’s sure of this. And Maria’s Jesus calls his contributions “important.”

William “The Pebble” Kamm, prison release date 2015

UNWEAVING THE WEB – Added Nov. 16, 2013

The story of the future Pope and convicted rapist William Kamm, whose heavenly messages pre-visioned those of MDM, now takes an interesting and curious person-to-person journey to the House of Carberry.  But to get there, we must go back to the confident and handsome 60-year-old who spoke at the Maria Divine Mercy workshops under the assumed name of Joseph Gabriel.

Breffni Cully, a retired dentist, business man, and cyclist enthusiast [“the flying dentist”], spoke excitedly of the visions of the Irish seer, bringing with him the Jesus-picture that talks to the visionary. He is engaged in a number of business ventures, including Pharmanex, a division of the multi-level marketing company Nu Skin, and Trumpet Publishing Limited, with whom he shared ownership with Mary Carberry’s daughter, Sarah.  In 2007, he got into a little legal trouble.  The Inishowen News of Donegal, Ireland, reported that Cully was involved in a “medical card scheme” that earned him $144,504 [USD]. With all his relationships, personal and business, he lists only two “friends” on his Google+ page. His estate manager and Christine Lammerman.

Christine Lammermann is the former mother-in-law of the Little Pebble, William Kamm!  What are the odds that Kamm-the-cultist would have a relative who is both a personal friend of a Carberry business partner and a public-speaking advocate of the ‘visionary’ Maria Divine Mercy?

THE LAMMERMANN LINK  [Added Nov. 16, 2013]

In 1991 Lammermann and daughter Bettina immigrated to Australia from Munich, Germany, to join the Little Pebble’s [Kamm’s] commune.  At its peak, the order Kamm founded in 1983 had an estimated 100,000 followers.  Bettina, at 17, became Kamm’s “secret mystical wife” and “Queen of the Cult.” She gave birth to six of Kamm’s 16 children  – from 8 “wives” – before “divorcing” him in 2006, a year into his prison term. Bettina, now 40, has moved far from the maddening crowd.  Her mother remained in the commune for another seven years and, until recently, used its address on Koloona Drive, Cambewarra, New South Wales, for her internet marketing business.

Lammerman, an online marketing entrepreneur of natural health and other products, is also an organizer of the Catholic “Our Lady of Refuge” organization inspired by German Bishop Ralph Napierski who unsuccessfully attempted to participate in the conclave to elect the current Pope.  Napierski isn’t a real bishop, but he dresses as one. In mid-November 2011 Maria Divine Mercy’s visions began to appear on Lammermann’s Website with the same frequency as they appear at the official MDM Website. But there is no attribution to MDM or reference or link to her site. At one point, Lammermann found it necessary to specifically deny claims she wrote the messages. In email Lammermann seems to admit to the authorship of one MDM prayer, now numbering 125.  In reference to prayer number 31 she comments, “I hope you like what I wrote.”

We know from audio interviews she’s given, by her admission and accent, that the “Last Prophet” Maria Divine Mercy is an Irish business woman with children. But might she be getting a little help from her friends? Better yet, is this a brokered marketing scheme between an Australian cultist, an Irish businessman, and a marketing/pr firm, all seeking to advance their own agendas?

A web of deceit is unraveling.

HE SAID, SHE SAID [Added Nov. 30, 2013]

We’ve noted that the value of particular pieces of information found on the trail leading to the identity of Maria Divine Mercy is not always apparent.  As pieces gather to form patterns the importance of a clue found months ago may rise or diminish.

Herzmariens, for example, a prayer partner of Mary Carberry, had no value until the name was attached to Martin Roth, a translator and seller of MDM books, and Roth’s name rose in value when Heinrich Martin Roth was identified as a business partner of Breffni Cully in the publishing of MDM books.

And so it was with Christine Lammermann who was “friended” by the Irish retired dentist Breffni Cully on his Google+ page.  Research on her leads us to explore the doomsday cult leader William Kamm to whom Lammermann surrendered  her 17-year-old daughter in “mystical” marriage, and Kamm reminds us of “Marie-Paul,” who provided theological defense for the early messages of Marie Divine Mercy before he was suspected as a fake-priest in Kamm’s cult.

