Maria Divine Mercy: The Woman Behind the Curtain

Originally posted November 11, 2013. Revised Nov. 30. [See 'Outing' tab above for critical new information. New article added April 10: "The Million Dollar Caper"]

Since Nov. 8, 2010, a woman identifying herself as Maria Divine Mercy, a Catholic messenger from God and the Last Prophet, has posted nearly 1,000 messages from Jesus, the Virgin Mary and God the Father on the Website She has nearly 35,000 international Facebook followers and dozens of worldwide geographically-local Facebook sites. The main FB site, Jesus to Mankind, shows an image of a happy Jesus as messages report of cataclysmic global devastation and Satanic influences leading to the end times and schismatic separation of her followers from the institutional church. MDMers, as her followers are known – possibly numbering hundreds of thousands – have turned into a cult-like mass of sincere, truth-seeking believers who generate plenty of formal reaction from Catholic hierarchy, religious commentators, and theologians.

She has passionate advocates and adversaries.  She has averaged four visions a week for three years that repeat prophetic warnings from a hundred years-worth of seers, and adds lots of her own to the mix, creating a worldwide discussion-frenzy and divisiveness within communities and families, split for or against. Her internet site ranks as the finest-looking bunch of Web pages for any prophet since…well…ever.  She has marketing skills!

But, until now nothing was known of her identity.


Mary photo 2

Mary McGovern

A mosaic has formed that leads to the door step of Mary Carberry, 58, of Dublin, Ireland, who does business under her maiden name of Mary McGovern. She has four children. Two have worked for her firm, McGovernPR, including her daughter Sarah Carberry, 28, and a 27-year son, a Web page designer. The 27-year-old company, McGovernPR, has won international awards for its skill in marketing products and ideas. Other Carberry companies are CultureLink, headed by her husband, John Carberry, and Digital Future Link, headed by Sarah.  Mary, John and their adult son live in Muldowney Court, MalahideCounty, Dublin, Ireland.


Mary Carberry was a follower of the Irish psychic Joe Coleman who began receiving visions in 2009. reported, “Before his most recent trips and visitations at Knock, Coleman worked as a healer.  He ran spiritual development courses and gave clairvoyant readings before the revenue commissioners started looking into his finances. Though he was charging €40 a session for clairvoyant readings he insisted that he never charged for any kind of information to do with his visions of the Virgin Mary.”

Carberry was instrumental in promoting Coleman in broadcast and print media, may have written his book, The Message, and maintained his Web site.   It is believed she wrote a letter on Nov. 1, 2010, to Ronald Conte at defending Coleman and claiming, “I am the second visionary. We both see our Lady as well as her beloved son Jesus Christ.” She made a prediction later repeated by MDM: The Tribulation has already started. The second half starts at the end of 20-12/beginning of 2013.”  The correspondence is signed only “Mary” and adds, “I can’t give you my surname unfortunately.”

Seven days later Maria Divine Mercy [MDM] emerged from anonymity to…more anonymity to receive her first official communication from  God and by Feb. 2011 a slickly designed Web site called went “live.”  As with Mary’s letter to Conte, the new visionary repeats the command from the Virgin Mary that the messages from heaven be published.  Since MDM emerged, Coleman says he has not seen Mary Carberry, though his current website publishes her name in a notice for a 2012 prayer meeting.


There are more connections between the names McGovern – the business woman – and Carberry – the ‘visionary.’ The Irish “Independent” newspaper published this story on July 24, 2010: “An e-commerce initiative launched yesterday and aimed at the 44 million Irish-Americans has pulled off a coup by getting the backing of US internet giant AOL. has been set up by a company called CultureLink which is owned by public relations adviser Mary McGovern and her husband John Carberry.

building site

Block 4 Harcourt Center, Dublin. Home to Trumpet Publishing, Coma Books, and the The Warning Second Coming/MDM enterprises.

The formation of CultureLink may have saved the Carberrys from bankruptcy.  A few months earlier, Dec. 8, 2009, the Irish Independent reported of a couple about to lose their home for falling behind on payments of their $670,000 USD mortgage. The Building Society was seeking to re-possess the $1.4 million USD home.  “[Barrister Ann Lawlor] said John and Mary Carberry, of Muldowney Court, Malahide, Co Dublin, had not kept up monthly repayments of $6,991 USD for the past 10 months and were in arrears of more than $67,000 UDS.” The court denied the repossession.


Breffni Cully

“Joseph Gabriel” at Oct. 6 Chicago MDM workshop

MDM’s visions are published, as commanded, in three volumes called the Book of Truth by Coma Books whose only products are the MDM line of merchandise.  Add a fourth volume for prayers. Visa and MasterCard accepted. To assure the company’s lock on income from published distribution of the messages, Coma Books copyrights the content. Jesus speaks; MDM profits. There is additional legal language protecting publication of the messages: In no event is anyone permitted to publish, distribute or otherwise reproduce in any format any of the content or copies of the content that appears on The Warning Second Coming web site.

Coma Books shares the same address as Trumpet Publishing Ltd, formed by Sarah Carberry [majority interest] and Breffni Cully, 60. A blogger has identified Cully as the same Joseph Gabriel who conducted and spoke at MDM workshops in Canada and the US during late summer/fall 2013, while associates made cash-only book sales. The camera-shy Cully – recording devices and photos were forbidden from workshops – would have reason to change his identity to conceal his business relationship with Carberry that would link her to the visionary, Maria Divine Mercy.  So, we can connect Mary Carberry to Sarah Carberry to Trumpet Publications to Breffni Cully to Joseph Gabriel to the visionary MDM.

photo2 breffni cully

Breffni  Cully with same tie, at a wedding event

[Edited Nov. 19:] As of January 2013 Sarah no longer owns Trumpet Publishing. In her place is Heinrich Martin Roth, 69, of Koln, Germany. Roth maintains German-language online book sales for…the visionary messages of MDM as contained in the Coma Books-published Book of Truth!  So, we connect Mary Carberry to Sarah Carberry to Trumpet Publications to Heinrich Roth to Coma Books to the visionary MDM.

Coma Books and Trumpet Publishing Ltd are located at Block 4, HarcourtCenter, Harcourt Street, Dublin, the identical contact address for, the Maria Divine Mercy Website. It’s a small world.


Who really IS Coma Books, the publisher of MDM’s 3-volume Book of Truth [mail order only; sold separately]?

Companies Registration Office of Ireland reports that the name “Coma Books” was officially registered in February 2013 under number 486479 – the same number assigned to Curra Building and Civil Contractors.  “Coma Books” was being used in printed copies of the book containing the visionary’s messages almost a year before it was legally registered.

In early November 2013, with Sarah Carberry’s name no longer visibly connected as owner of Trumpet Publishing, reports that Trumpet Publishing now owns the name Coma Books.

And who owns Trumpet?  Heinrich Martin Roth and Breffni Cully who, as “Joseph Gabriel,” gave testimonial workshops in Canada, the United States, and Australia, claiming the “truth” of the messages of the invisible woman known as Maria Divine Mercy.

[Edited NOV. 19:] Cully may own the entire visionary enterprise. On his “vCard” – an electronically-traded business card – he identifies his personal company name as The Warning Second Coming, the name used for MDM’s website.

‘Coma Books’ contracts with Magenta Ecommerce to process payment and shipping from online book sales, as Coma is a ‘virtual’ company with no office or staff. Books are shipped to 51 countries in six languages, most prominently in English and German.  Books are printed ‘on demand,’ which means they are printed after payment is received.