William Kamm’s value rises further from the discovery of correspondence he issued from his prison cell on Nov. 1 containing a new “message from Jesus.”  It was sent through email by his fake “bishop” Malcolm Broussard to a private group.

This new message from Kamm’s “Jesus” is remarkably identical in substance, phrasing  and in particular use of terms and words to messages from MDM  – “Billions will be saved!”  In Kamm’s message “Jesus” refers twice to Maria Divine Mercy. “Remember what I told you through my prophet Maria Divine Mercy…Pray for Maria Divine Mercy, my Last Prophet.” [An earlier message is online]

If Kamm is genuine and MDM is genuine, God might be their common source. But we know Kamm is an unrepentant pedophile and excommunicated Catholic.

In 1981 at age 32, before he transformed into “the Pebble,” he frequented the Bayside, New York, alleged “apparition” site, kissing the girls and baring his chest.  Canadian journalist Anne Cillis was there. She writes in “Bayside Backstage” [Archangel Press, 1986] that she told Kamm, “Morally speaking, you are a disaster…either you leave or we will kick you out.” Cillis continues, “He then walked over to the door and put his hand on his hip in this sexy pose and said: ‘Well, I guess it’s time Australia got its own seer.’ ” The incident is related here.

Kamm returned to Australia, began his sect as the Order of St. Charbel, and in June 2003 earned the condemnation of Bishop Peter William Ingham of Australia who issued a formal decree stating that Catholics who follow the ministry of the “so-called Order of St. Charbel, founded by William Kamm…place themselves outside the Catholic Church and are by that fact excommunicated.”

Does Bishop Ingham’s excommunication implicitly apply to the repackaged Kamm in the form of Maria Divine Mercy?

Why is Kamm so obvious in his support of MDM, even claiming that he, in return, is endorsed by her?  Is Kamm communicating to MDM from prison through an intermediary?

Researchers have credible information that supports that contention. [See Update tab for new revelations.]


MDM’s messages from heaven have been publicly condemned by Catholic bishops in several countries where the cult has evidenced itself. But the Irish bishops, who have jurisdiction over Mary, have not spoken publicly.  And the silence is puzzling.  But the Nov. 1 writer, cited above, says Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin knows of the woman and assigned an Irish exorcist priest to meet her and examine her messages. She writes, “He told her that her messages were not from God, that they were utterly FALSE.”


Will MDMers ever be convinced the scam is up?  Or will these messages extend far into the future?  The seers of Necedah, Wisconsin and later Bayside, New York, each reported visions for 20 years. Both condemned. There are hundreds of others. Some good; some not so good.   Followers speak of the promotion of Catholic devotions, the emphasis on prayer, fasting, penance, recitation of the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. There are more than 125 MDM prayers that form a Crusade of Prayer that circles the world. And it’s only three years old! This sure sounds like Jesus’ work. Or another diabolical trick to deceive faithful and sincere truth-seekers. There is honey in the trap.

The financial stress the Carberrys endured evidenced by the threat of the loss of their home, and the social and business embarrassment, may have created an emotional foundation that pushed Mary to seek spiritual comfort. Perhaps Mary’s association with Joe Coleman suggested her own transcendental project.  She had the in-family talent and international contacts to market to a world starved for spiritual clarity. I don’t believe Mary or Joe or other “seers” set out initially to deceive. The sincerity in the eyes of Joe Coleman kneeling in prayer wins hearts.  The prayers and messages from those behind the curtain of Maria Divine Mercy capture minds and souls.  But we know the devil will embrace his enemy and betray his friends in the grand exercise of wickedness and entrapment.

We are told that in the end even the elect will be deceived.   The time is ripe with befuddlement and desperate for leadership. For a time, I believed these messages were authentic. But there were problems I kept dismissing. Contradictions. Harsh language. Even problems with sentence structure and punctuation! [Is no one checking these for grammar?] Forget theological arguments: We live in an age dispossessed of doctrinal allegiance – at the highest levels!  It is the person of Mary Carberry that speaks to the deceit.

Mary and John have a beautiful, intelligent and talented family. Pray they are sheltered from harm as a consequence of these revelations.  And that she comes clean soon.

It’s time to lift the curtain.



Research is ongoing with near-daily new discoveries. Embedded links will be added soon, connecting statements with supporting documentation, including preserved screen shots of Websites that are now disappearing from live access or being altered since the first appearance of this article on Nov. 11.   The author lives in the United States and has no personal or business relationship with the Carberrys or any of the individuals named.  In his quest to determine the genuineness of the messages, which more and more promoted a schismatic split from the Catholic Church, he discovered a cadre of courageous inquirers – all faithful Catholics – in many countries engaged in ongoing research into the mystery of the veiled woman. This article is a result of their research.  If you have new information, please add it to the comment box [requests for confidence will be respected] or post it at one of the Facebook pages devoted to assisting former MDMers.  All comments are read. The date at top will change to indicate the addition of new information.  This article should be understood as a compassionate gesture to those perpetuating these messages and to those victimized by them.  God Help Us All.


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603 responses to “Maria Divine Mercy: The Woman Behind the Curtain

  1. John Fowler

    MDM is an obvious fake So sad really who follow her. They are good Christians who seek knowledge of the future without accepting the present

  2. A true instrument of True God and Blessed and Immaculate Mother Mary is that since he or she was still in the womb of their mother they were already chosen to be an instrument of God and Immaculate Mary. Not like the others they just became a vissionary from nowhere! That’s why their massages are just imitating others false messages!

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  4. W

    and add THAT HEROD WAS DECLARED BEFOREHAND AS A DESTROYER IN ISRAEL before the slaughter of the innocents/the job of Prophecy is aLSO TO WARN!!! Ezra WAS A “SCRIBE” (priest) and SCRIBES were openly “hypocrites,” according to the words of CHRIST JESUS to those “officials” OF THE CHURCH TO WHICH HE BELONGED…”layman” as HE was ;)!!

    • PocketSketch

      To “W” who replays more of the narrative of Mary Carberry. Your assumption that Ezra was hypocrite because he was a priest is offensive. Ezra was a descendant of Aaron and therefore belonged to the Levitical priesthood. Do you have a quotation of the Christ calling Ezra a hypocrite? No. He was speaking to the scribes and Pharisees who were attacking Him and seeking to kill Him not calling every priest who ever lived or will lived a hypocrite. This is how the Word of God describes Ezra in scripture.

      “Because the hand of the Lord, his God, was upon him, the king granted him all that he requested.” Ezra 7:6 He was released from captivity in Babylon to return to his homeland and to help with the restoration of Judah.

      The bible repeats the blessing of the hand of the Lord on Ezra.
      “. . . he arrived at Jerusalem, for the FAVORING HAND OF HIS GOD WAS UPON HIM.” Ezra 7:9

      Why was he so blessed by the Lord?
      “Ezra set his heart on the study and practice of the law of the Lord and on teaching statutes and ordinances in Israel.” Ezra 7:10

      The Chosen People had broken their covenant with God and forgotten the promises they had made to keep His commandments, precepts and statutes. That is why they ended up in exile in the first place. It is pleasing to God that His children remember all the wondrous deeds He has done for them. It is not hypocrisy. Ezra’s mission was to help his people restore their community and to learn to live in accordance with the covenant they had made at Mount Sinai so that they would receive God’s blessings. Jewish tradition holds him in high esteem.

      “W”, Mary Carberry has corrupted your thinking; she feeds your anti-Catholic bias against divinely ordained Church authority and leadership. She is the one who has taught that Jesus would be killed by the Catholic clergy were He to ever come “in the flesh” again. Absolute balderdash.

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  6. Chris

    I believe the Jury is still out on MDM and “Pope” Francis….let’s not forget that Saul a/k/a “Paul” was a relentless Christian HUNTER/Killer…before being TURNED!!….is it possible that God has decided to TURN MDM from a profiteering Charlatan into a GENUINE PROFIT?….all I know is I trust the Chatholic Heirarchy about as much as I trust the US GOV!!…I have my own reasons for returning to the Church after many years I don’t see the harm of religious messages that get people GOING TO CHURCH/ PRAYING/ and trying NOT TO SIN!!…regardless of the creators (motives). Afterall, God works in very mysterious ways and he USES who he PLEASES in accomplishing HIS OBJECTIVES/Aagenda!!. If he wanted to spread messages AROUND the world using the INTERNET!!…why not pick a PR EXPERT!! In EXACTLY THAT BUSINESS?….and TURN HER!!:)

    • I believe the Jury is still out on MDM and “Pope” Francis….let’s not forget that Saul a/k/a “Paul” was a relentless Christian HUNTER/Killer…before being TURNED!!….is it possible that God has decided to TURN MDM from a profiteering Charlatan into a GENUINE PROFIT?