WATCH OVER THE RHINE [Added Nov. 30, 2013]

For four months, researchers gathered hundreds of pieces of information “crumbs” as an image formed revealing the mystery of “Maria Divine Mercy.”  Among the crumbs were ten names on psychic Joe Coleman’s list of contacts for a summer 2012 prayer meeting that included Mary Carberry and someone identified as “Herzmariens.”

With no apparent value, the name was archived. Thanks to the work of a German researcher, we now know the significance of the one-word-named individual who likely held hands with Carberry canting prayers while Coleman communicated to the “other side.” He provides a link not only to Mary Carberry but also Maria Divine Mercy.

Herzmariens is a German prayer Website formed in 2003 that promotes “visionaries.”  It means “heart of Mary.”  It is also the pen name of the Website creator – the sales agent and translator of the German edition of Maria Divine Mercy’s three-volume book of ‘visions’…

…Martin Roth of Cologne, Germany!

Is it merely coincidence that Herzmariens, a Coleman-following prayer buddy of Mary Carberry, turns out to be a profit-maker on the visions of Maria Divine Mercy?

And could profit-maker Martin “Herzmariens” Roth have identified himself as “Heinrich” Martin Roth, also of Cologne, Germany, who, with Breffni Cully, shares directorship of Trumpet Publishing founded by Cully and Mary Carberry’s daughter Sarah?  Let’s reverse the proposition: what is the probability that that assertion is NOT true? [See Updates tab for confirmation.]

THE LAND O’SEERS [Added Nov. 18, 2013]

Joe Coleman is among several current Irish seers who have proven to be  frauds or remain “suspect.”  Denis O’Leary, who began seeing visions in 1988, continues to report on his relationship with the other side. He organizes “Circle of Prayer” groups throughout Ireland, similar to MDM’s “crusade of prayer” groups organized throughout the world.

More well known are the visions of Christina Gallagher. In November 2009 London Daily Mail writer Philip Nolan wrote that many claim her to be “the greatest religious con trick ever perpetuated in Ireland.” Within 20 years of her first vision, the mother-of-two described as an “unremarkable housewife” went from ordinary to “fabulously wealthy” and the owner of four mansions. The Irish Sunday World reports that since 2008 Gallagher, with no visible income, resides in a $5.4 million [USD] mansion in upper-class coastal Malahide, north of Dublin, population 16,000. In the same neighborhood as Mary Carberry. Just as Gallagher’s “professional” career was ending, Maria Divine Mercy’s began.


Mary McGovern’s – Mary Carberry’s – marketing skills were noted in an article published in the Irish Business and Leadership journal in December 2009 that announced a new online service provided by her company.  Mary McGovern remarks how skillful online content can deliver “stickiness by engaging readers on issues they care about…we produce content that stimulates online and offline debate. The key objective is to attract repeat visitors to a company’s website.”

JTM image

Happy Jesus at MDM Facebook page warns of global devastation

A year later a woman concealing her identity under the name Maria Divine Mercy demonstrates an uncanny online ability to engage readers on issues they care about. With lots of “stickiness” to keep them coming back for more.  And claims she’s receiving near-daily messages from a talking drawing of Jesus who tells her she is the last prophet. And 100,000 people say, “Amen.” This is an exceptionally remarkable textbook-study in effective marketing and public relations.


More than a year into the visions, Maria Divine Mercy received a protective “seal of the living God” prayer – Number 33 – from her “Jesus” that an enterprising San Diego, California, graphic artist designed into a parchment-colored piece of paper with the prayer, related text, and graphic elements, including a prominent image of a red seal. The seal, according to Maria’s “Jesus,” is His “promise of Salvation” [a clear break from Catholic doctrine].  The paper “seal” has supernatural power to protect all who accept it up to the second coming of Christ.

The seal paper, translated into 16 languages, is downloadable at to be printed and prominently displayed in homes. All seals, past, present, and future have been pre-blessed at MDM’s request by “Padre Dominic La Fleur” – King of Mercy, Canada. La Fleur writes at, “If they [ordained ministers] refuse [to bless the seals], I gotcha covered! Zap!”

Mary had a message from her alleged Jesus to convey to the artist: Jesus approves the seal and appreciates the artist’s good work. The prayer excludes mention of “Jesus” or “Lord” or “Christ.”

Curiously, the artist dismisses any special powers assigned to the document he created, or the red-colored stamp itself, which may be purchased from the artist’s catalog of copyrighted graphics that include a symbol of Freemasonry. [Coincidentally, there are 33 degrees to Freemasonry and this is prayer 33.]

On a public-viewable social media page he said in childlike fashion, “I am a commercial artist and I have thousands of stock images. The red seal is one of my stock images which existed years before any of this stuff hit the fan. The red seal is a decoration and has no more power than your FB avatar (duh).”

“Hit…the…fan…no…power…duh.” Earlier this month he was asked if he made money on the seal: “I’m a commercial artist. That’s what I do.” Continuing his online discourse: “If you want me to defend MDM, you’ll have to pay me.”

The artist’s comments have been deleted from live view. Researchers, however, have preserved images of the conversation which will be viewable as embedded links are added to this article. [See Updates tab for the designer's current project.]


In June 2013, three years after Mary Carberry separated herself from the medium Joe Coleman, Coleman received this email: [stet] “I have read a lot about Maria Divine Mercy recently. She hides behind her false title and word is out it’s Mary Carberry. She is being heavily associated with you..can you confirm any truth in this?”

Coleman responded, [stet]Yes this is true, it is all over the internet, I have not seen or heard of her [Mary] in three years now, but I pray for her that she will turn back to God, the devil works in many ways to deceive people and keep them from the truth, any way I am good so far have to try stay in the state of grace, thank you for your concern I send you Mothers love and Blessings, joe Coleman  peace by yours amen.”

A contributor to the Facebook page SafeHarbour, for recovering MDM followers, reports that Mary McGovern’s [Carberry] online LinkedIn photo was shown to Joe Coleman who confirmed that the photo was a younger Mary Carberry. [LinkedIn is a social network site for business professionals.  Mary lists among her special interests, “...reading, especially knife-edge thrillers.”]

A breakthrough revelation of MDM’s identity “went viral” since its posting Nov. 1. A detailed letter, written by someone with Carberry family contacts, identified Mary Carberry as Maria Divine Mercy. The extent of personal information in the message makes a credible case for its authenticity. Researchers contributing to this story know her personally. The author writes that Mary never had visions until she met Joe Coleman.

[stet:] “Joe Coleman’s infestation definitely spilled onto Mary Carberry and soon she too began to have visions. In fact a number of people associated with this medium Joe Coleman began to have visions including Keith who was killed in a car accident. If people are not in the State of Grace and start associating with mediums, false  prophets, well then it is no surprise that they too become infested with the demonic which often leads to visions, prophecies etc but they are not from God, they are totally FALSE.”

Is Mary McGovern Carberry – the international marketing/public relations award-winner – the real MDM? Or the Personna concealing one or more other “visionaries”?

PRIEST” ADDS SUPPORT  [Added Nov. 16, 2013]

MDM’s visions earned credibility early-on from Facebook postings contributed by “Fr. Marie-Paul,” who identified himself as a Catholic priest. He was literate, persuasive, and provided convincing theological support.  But Fr. Marie-Paul would slip references to other messages not so believable, tying MDM with prior visionaries including condemned deceased seer Veronica Leuken, from Bayside, New York, and the Australian cultist William Kamm, who does business as “the Little Pebble.” Kamm  is serving prison time for crimes against two underage girls and is not scheduled for release until 2015.  Kamm himself aggressively promotes MDM’s messages on his Website, of which there is little else left, and on YouTube videos through an intermediary. He claims he will be the last Pope.