      First of all Chris I don’t think St Paul was a relentless killer. Scripture tells us that he guarded the clothes of those who were killing Stephen. Acts 22. So yes he was zealous for the religion he had been brought up in but I’m sure he wasn’t a cold blooded killer. I agree with you though that God can turn people around.

      Mary Carberry’s case is different though in that her ‘jesus’ told her Joe was a real visionary!

      Mary C….“I am the second visionary. We BOTH see Our Lady as well as her beloved son Jesus Christ.”

      Mary C….”WE receive messages every month. From the beginning Our Lady asked that WE publish them. Joe has gone public – I manage the website but have not gone public because I dont have the courage to tell you the truth. “I

      Mary managed Joe’s website – a well known psychic. Doesn’t the real God hate this practice?

      “…..all I know is I trust the Chatholic Heirarchy about as much as I trust the US GOV!!

      Now you really cannot be implying that the whole of the hierarchy is corrupt! Of course there are Judas’ in the Church, there always has been, but never forget the many many beautiful and holy priests we have also.

      “…. I don’t see the harm of religious messages that get people GOING TO CHURCH/ PRAYING/ and trying NOT TO SIN!!…regardless of the creators (motives). Afterall, God works in very mysterious ways and he USES who he PLEASES in accomplishing HIS OBJECTIVES/Aagenda!!

      Satan aim has always been to destroy the Papacy…not that he can… but every now and then he gives the “gates” a good bashing. So what is he gaining by using Mary C? Well we have a lot of disobedient Catholics who now hate the Pope…. they are in fact excommunicated and if they receive Holy Communion in this state then they commit the grave sin of sacrilege. Can you now see what Satan is gaining by using Mary Carberry? Souls for hell!

    • PocketSketch

      To Chris who has bought the line of thought, so popular in Carberry’s circle of followers, that she is another Paul chosen by Our Lord to preach the Gospel. What you forget is that St. Paul was eventually welcomed on board by the rest of the apostles after the shock of his conversion wore off and he proved his sincerity. In contrast to Carberry, Paul wanted to be sure that he was indeed teaching faithfully the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus the Christ and to learn more about Our Saviour, he went up to Jerusalem to meet the apostles with Barnabas at his side. He met with Peter and James during his two week stay to share all the Lord had done for him. He won their approval. (See Acts 9 and Gal.1.)

      To reiterate, the actions of St. Paul are in complete contrast with Mary Carberry’s who has made it very clear, she is running her own “mission” entirely separate from the Catholic Church obstinately refusing to step down and accept the negative decision of her own archbishop. I

      How many times does God need to speak to be heard by the faithful? “Whoever listens to you listens to Me. Whoever rejects you rejects Me. And whoever rejects Me rejects the one who sent Me.” Luke 10:16

    • …@ would think catholics had nothing better to do these days than to scold their spiritual siblings for following consequentialism, rationalism, empiricism, relativism, and conjuring existentialist constructs of what constitutes a act of God..true God does use lies, storms, wars, crime and All manner of evil to capture our attention..and to get us to recognize the true path…out of tragedy we come to recognize our need for proper guidance..yet..God does as you say work in mysterious ways..however one needs to qualify the mystery…God works mysteriously in that it is above the human reason..for we are fallen in ignorance due to sin…and so God does not operate in an way contradictory to his NATURE…so God will not lie, war unjustly, commit crimes or spread messages full of we see occurring in MARIA DIVINE MERCY..since such messages would give a false notion of what God is…and so cause confusion among the faithful…faith is nothing more than a sincere aspiration which aims its intentions at the first TRUTH..if we pray fast attend the sacraments yet are guided by false messages then we cannot avoid sin..since these messages are espousing sin…by exhorting one to rebel against the pope, the communion of saints, thereby dissolving unity and nurturing anti-virtue or the vices of disobedience, intemperance, imprudence, spiritual sedition etc…using your line of logically fallacious reasoning via the ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME error..would negate the line between truth and error..and so we would then run into the heap paradox fallacy…in short where do we draw line between good and evil???…by condoning error you preclude the good and defeat your short your prayers become a mockery of God…also by your line of reasoning we could justify the holocaust of world war 2, genocide, abortion, and all manner of evil since by your reasoning God would be using a bad instrument to prompt us into false fear of the Lord which is based more on utility than on charity….

      • Fink

        months ago, i swore never to make any more comments here; but your response to Chris caught my eye. It`s the very thing Mary Carberry`s deluded disciples should heed, but…tragically, they`ll probably reject it.

        Saul/Saint Paul had been a student of the wise Gamaliel; Mary Carberry is/was best mates with a so-called medium. Big difference.

  7. I believe MDM’s messages are from God. Read my blog:
    and especially my article “Pope Francis – Honorary Member of Masonic Rotary Club”

  8. Fink you posted…”aquiness: Why you bothered to make a response to a comment i made months ago is beyond me. i made a throwaway remark about Medj fans, and you`re the one who dragged it back up.”

    I only received your reply a couple of days ago. I have no idea why you are attacking me.

    Fink you posted…”What happens next is up to you, but i don`t take kindly to intimidation. As a 60yo, i`m too old for it.”

    I have no idea what you are talking about..oh and I’m older than you! :-P

  9. ..the pectoral cross of the pope is silver ..which intimates his connection with the poverelo st francis….the image on the cross is depicted the good shepherd who has searched out and found the lost sheep..he carries this lost found sheep on his shoulders..instead of having the arms aside..the arms of the good shepherd are crossed at the breast meaning in the sign of the posture of receiving..traditionally this was the posture Jesus held when he was baptized in the Jordan…this posture of receiving the holy spirit hence holding the spirit or clutching inwardly yet the sign is given in an outward display…also we see the holy spirit descending as a dove and the remaining flock behiind the good shepherd..there is absolutely nothing wrong with this pectoral cross..the symbolism is very astutely executed..only someone with a superbly verdant and paranoid imagination would see anything remotely resembling pagan egypt worship inside this symbolic pectoral cross..yet one can never be too astonished to see what lengths a depraved mind will go to try and calumniate the POPE…calumny is a device of the devil and we see MDM is the devil’s advocate…MDM has claimed she is an angel which anyone with a primitive education in theology knows is false…a person is composite in nature meaning body (made of matter) and a soul ( made of immaterial substance)…an angel is only spirit (immaterial) no matter..yet sometimes angels use the bodily form as part of their mission when they are sent by God ..the proper meaning of angel is to be sent…yet an angel does not make such a bodily form that they use become alive in any sense of the word only in so far as they animate this form..yet angels do not need to eat or drink or upkeep the bodies they animate since such a body is not alive per our body is alive in the accepted sense of the word….from thomas aquinas on the angels…”51. ANGELS AND BODIES

    1. Angels have no bodies. An intellectual nature (that is, a substantial essence equipped for understanding and willing) does not require a body. In man, because the body is substantially united with the spiritual soul, intellectual activities (understanding and willing) presuppose the body and its senses. But an intellect in itself, or as such, requires nothing bodily for its activity. The angels are pure spirits without a body, and their intellectual operations of understanding and willing depend in no way at all upon material substance.
    ……2. That the angels sometimes assume bodies is known from Holy Scripture. Angels appeared in bodily form to Abraham and his household; the angel Raphael came in the guise of a young man to be the companion of the younger Tobias.

    3. In bodies thus assumed, angels do not actually exercise the functions of true bodily life. When an angel in human form walks and talks, he exercises angelic power and uses the bodily organs as instruments. But he does not make the body live, or make it his own body.

    ..also MDM is false when she asserts Jesus gives plenary indulgences..Jesus’ sacrifice was sufficient for all men..and so he cannot grant anything ontop of what he already has done..if he did that would imply his sacrifice on the cross was sufficient…granting indulgences is a function of the apostles where they were given the keys to open and shut….so only popes or bishops can grant indulgences….there are 99 more heresies on the wall at least..and one if of those heresies happen to fall then there will be 98 more heresies to appear on the wall..etc etc…MDM is a hoax a scam and conjured from the moxy of a business lady who has more guts than brains..and has no shame dragging God or Jesus through the is quite a pity..seeing God made fun of and leading souls into confusion..