Kamm-the-Pebble, 63, has a newer name, William Costellia, which may help establish a post-prison identity that separates him from the subject of the book A Wolf Among the Sheep: Australian Cult Leader William Kamm.  Still an active visionary communicating from his prison cell, his messages remarkably paralleled the messages from Maria Divine Mercy. Grow your own food, money will be worthless, buy gold and silver, the end is near.

And as to ‘Fr. Marie-Paul,’ he wasn’t really a priest after all, but rather a member of the William “the Pebble” Kamm cult. When Facebook followers increasingly questioned his priestly status, the administrator of the official MDM Facebook page, Jesus to Mankind, sought advice directly from Maria Divine Mercy who spoke directly to Jesus who said, directly, the fake priest’s contribution was “important.” Maria emails, “[Fr. Marie-Paul] added great credibility to the messages. I was sad to see him go and I miss his posts.”

Yes, we have a copy of the email.

[Added Nov. 17:] The fake priest, Marie-Paul, continues to promote MDM messages under different names and different Web sites including BiblicalFalseProphet, where he claims that Pope Francis is an ally of the end-times anti-Christ.  And that the anti-Christ is a stuttering American of East Indian ancestry who authors business books that address world hunger. And he’s sure of this. And Maria’s Jesus calls his contributions “important.”

William “The Pebble” Kamm, prison release date 2015

UNWEAVING THE WEB – Added Nov. 16, 2013

The story of the future Pope and convicted rapist William Kamm, whose heavenly messages pre-visioned those of MDM, now takes an interesting and curious person-to-person journey to the House of Carberry.  But to get there, we must go back to the confident and handsome 60-year-old who spoke at the Maria Divine Mercy workshops under the assumed name of Joseph Gabriel.

Breffni Cully, a retired dentist, business man, and cyclist enthusiast [“the flying dentist”], spoke excitedly of the visions of the Irish seer, bringing with him the Jesus-picture that talks to the visionary. He is engaged in a number of business ventures, including Pharmanex, a division of the multi-level marketing company Nu Skin, and Trumpet Publishing Limited, with whom he shared ownership with Mary Carberry’s daughter, Sarah.  In 2007, he got into a little legal trouble.  The Inishowen News of Donegal, Ireland, reported that Cully was involved in a “medical card scheme” that earned him $144,504 [USD]. With all his relationships, personal and business, he lists only two “friends” on his Google+ page. His estate manager and Christine Lammerman.

Christine Lammermann is the former mother-in-law of the Little Pebble, William Kamm!  What are the odds that Kamm-the-cultist would have a relative who is both a personal friend of a Carberry business partner and a public-speaking advocate of the ‘visionary’ Maria Divine Mercy?

THE LAMMERMANN LINK  [Added Nov. 16, 2013]

In 1991 Lammermann and daughter Bettina immigrated to Australia from Munich, Germany, to join the Little Pebble’s [Kamm’s] commune.  At its peak, the order Kamm founded in 1983 had an estimated 100,000 followers.  Bettina, at 17, became Kamm’s “secret mystical wife” and “Queen of the Cult.” She gave birth to six of Kamm’s 16 children  - from 8 “wives” – before “divorcing” him in 2006, a year into his prison term. Bettina, now 40, has moved far from the maddening crowd.  Her mother remained in the commune for another seven years and, until recently, used its address on Koloona Drive, Cambewarra, New South Wales, for her internet marketing business.

Lammerman, an online marketing entrepreneur of natural health and other products, is also an organizer of the Catholic “Our Lady of Refuge” organization inspired by German Bishop Ralph Napierski who unsuccessfully attempted to participate in the conclave to elect the current Pope.  Napierski isn’t a real bishop, but he dresses as one. In mid-November 2011 Maria Divine Mercy’s visions began to appear on Lammermann’s Website with the same frequency as they appear at the official MDM Website. But there is no attribution to MDM or reference or link to her site. At one point, Lammermann found it necessary to specifically deny claims she wrote the messages. In email Lammermann seems to admit to the authorship of one MDM prayer, now numbering 125.  In reference to prayer number 31 she comments, “I hope you like what I wrote.”

We know from audio interviews she’s given, by her admission and accent, that the “Last Prophet” Maria Divine Mercy is an Irish business woman with children. But might she be getting a little help from her friends? Better yet, is this a brokered marketing scheme between an Australian cultist, an Irish businessman, and a marketing/pr firm, all seeking to advance their own agendas?

A web of deceit is unraveling.

HE SAID, SHE SAID [Added Nov. 30, 2013]

We’ve noted that the value of particular pieces of information found on the trail leading to the identity of Maria Divine Mercy is not always apparent.  As pieces gather to form patterns the importance of a clue found months ago may rise or diminish.

Herzmariens, for example, a prayer partner of Mary Carberry, had no value until the name was attached to Martin Roth, a translator and seller of MDM books, and Roth’s name rose in value when Heinrich Martin Roth was identified as a business partner of Breffni Cully in the publishing of MDM books.

And so it was with Christine Lammermann who was “friended” the Irish retired dentist Breffni Cully on his Google+ page.  Research on her leads us to explore the doomsday cult leader William Kamm to whom Lammermann surrendered  her 17-year-old daughter in “mystical” marriage, and Kamm reminds us of “Marie-Paul,” who provided theological defense for the early messages of Marie Divine Mercy before he was suspected as a fake-priest in Kamm’s cult.

William Kamm’s value rises further from the discovery of correspondence he issued from his prison cell on Nov. 1 containing a new “message from Jesus.”  It was sent through email by his fake “bishop” Malcolm Broussard to a private group.

This new message from Kamm’s “Jesus” is remarkably identical in substance, phrasing  and in particular use of terms and words to messages from MDM  – “Billions will be saved!”  In Kamm’s message “Jesus” refers twice to Maria Divine Mercy. “Remember what I told you through my prophet Maria Divine Mercy…Pray for Maria Divine Mercy, my Last Prophet.” [An earlier message is online]

If Kamm is genuine and MDM is genuine, God might be their common source. But we know Kamm is an unrepentant pedophile and excommunicated Catholic.

In 1981 at age 32, before he transformed into “the Pebble,” he frequented the Bayside, New York, alleged “apparition” site, kissing the girls and baring his chest.  Canadian journalist Anne Cillis was there. She writes in “Bayside Backstage” [Archangel Press, 1986] that she told Kamm, “Morally speaking, you are a disaster…either you leave or we will kick you out.” Cillis continues, “He then walked over to the door and put his hand on his hip in this sexy pose and said: ‘Well, I guess it’s time Australia got its own seer.’ ” The incident is related here.

Kamm returned to Australia, began his sect as the Order of St. Charbel, and in June 2003 earned the condemnation of Bishop Peter William Ingham of Australia who issued a formal decree stating that Catholics who follow the ministry of the “so-called Order of St. Charbel, founded by William Kamm…place themselves outside the Catholic Church and are by that fact excommunicated.”

Does Bishop Ingham’s excommunication implicitly apply to the repackaged Kamm in the form of Maria Divine Mercy?

Why is Kamm so obvious in his support of MDM, even claiming that he, in return, is endorsed by her?  Is Kamm communicating to MDM from prison through an intermediary?

Researchers have credible information that supports that contention. [See Update tab for new revelations.]


MDM’s messages from heaven have been publicly condemned by Catholic bishops in several countries where the cult has evidenced itself. But the Irish bishops, who have jurisdiction over Mary, have not spoken publicly.  And the silence is puzzling.  But the Nov. 1 writer, cited above, says Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin knows of the woman and assigned an Irish exorcist priest to meet her and examine her messages. She writes, “He told her that her messages were not from God, that they were utterly FALSE.”


Will MDMers ever be convinced the scam is up?  Or will these messages extend far into the future?  The seers of Necedah, Wisconsin and later Bayside, New York, each reported visions for 20 years. Both condemned. There are hundreds of others. Some good; some not so good.   Followers speak of the promotion of Catholic devotions, the emphasis on prayer, fasting, penance, recitation of the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. There are more than 125 MDM prayers that form a Crusade of Prayer that circles the world. And it’s only three years old! This sure sounds like Jesus’ work. Or another diabolical trick to deceive faithful and sincere truth-seekers. There is honey in the trap.

The financial stress the Carberrys endured evidenced by the threat of the loss of their home, and the social and business embarrassment, may have created an emotional foundation that pushed Mary to seek spiritual comfort. Perhaps Mary’s association with Joe Coleman suggested her own transcendental project.  She had the in-family talent and international contacts to market to a world starved for spiritual clarity. I don’t believe Mary or Joe or other “seers” set out initially to deceive. The sincerity in the eyes of Joe Coleman kneeling in prayer wins hearts.  The prayers and messages from those behind the curtain of Maria Divine Mercy capture minds and souls.  But we know the devil will embrace his enemy and betray his friends in the grand exercise of wickedness and entrapment.

We are told that in the end even the elect will be deceived.   The time is ripe with befuddlement and desperate for leadership. For a time, I believed these messages were authentic. But there were problems I kept dismissing. Contradictions. Harsh language. Even problems with sentence structure and punctuation! [Is no one checking these for grammar?] Forget theological arguments: We live in an age dispossessed of doctrinal allegiance – at the highest levels!  It is the person of Mary Carberry that speaks to the deceit.

Mary and John have a beautiful, intelligent and talented family. Pray they are sheltered from harm as a consequence of these revelations.  And that she comes clean soon.

It’s time to lift the curtain.



Research is ongoing with near-daily new discoveries. Embedded links will be added soon, connecting statements with supporting documentation, including preserved screen shots of Websites that are now disappearing from live access or being altered since the first appearance of this article on Nov. 11.   The author lives in the United States and has no personal or business relationship with the Carberrys or any of the individuals named.  In his quest to determine the genuineness of the messages, which more and more promoted a schismatic split from the Catholic Church, he discovered a cadre of courageous inquirers – all faithful Catholics – in many countries engaged in ongoing research into the mystery of the veiled woman. This article is a result of their research.  If you have new information, please add it to the comment box [requests for confidence will be respected] or post it at one of the Facebook pages devoted to assisting former MDMers.  All comments are read. The date at top will change to indicate the addition of new information.  This article should be understood as a compassionate gesture to those perpetuating these messages and to those victimized by them.  God Help Us All.


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  1. ….hallo ….mir flog heute ein zettel von ihnen nachhause…..und ich habe euren bericht gelesen…..was mir erleuchtet ist mit gott kann man nicht geschäfte machen nur durch dämonen und esoterik ,,mir scheint es dass ihr mit der esoterik viel spielt und ihr versteckt euch wenn was nicht eintrifft ….ich sehe auch und hab visionen aber ich nehme kein geld von leuten,,,und bereichere mich mit gott lässt es nicht grossen gewinn machen und mit der esoterik da sind dämonen mit in spiel die auch was voraus sehen können ich jedenfalls ,,,wenn ich was sehe ,mache ich mein volk aufmerksam darauf umzukehren…ohne geld…und wenn man den zehn gebote hält dann ist man geliebt von gott und beschützt.und es gibt keine zornige maria muttergottes,,,,niemals maria jungfrau und gottesmutter wünscht das die sünder kommen und umkehren.sie ist die mittlerin zwischen gott und dem menschen.wer da sagt jungfrau ist zornig der hat eine irre vision ..gott kann da alleine zornig sein.
    ….ich möchte eine frage beantwortet haben ….sie haben ja visionen….werden die machtigen machthaber bleiben oder in welcher gestalt kommt der teufel was wird noch pasieren….was kommt für europa….
    …….gott sagt aber das er die welt richtet das niemand mehr was mit seinen gold anfangen kann und es den ratten vor die füsse schmeisst wie kann man dann gold ansammeln…und wie kann gott sich wegen der warnung nur an wohlhabende beteiligen…gott ist der gott der liebe er liebt die armen genauso wie reiche,,,,,und den armen wird es im himmel besser gehn als papst ist kein lügner benedikt ist von gott das ist gotteslästerung…….mir scheint euer tun nicht wahrheits gemäss meine meinung…..aber wir haben ja demokratie…..

  2. ifeyinwa okabe

    May God bless those who made this deciet to be known. As for those who were decieved or de-fruded, I have no pity for them, because they got what they sought. They neither understand nor believe in the Catholic doctrines as was handed down to us by JESUS, through saint Peter, the first Pope of the Church. They are miracle seekers who believe that they could be crossless crowns

  3. Doccus

    I’ve had suspicions about that website also, moistly due to the satanic language used. The threats of “cutting the heart out” or curses, or others of the type that ONLY Satan ever used, the contradictions, the threat of damnation if you read any other prophecies, or print any part of the messages elsewhere, the continuous thread of all the atrocites going on despite no visible evidence of them, and especially the references to Garabandal which has been officially condemned. I was surprised to find that outabout Garabandal but seeing as several of it’s prophecies are now impossible, it’s not surprising.
    The problem with the site is that 99% of the revelations are in fact true. But this is how Satan deceives. The Vatican *is* overrun by evil, as Pope Paul VI said “The smoke of satan has entered the Church”.
    And our current Pope *is* making borderline heretical statements.
    And no, these messages are NOT urging readers to defy the Magistereium, mut the remain obedient until the obvious schism develops. So here the arguments of those criticising the MDM website are actually drawing people *closer* to that site with false assertions.
    I expect that was not their intent, so it is clear that Satan has his hand in both the messages AND the opposition to it!
    I will continue to closely examine these messages in case I am tragically wrong.. and as long as I am not urged to break the commandments of God I am quite comfortable still.
    In Jesus’ name, God Bless you all!

  4. Doccus

    I left a lengthy critique of my suspicions yesterday regarding the Warning site. Although my observations are , I believe , quite valid, there is one point in support of it that I feel I MUST point out.
    God can, and will, use anybody, any way He so chooses, regardless of station, to accomplish His purposes. He is no respecter of persons, or perceived “holiness”.. Messages have come from saints and sinners alike, and are not stopped simply because we have now entered into a technological society.
    Because of that I will still reserve judgement on the site. As long as it doesn’t espouse violating the 10 commandments , I think I will be OK..
    Just thought I should add this to my previous long comment..
    GBY all!

    • PocketSketch

      I beg to differ. God’s commandments and the Church’s precepts are violated routinely by this seer and her disciples who promote her.