  10. ..above should read..”that would imply his sacrifice on the cross was insufficient”…if he were to grant indulgences…

  11. ..and so if this so called angel MDM..has to eat or sleep or drink water..or excrete waste (tinkle) or (break the seal) or(take a whiz) then you know she is a phony..because angels dont whiz….or pee or however you say the only seal this MDM will break will be the one at the toilet…mmmm..honestly what a load of rubbish this MDM much for the SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD that this MDM has people believing in…that too has a masonic symbol on it…the cross and crown which is a traditional masonic insignia also used by the JEHOVAH WITNESS …

  12. Stephen

    Hi johnkonnor. here’s my logic. If there are 99 supposed heresies on the wall and some of them can be argued not to be heretical, that would call into question the rest of them as simple lack of discernment. I simply don’t get it when it is said that Jesus cannot grant indulgences. We believe of course that the Church ( the Pope) can grant them and Jesus is the Head of this Body. Sorry, just don’t understand.

  13. W

    tel-l ME about the TRIANGLE ABOVE THE CROSS please??? <+3wendy

  14. Stephen

    john. Not sure why a cross and a crown would be Masonic. Also, I understand that “angel” simply means a messenger of God without respect to species.

  15. ….in epistemology (the study of knowledge)..we have moral realism..which states..”there is no valid inference from nonmoral premises to moral conclusions unless one relies, at least surreptitiously, on a moral premise”…we need absolute facts..otherwise we can have no certitude about our moral premise…now Maria Divine MErcy is guilty of changing fixed laws of God..the eternal law which is an eternal unchanging FACT..indeed God has an antecedent will and a consequent will..however his absolute will never changes… yet Maria Divine MErcy is guilty of humanism…she is replacing fideism with rationalism and empiricism…this is interesting to note since many people who claim Pope Francis is the serpent..state wrongly that he is guilty of humanism..when really it is the other way round….the problem with this MARIA DIVINE MERCY is that she is doom mongering…it is a tactic of satan to get souls to concentrate on fear and doom…since there are two spiritual coins…one coin the coin of CHARITY..which is gotten through faith…both sides of this coin we have works and trust…then there is the coin of PRIDE…which is gotten through doubt….both sides of this coin we have mistrust and acedia (sloth)…..those people who wish to purchase heaven need to use the spiritual coin of CHARITY..yet the devil will counterfeit the coin of charity with the coin of pride…the doom mongers will get people to sit in fear and paranoia..this will subvert charity and result in souls who do nothing but sit and wait…they watch over the pope like abbots in a monastery looking to disclose his sins..or such souls wait and watch their neighbour or watch the world for signs of the the meantime they do not exercise CHARITY….they do not work for God’s kingdom…they do not volunteer their services to works of temporal mercy…..this is how the devil deludes certain souls..into thinking they are doing a good work however …in reality they are doing nothing…..they are GREATLY DECEIVED….and the devil has succeeded in seducing souls who were once faithful to GOD..

  16. ..@ stephen…now you appear to be trying to discern..and you may feel now that because we are offering facts that contradict your self-styled ideas..that we are your enemies..this is not the case….if Jesus were the author of these messages and if these messages contained information that would impact the salvation of souls..then Jesus would not be ambiguous with his words….when he says 7th Angel and messenger he is not using ANgel as a term of endearment as you might call a child your ANgel..otherwise he would not predicate the word Angel with the designation 7th so as to confuse us into thinking of the 7 Angels of the Apocalypse….now how we know Angels are purely spiritual beings with only an intellect and a will…is from the Devil himself..the devil is fixed in hell may ask yourself why??…the devil is an Angel that is fallen…and he has no chance of redemption as we humans do…this is because Angels do not use discursive reasoning as we do…from thomas aquinas teaching on the angels…” Human intellectual knowledge is developed step by step; man advances from what he knows to what, at the start, is unknown. The process of human learning is exampled in the manner in which we prove a theorem in geometry. This way of thinking things out, step by step, is called discursive thinking or reasoning. Now, if, in the light of some master truth, we could see all that is implied in our thoughts, we should not need to work out knowledge by discursive thought. We should not, for example, need to work out the theorem in geometry, for we should instantly take in the whole demonstration and understand it thoroughly without effort. An angel actually has this type of knowledge. An angel does not require discursive thinking. In whatever area of its natural knowledge the angelic intellect is employed, it sees the whole picture; it beholds the thing thought about together with its implications and consequences, and therefore has no need to move from point to point to round out knowledge.