      “Detraction and calumny destroy the reputation and honor of one’s neighbor. Honor is the social witness given to human dignity, and everyone enjoys a natural right to the honor of his name and reputation and to respect. Thus, detraction and calumny offend against the virtues of justice and charity.” Catechism no. 2479

      “Neither shall you bear false witness against your neighbor” (Deut. 5:20)

      What is detraction? “He becomes guilty of detraction who, WITHOUT OBJECTIVELY VALID REASON, discloses another’s faults and failings to persons who did not know them” CCC2477

      “The vice of detraction, my brethren, is an enemy to the very source of piety and grace, and it is abominable to the most merciful God; because the detractor feeds on the blood of the souls he has murdered with the sword of his tongue. The impiety of the detractor is far greater than that of the thief, because the law of Christ which is fulfilled by showing mercy commands us to desire more ardently the salvation of the soul, than the safety of the body. The Religious {or the Catholic layperson} who murmurs against his brethren or his superiors, {the entire college of Cardinals who colluded together in an evil Masonic plot to elect the False Prophet, Pope Francis} what does he do but drench his Mother, holy religion, with the gall of bitterness and insults? Detractors are of the generation of Ham who ridiculed the shame of his father instead of covering it . . . and they consequently deserve to be cursed by God. These like swine wallow in mire; for, after the manner of these unclean animals (being themselves far more unclean in their consciences), they feed and gorge themselves on the defects and weaknesses which they curiously seek for, and also falsely affirm they see and find in others; like mad dogs, they grumble . . .they bite. . .

      Alas, miserable man, feed yourself upon human flesh.” St. Francis, ‘Works of the Seraphic Father”

    • According to MDM the twelve apostles were all poor ignorant fishermen. This proves that the messages are false.

    • ….violation of 4th commandment honour your father and mother…catechism 2197… we are obliged to honour and respect those individuals who for our good God has vested with his authority…we cannot have God for a father if we do not accept mother Church…the formal schismatics of the MDM ilk break the thread of charity which knits together the commandments of God and so disturb the sanctified immanence of God such a prolapse of authority pulls one into the sins of idolatry the tedium of pride and the slavery of relativism…. amen

  5. The Apparitions and Messages of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers (a.k.a. Bayside) have never been condemned!! There has never been a Church-ruled investigation into the Apparitions and Messages.

    I have been a devotee of Our Lady of the Roses, since 1983 and I have been to at least 45 Rosary Vigils at Bayside. I saw Our Lady there, myself, during the first Rosary Vigil that I attended, which was on August 13th., 1983 — In Honor of The Feast of The Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven, Body and Soul. Here is the web site where you can find out more information about Her Apparitions and Messages and also an explanation regarding how Her Apparitions and Messages were never investigated according to Church rules and regulations:

    • PocketSketch


      November 4, 1986

      Letter of Bishop John Mugavero of Brooklyn

      In recent months, doubts have been raised by members of the so-called “Bayside Movement” concerning the official position of the Diocese of Brooklyn on the alleged “apparitions” of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and other heavenly beings, to a woman by the name of Veronica Lueken.

      Moreover, erroneous claims have been made by a number of followers of Mrs. Lueken concerning the legitimacy of their position, in order to justify their activities on behalf of the “Movement.” These have taken the form of statements in their publications that “since Articles 1399 and 2218 of (the 1917 Code of) Canon Law were abrogated by Pope Paul VI in 1966, no ecclesiastical permission is required, neither can anyone incurr censure, for the publication or dissemination of information dealing with revelations, visions or miracles, provided these do not endanger Faith or morals.”

      As a result of the above-mentioned doubts and claims, a number of Christ’s faithful continue to attend the regularly-scheduled “vigils” held at Flushing Meadow Park, and to disseminate or receive propaganda literature on this matter.

      I, the undersigned Diocesan Bishop of Brooklyn, in my role as the legitimate shepherd of this particular Church, wish to confirm the constant position of the Diocese of Brooklyn that a thorough investigation revealed that the alleged “visions of Bayside” completely lacked authenticity.

      Moreover, in view of the confusion created by published reports of messages and other literature by this “Movement,” I consider it my obligation to offer Christ’s faithful pastoral guidance, lest their faith be endangered by “messages” and “teachings” relayed by “visionaries,” which are contrary to the Faith of our Catholic Church.

      Therefore, in consultation with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, I hereby declare that:

      1. No credibility can be given to the so-called “apparitions” reported by Veronica Lueken and her followers.

      2. The “messages” and other related propaganda contain statements which, among other things, are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church, undermine the legitimate authority of bishops and councils and instill doubts in the minds of the faithful, for example, by claiming that, for years, an “imposter (sic) Pope” governed the Catholic Church in place of Paul VI.

      3. Those who persistently maintain that “no ecclesiastical permission is required for the publication or dissemination” of information concerning “revelations, visions or miracles,” are erroneously interpreting the directives of the Holy See when they attempt to justify the publication of the propaganda literature on the “Bayside Messages.”

      In view of my declaration concerning the authenticity of the “visions of Bayside,” the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has confirmed that the principles governing the publication of such religious material still maintain authoritative moral value prohibiting the endangering of faith and good morals (Cf. Response of SCDF of June 14, 1966, in AAS 58, 1186).

      As a result, those publishing or disseminating this propaganda literature are acting against the judgment of legitimate Church authority.

      4. Because of my concern for their spiritual welfare, members of Christ’s faithful are hereby directed to refrain from participating in the “vigils” and from disseminating any propaganda related to the “Bayside apparitions.” They are also discouraged from reading any such literature.

      5. Anyone promoting this devotion in any way, be it by participating in the “vigils,” organizing pilgrimages, publishing or disseminating the literature related to it, is contributing to the confusion which is being created in the faith of God’s people, as well as encouraging them to act against the determinations made by the legitimate pastor of this particular Church (c.212, para. 1).

      It remains my constant hope that all the faithful spend their time and energies in promoting devotion to our Blessed Lady, in the many forms which have been approved by the Catholic Church.


      Bishop John Mugavero Bishop of Brooklyn

      Bishop Francis John Mugavero (born 8 Jun 1914, died 12 Jul 1991) Bishop Emeritus of Brooklyn. Appointed bishop of Brooklyn 1968; retired in 1990; died 1991 at age 77.

  6. vasili veritas

    we all should examine our own consciences before denouncing any alleged seer is it not the case that some bishops in the past have made some excommunications only to later admit that they had acted unwisely (no doubt in good faith?) in Australia eg our first canonised st mary mckillop? not even the Pope is infallible( when not speaking EX CATHEDRA?) yes our Great Loving God does not want ANYONE to be damned !!! BUT HE has given us the awesome gift of FREE will …!!! He allows us all to freely CHOOSE !!!

    • PocketSketch

      To Vasili Veritas: Yes, bishops can make mistakes but the decision is part of their duty not ours. Our task is obedience; theirs is discernment. Furthermore, on more than one occasion, Mary McGovern has damned to the eternal abyss Pope Francis and all Catholics who remain loyal to him. Since you proclaim the “awesome gift of FREE will” those curses should be a red flag.

      “It is our duty to obey those presbyters who are in the Church who have their succession from the apostles. . . the others who stand apart from the primitive succession and assemble in any place whatever we ought to regard with suspicion either as heretics and unsound in doctrine or as schismatics . . . all have fallen away from the truth. (Irenaeus: Against Heresies, 4:26)

  7. David

    Everyone is a beloved child of God. Let’s all do our part in helping to save souls!!!

  8. David

    Nothing the world has to offer can bring you true comfort in your times of need. Only I, Jesus Christ, can grant you the peace of mind and the strength and courage to withstand hatred, injustice, persecution and isolation. I must be your first choice in you time of need, when you must call out to Me. Only I will bring you calm, peace and freedom from anxiety, for I am Love and when love resides in your soul you can do anything.

    Your Jesus.

    The above text is an extract given in one of the messages by Maria Divine Mercy. How then can you say that this is a work of the devil?? This is indeed a mission which has been blessed by the Most Holy Trinity. Our Blessed Mother of Salvation also speaks to us through them. Please help spread the messages to the whole world, as God does not want to lose one soul to the devil. He loves everyone equally and will do whatever he can to save each and everyone of us sinners. God bless You all. Let’s help save souls!!!