    4. The human intellect forms ideas or concepts, and then compares these and pronounces judgment on their agreement or disagreement. Two ideas in the human mind are, when brought into comparison for judgment, in the relation of subject and predicate. When the predicate idea is found in agreement with the subject idea, the mind affirms the predicate of the subject, thus, “A stone is a substance.” The mind or intellect thus composes or compounds the two ideas into an affirmative judgment. And when the predicate and subject do not agree, the mind divides them by a negative judgment, thus, “A stone is not a spiritual substance.” Thus the human intellect works out its knowledge “by composing and dividing”; and from its judgments (made by composing and dividing) it works out other judgments by reasoning or discursive thinking. Now, the angelic intellect, as we have seen, has no need of this knowing process (of composing, dividing, reasoning), for its knowledge is not built up by abstraction from the peacemeal findings of senses. The angelic mind is like a clear mirror that takes in the full meaning of what it turns upon. Yet an angel understands our way of thinking and knows how we go about the business of composing, dividing, and reasoning.

    5. In the natural knowledge of an angel there can be no falsehood or error. An angel knows truly all that it knows, and all that can be said of the object of its knowledge. And it goes without saying that in its supernatural knowledge an angel knows all that God wills it to know, without error or falsehood. But the fallen angels (or demons) are totally divorced from divine wisdom, and hence, in things supernatural, there can be error or falsehood in their knowing.” ……and so the devil has no body which might hinder his ability to “see ” with his intellect..the devil knew his fate while he was making his choice yet he still made that the fallen angels are only guilty of pride, envy and wrath..because they have no concupiscent inclinations as we humans do (the flesh)..this is why we get chances to turn back to God..and the devil does not get these chances because his intellect is higher in scope….also each angel is its own species……there is not a species know as angelic..under which all angels fall…as with the human species…each angel is its own species..we know this from another complicated bit of theologcal kit..not necessary to mash out to say if you were not so proud and sure of yourself…you would take the time to check it out..and if you had already done this before we would not be needing this conversation..since you would see readily that MDM is completely false..and in fact as you please but dont say God didnt send people like aquiness or pocketsketch.. to help you out…this is how the HOly Spirit works…in communion..through our neighbour…any way enough for me i hope dont have to post anymore..because i am starting to get sick of myself..and i think this board has already banned my wordpress i am posting through facebook..bye for now

  17. …it can be a complicated to affair to explain it…suffice to say…Jesus in his work on the Cross has provided satisfaction for the firgiveness of sins…an indulgence is not forgiveness…the forgiveness occurs after sacramental confession…however because sin casues a stain on the soul..which is not a material stain..through the action of sin a soul places an obstacle to the divine light (the action) and so this habit remains…what an indulgence does is help to remove all or part of the punishment..” An indulgence is the extra-sacramental remission of the temporal punishment due, in God’s justice, to sin that has been forgiven, which remission is granted by the Church in the exercise of the power of the keys, through the application of the superabundant merits of Christ and of the saints, and for some just and reasonable motive. Regarding this definition, the following points are to be noted:” encyclopedia…an indulgence places at our disposal the treausry of the merits of the saints and the Power of the keys which is by the Word of God..which is a fully actualized command..absolute in nature..not contingent as say would be a warning from God….if Christ were to grant indulgences he would be contradicting the Word of God..which is impossible..if Christ were to grant an indulgence..this would mean the infinite merits of his passion were not sufficient for he would need to grant something on top of what he has already done….also the power of the keys is a part of the grace afforded by way of priviledge..and all grace emanates from Christ…and so Christ does not need to do twice that which he has accomplished once..for God is inviolate..and Perfect…

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