    • David read the following….(1) “Soon, now your Holy Father will be replaced with one who is not of Me. And he will change much, he will begin the destruction of My Church in earnest. Are you ready to fight for the Truth? Many will fall in this time. Pray much, children, that you are not one of them. I Love you and I ask that you be willing to do all that I ask. I Love you.”

      (2) The Anti-Pope and Antichrist shall come forth and declare many ways to rebuild the Church and the world. Woe to those who follow their heresies and lies. This time is when the Remnant Church shall exist. This will be the time the Apostles and Disciples of the Blessed Virgin Mary shall provide you Holy Hope and Faith. Jesus.”

      (3) “So infested are they, those who roam the corridors of Rome, that the biggest sign will be seen in the chaos, which will ensue, as they adhere to the command of the imposter. Chaos, disorder, division and contradiction will be seen everywhere in Rome. This disorder comes from Satan for it cannot come from God.”

      All these writings sound the same. In fact it’s difficult to choose which one came from what seer. They all predict a coming anti-pope, who will change the teachings of the Church..yet, they all claim the anti-pope to be a different Pope!

      David you posted….” How then can you say that this is a work of the devil??” Read on…..

      “Pope Benedict XV1 is the “Deceiver” the “Anti-Pope”….”Do not allow yourselves to be deceived for the deceiver is among you. Rise up, My children, and hold on to the Truth of My Ways; do not forget My servant, John Paul II. Do not forget the words that he has given to you for they are My Words given to bring you through these times.”

      They all warn.. “Do not allow yourselves to be deceived for the deceiver is among you.” … It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. The deceiver is certainly among us, but it wasn’t Pope Benedict, and it is’t Pope Francis. The “deceiver” is the Father of all lies himself! Satan masquerading as an “angel of light” in order to deceive god’s children. Sadly, many today follow these false prophets whose new claim today is that Pope Francis is the “deceiver” – the reason follow? Because they ‘feel’ these messages can only come from God.

  9. David

    Hi PocketSketch, you are indeed a strong follower of the word of God! Yet, it’s sad that you’re finding it difficult to believe in these messages which also come from him.. like Jesus said “if he were to reveal himself to he world now, just like how he did when he was on earth, he would be assassinated because of the pure evil that exists” He’s coming to us in the silence, so that you can hear his voice, as he speaks with love. If you don’t take my word for it, I guess only time will reveal to you.. I can see we both are going now where with this conversation. Hence, we can only pray for each other!! I know for sure, that I will keep you in my prayers.. God Bless :)


      Did you ever hear about jim jones. when you criticize the holy Father you have excommunicated yourself.

    • PocketSketch

      David, Thank you for your prayers. As for your comment that Jesus would be “assassinated” should He appear again I am happy to inform you that this narrative you have adopted from Mary Carberry is complete balderdash. Jesus is God the Son who reigns now in power at the right hand of His Father in glory. At His Second Coming no one will lay a hand on Him. To claim otherwise is to repudiate the Creed and the Church which eagerly anticipates the second Advent of Christ every time the “Our Father” is recited, every time the Creed is professed and every time the Sacred Liturgy of the Most Holy Eucharist is celebrated.

      By the way, David, at the Second Coming of the Alpha and the Omega He will have no need of the services of your prophet to announce Him. (her claim, not mine) According to Jewish apocalyptic literature it is St. Michael the Archangel who will sound the trumpet. Does MDM, the so called seventh angel, want to jostle with him for position? I think not.

  10. MDM is 100% true, this is what I believe, sorry, and I have no doubt about this anymore. Pope Francis is getting more and more popular among atheists, and something is really really wrong when atheist are willing to like a pope. And yet, this is what happening. Just look at the comment sections wherever Francis is mentioned, He is loved by a secular, unfaithfull world, because his PR machine works really well. Just it was written by MDM before he was “elected”.

    • ..bad logic..this appeal to personal incredulity or a reverse shill gambit mocks the beauty of Christ’s Commission in this instance harming the good name of Francis as Peter’s successor…this is a Pharisaical mentality because Francis sits with sinners does not make him a sinner…read your bible…MDM prophecy is vapid callow nonsense..only a penny-bright fiend who failed counterfeit prophecy 101 would ever try to pan off these messages to the faithful and expect them to be taken seriously…studiousness is a virtue we should all strive for according to our capacity to understand the evident truths of the Church..yet God gives us many tools to be saved ..yet we insult God by using our own broken implements …use the tools God has given to know him..the Church the canons the catechism the traditions the sacramental life….”education without virtue only makes one a more clever devil..”- CS LEWIS ..MDM and her legions characterize the new modernist army whose banner proclaims disdain for authority and whose irreligious iinvective decries a turpitude for truth yet cloaking everything in a false piety..its a plastic religion complete with plastic prayers and plastic seals of salvation..worthless !!!! MDM & followers excommunicated a jure latae yourself confess your sins and get back with the Church… :-)

      • .should read…decries truth for moral turpitude… cloaking everything…sorry need to perpend my thoughts more succintly before i post…thanks for the great blog post :-)

    • PocketSketch

      Sorry Robbye. If you believe Carberry is 100% true than you would agree with her that Pope Francis is going to be thrown into the abyss along with the billion plus Catholic faithful who are still loyal to the Church. Do you really believe it is a mortal sin to be loved by atheists? Do you really think the faithful deserve such a cruel fate? If so, you judge rashly. You will be held accountable for your every word. Weigh them carefully and tremble with fear before you would dare write such calumny against the chosen and anointed servant of the Lord.

      Put your faith and trust in Jesus and Holy Mother Church. As it is, you are sucking poison, not milk, from a venomous breast.

  11. Wes

    All i can say is read the messages, They are full of love and have changed my life. I will continue to read them and have full faith in them

  12. the way to judge a prophet ACCORDING TO GOD is (a) whether the thing comes true AND (b) WHETHER IT AGREES WITH THE WORD OF GOD…

    not whether that prophet LIVES IN A MANSION+<3–or WAS an unbeliever in the new age movement…

    WARNING: Biblical warnings against the taking away of our "daily sacrifice," we are the only ones who have it; we are the continuation of the TRUE JEWS!!

    THE LEADER OF THE ONE CHURCH OF THE WORLD in revelation='the' anti Christ!!+<3



    • PocketSketch

      Wendy, It doesn’t sound like you are Catholic or know the true Word of God, let alone the traditional teaching of the Church about the kingdom of God, the Second Coming, the true nature of Christ, the Last Judgement and when the new heaven and the new earth will be created. What version of the Bible are your reading? Kindly, cite your sources for the benefit of Catholic readers who don’t know what you are talking about.

      “The very basic teaching of scripture” that the Catholic faithful understand and believe is the promise Jesus made to St. Peter in Matthew 16. We also take to heart the prayer of Jesus in John 17. We also believe that God’s covenant oath to King David (2 Sam.7) to establish an heir from his line who would rule forever was fulfilled at the first advent of Jesus. Jesus reigns today as king over heaven and earth and Pope Francis is His vicar, His prime minister. (See Isaiah 22) In our tradition, the new People of God are not waiting for the paradise on earth that Carberry has promised. Her paradise where “Jesus will never walk the earth again” and will rule invisibly falls far short of the kingdom of heaven where we will see God face to face.

      Our tradition is “Sacred” because it is according to God’s plan of salvation history. We want no part of doomsday prophets undermining o the true faith of the heavenly Spirit we have received. Carberry’s new “revelations,” which God neglected to reveal in the Gospels, according to her narrative, are absolutely ridiculous nonsense. Public divine revelation was closed with the death of the last apostle. We have received the “Good News.” Carberry and her underground network of seers who are stealing followers from the flock of the Good Shepherd will have their day of reckoning. She has no respect for God’s anointed. (See 1Sam. chapters 23,24, 26)

      Finally, your contention that Carberry “urges obedience” is nothing more than misleading propaganda. The only obedience she demands is obedience to her: the ‘last, great, chosen prophet of God who alone speaks the truth in the entire world today.’ (All titles she has appropriated for herself.) The hubris, arrogance and pretension of this seer is truly breathtaking.

      We can only pray the faithful, who have taken her words as Gospel truth, will finally wake up and shake her off like an infested cloak. Burn all her “literature” and paraphernalia; make a good confession and set yourselves free from this diabolical deception. Let Carberry’s words fall to dust and her medals crumble with rust.



    • …note the distinction between lambs and sheep..the sheep are those who are wise in the faith (prelates) while the lamb are the spiritual young (the lay people)..catena aurea theopyl…and so we can say anagogically the sheep are the magisterium and the lambs are the laity…the church is composed of both..Peter the temporal shepherd under the main shepherdric of Christ…we must listen to wise of the flock

  15. Fink

    Pope Benedict stated that he was stepping down of his own free will, and we should have more respect for his integrity than to believe he was forced to say that. Even if his enemies had threatened him with death, i`m convinced he would have told us the truth, regardless of the consequences to himself.

    The word “diabolical” comes from two words which mean to “tear apart”. How true!

    MDM followers: break away from the false prophetess Mary Carberry, and listen to the Holy Spirit-guided Church.

  16. Little John

    Nobody will prevent you, if you love “MDM” and you will follow her. But you have to accept that Members of the Holy Catholic Church will not follow you.

    That is all you must accept- God has given to you your own will. Decide by your own will.

    But never say that you were not warned.

  17. Little John

    Even if it’s hard, please do not mix the recognized places of Fatima and LaSalette with this nonsense of “MDM”.

  18. Little John

    @Luis Fernandes

    You are so blind. You take the word of “respect” into your mouth. You, someone who follows a lady, called “MDM”, that never respects the church and the local bishop, who told her in 2010, that her messages are not from GOD.

    “MDM” didn´t respect her own Bishop. If she would be a child of the Holy Church, she would stop in 2010. Cause she isn´t, she starts with this campaign against the church – against Pope Francis and all that follow him as the legal elected Leader of the church.

    Be happy that english is not my mother language, i would tell you more. 100 %

  19. gigi

    I agree with Luis. Dont worry little john, the TRUTH will be seen as what really it is. May God bless you to understand the TRUTH.

  20. Is there any legal statement issued by the local Bishop condemning these messages? NO. If not, MDM is not obliged to follow any false allegations from people like you, whose authority, in the church, is zero.

  21. Bishops burned Saint Joan of Arc at the stake! Bishops are not infallible; and they do not have the authority to judge apparitons. They can only advise the Pope. People are soooo inn love with power structures.

  22. Little John

    Your argument is ridiculous and silly. If the bishop says something to me face to face, then his statement is official for me. If “MDM” talks about this and made this negative statement public in the interview it will probably be true – or?. What more do you want? You believe in the messages of “MDM”, why not also that the bishop has rejected the messages?
    You ignore what you do not like!

  23. Did the Bishop speak face to face with MDM? PROVE. Did he said he disapproved the messages? NO
    The Pope said “Each of us has a vision of good and of evil. We have to encourage people to move towards what they think is Good.” What you do? You are going against Popes words. You listen to words not said and you deaf to spoken words. With you won words”You ignore what you do not like”

  24. Little John

    I hope you understand that someone from the official side of the church brought her the message of the rejection. Thats what i meant with face to face. You should agree to this. Or do you believe that “MDM” did not tell the truth, what she spreads over the web and answers in interviews?

    You should ask yourself the question, why she went to her bishop. Tell me why and what consequences the answer from the bishop should have for her?

    What consequences would have such an answer from the bishop for you Luis, if you got “Messages from Heaven” and contact your bishop to decide?

  25. What you don’t understand is that there is/was no “message of the rejection”. I am going to repeat myself Did the Bishop disapprove the messages? NO. This is just the product of your imagination.
    If the Bishop believed that these messages were a danger for the faith, he would have already issued a public and formal declaration against them and the writer. Unfortunately you and your partners consider the church authority (in this case the Bishop) a demented person who is omitting his duties against the church.

  26. Little John

    Luis you owe a response. What would it mean to you as a catholic ?, if the responsible bishop refuses the messages and tells you that these messages are not from Jesus, because you are not a typical seer. “MDM” said :” and that someone like me couldn´t receive a message from jesus!”

    Read it carefully: “Could not receive!” That means that she hasn´t received a message by Jesus. Should be clear for you too.

    There was nothing and there will be nothing.

    By the way – do you like Martin Roth? :-)

  27. PocketSketch

    Many devotees of Mary McGovern-Carberry first learned about her on a DVD made from a radio interview she gave by phone to Barbara Ann Mariani host of “As the Spirit Leads” radio in Philadelphia. These DVD’s arrived in boxes full in our diocese. This interview and the complete transcript is now available on the Miraculous Rosary blog.

    By her own admission, the archbishop reviewed her messages and dismissed them within a few months. A sincere Catholic would have stopped right there and maintained silence. Her act of disobedience to continue with promoting these messages speaks volumes about the true origin of her voices. At meetings, promoting MDM, I have personally witnessed the promoter shut off the DVD player, shortly before this “revelation,” so that the audience would be none the wiser. Again, a subterfuge unworthy or a sincere Catholic.

    I hope you will take the time to check this out and verify it for yourself.

  28. Little John

    You take the word “right” in your mouth.

    From Luis: “but you think you have the right to condemn messages that are under investigation.”

    Luis, where do you think the r i g h t comes from that “MDM” is allowed to say:

    This Pope may be elected by members within the Catholic Church but he will be the False Prophet.His electors are wolves in sheep’s clothing and are members of the secret Masonic and evil group led by Satan.

    and condemn the Pope as a "False Prophet" and a l l , who have elected him declare to wolves in sheep´s clothing and led by S A T A N. That is arrogant and criminal. That is how your Prophet thinks, writes and talks about the church and you are defending such kind of malice. Shall i speak in the same way of you and your family? Or do you accept it only to speak in such way, if i say i have got a message from Jesus?

    Where does this right to say such words come from? That comes not from GOD.

    Luis finally, it is allowed and not forbidden for the members of the holy catholic church to think and write about Bullshit. "MDM" is bullshit and since three years i´m writing against that garbage and there was no fire falling down from heaven to destroy me, like in the messages announced.

    Yes, we think we have the r i g h t to defend the Church, Pope Francis and all that have elected him – you don´t !

    Who leads you Luis? A woman that is in deep contact with a Sex Offender scince 2011, who is still in prison?

  29. Little John

    Little Pebble – still in Prison
    one of the supporters of “MDM”


    William Kamm (Little Pebble) in 1980 (30 years old) kicked in Bayside. Reason: he harassed women already there.

  30. Little John – how do you know that Maria is in “deep contact” with the Little Pebble? You have no idea about that! Just because he likes her messages….that doesn’t mean she knows him or has anything ever to do with him. You assume too much.

  31. Read chapters 16, 19, 20 of the Book of Revelation which discusses False Prophet Francis who will be thrown into the Lake of Fire with Satan and the anti-christ by Christ Himself.

  32. Little John

    Little Pebble:
    My dear children, I ask that you do not fear, but trust in God, and to please seek more information of what I say! Read the compelling text of the recent Messages of Maria Divine Mercy (European Seer), and Pedro Regis of Brazil, as they explain clearly what is about to come.

    2012 is the year! We are half way through the Tribulation! The seven Trumpets will sound!


    Did you hear the trumpet in 2012 :-)

    There you can see what kind of “seers” work together. This is spiritual waste “MDM” “Pebble” ,,,,,

  33. Little John

    Ask Pebbles faked bishop called “Broussard” by yourself or have a look at the website of “Pebble” – there you will find the eMail addresses – nothing more to do for you. Or contact “Grace” one of the workers of “MDM” and ask “MDM if it is true what comes now …………

    The Little Pebble has asked that the Messages of a European Seer, known only by the pseudonym of Maria Divine Mercy be placed on Our Website, to help provide the widest dissemination of these Messages that Our Lord has asked for.



    My Dear Little Sister, Maria,
    The Peace of Jesus be with you always! Once again, thank you for all the answers Jesus has given to you for me, and the many prayers you are offering for me as a fellow Prophet of God.


    - read it carefully: " once again, t h a n k y o u for all the answers Jesus has g i v e n t o y o u for me! "

    It seems that the truth is hard to believe

    Kamm, Broussard

  34. Still, there is nothing from Maria. It is all coming from Kamm. He can IMAGINE the answers are for him!

  35. basile

    There were lot of sounds around the world which have been never explained in year 2012….

  36. I have to say one thing Veronica Lueken and the bayside messages was never condemned. This was told to someone from a bishop. that the bayside messages were never condemned in fact it was never even investigated god bless all of you <3 + + +

  37. Fred

    Yes, there is nothing from “Maria” but silence Victoria. And silence gives consent. Why has she not disassociated herself from William Kamm?

  38. Victoria, will it take nothing short of Satan yelling out from the abyss, “I APPROVE OF MDM!” for you to finally trust the Catholic Church and drop your loyalty to this unapproved anonymous “seer”? You know the old saying, if it looks like a snake, sounds like a snake, moves like a snake…it’s a snake! Run, Victoria!

  39. “Sounds?” You mean the great events started happening? I must have had my music on too loud!

  40. Kathleen

    Having read many pros & cons towards MDM, I wish everyone would be a bit calmer when giving their comments. I like verifiable facts personally, such as the time sensitive predicions,which have not come about. These are the concrete proofs that cannot be easily disputed. Along with those, the fact that Pope Benedict XVI did freely resign, (even though I tried to convince myself that he was “forced” to say that!), is now very apparent. So the concluding facts that I can draw are: that MDM is under a deluded cloud, or more deliberate deception. Either way, can we all be kind to each other, pray for her and pray for respectful verbal behavior among believers and proported lovers of our Trinitarian God, and our Savior’s Sweet Mother ? Let us please ask them to shine the light of Truth on all of this, without condemnations and fireball denunciations of others, even Mary Carberry? May God have Mercy on us all! In the hearts of Jesus & Mary, Kathleen

    Let’s not pretend that we can love in the absence of God. Only God is love.

  41. Helen

    Conte is kind of a nutcase. He made five new decades of the Rosary and predicted a sort of Catholic Rapture that didn’t happen. He’s just sort of weird.

  42. PocketSketch

    Gigi, when you finally do see “the Truth” who is a someone, not a something: Our Lord Jesus Christ, you will have a lot of explaining to do. For instance, how could you have fallen for an impersonator and chased after a false Messiah, especially one who hid himself in the shadows of anonymity on the Internet? Our Lord who is more refulgent in His glory than the sun, does not hide in shadows behind the skirts of a woman.

    Sadly, Gigi, you have forsaken the Fountain of living waters to drink from a stagnant, filthy man-made well. Aren’t you ready to vomit it out of your system yet?

  43. PocketSketch

    Gigi, unless you come to your senses, you are the one who is in for a shock when you are called to give an account for your life. (I expect to be hanging my head down low in shame too so no, I’m not judging you, Gigi.)You will stand alone before the Truth who is our Lord Jesus Christ and it will be a shameful moment when you explain how you left Him to follow an impersonator. This false Messiah, by the way, chooses to hide behind the skirts of a woman. It is unimaginable that anyone could mistake the Son of God who is more refulgent in His glory than the sun for a shadow hanging out on the Internet. Sadly, you have been drinking from the filthy, stagnant well dug by MDM and abandoned the source of living water which springs forth from the Body of the risen Christ. Return to the true source, the fountain of immortality and may the true Light give light to the spiritual eyes of your soul.

  44. gigi

    who said, I left Jesus? dont presume too much…when you dont know what you are talking. lower your voice that you can hear the voice of God..if you talk too much you can hear only yourself, bragging your knowledge of the world. God loves you.

  45. to Gigi. Speak to a catholic priest. Refer to a Superior authority of the Church. He will help you to know if the voice you hear is the voice of God. Discernment is difficult. In those matters, follow St Theresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross and other saint mystics of the Church. A person who is following herself as a Master, can only be a fool.

  46. @VTA
    you wrote “if someone disagrees with our almighty, correct opinions, (s)he is on the side of the devil”… And I agree with this excerpt certainly.

  47. PocketSketch

    “The works of mercy are charitable actions by which we come to the aid of our neighbor in his spiritual and bodily necessities. Instructing, advising, consoling, comforting are spiritual works of mercy, as are forgiving and bearing wrongs patiently.” Catechism 2447

    I agree we always need to speak the truth in love but to remain silent when so many good Catholics are falling into a brood of vipers would not love; rather, it would be indifference. The baptized are part of the Mystical Body of Christ; hence, when one part of the body is wounded and infected the whole body suffers. Division, calumny, gossip, suspicion, lies, heresy and schism are all deep wounds. Ignoring this wound will not benefit the patient. It needs immediate attention. Maybe the surgeon will need to make deep, cruel and painful cuts which the patient initially recoils from but in the end his work is a work of healing and love.

    As St. Paul affirms, “Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.”(Roman5: 20) But to do its work grace must uncover sin so as to convert our hearts and bestow us with righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  48. PocketSketch

    VTA, I wholeheartedly agree with you that no one may ever assume anyone is going to Hell which is a judgement reserved for God alone. There are many mitigating factors which we can never know or understand. God alone is the searcher of hearts.

    “Moreover, pastors and the lay faithful who accompany their brothers and sisters in faith or on a journey of openness to God must always remember what the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches quite clearly: “Imputability and responsibility for an action can be diminished or even nullified by ignorance, inadvertence, duress, fear, habit, inordinate attachments, and other psychological or social factors.” Consequently, without detracting form the evangelical ideal, they need to accompany with mercy and patience the eventual stages of personal growth as these progressively occur. I want to remind priests that the confessional must not be a torture chamber but rather and encounter with the Lord’s mercy which spurs us on to do our best. A small step, in the midst of great human limitations, can be more pleasing to God than a life which appears outwardly in order but moves through the day without confronting great difficulties. Everyone needs to be touched by the comfort and attraction of God’s saving love, which is mysteriously at work in each person, above and beyond their faults and failings.” Pope Francis

  49. PocketSketch

    VTA said Dec. 8, “if someone disagrees with our . . . opinions, (s)he is on the side of the devil. this is the sort of self-righteousness Our Lord constantly spoke against, STRONGLY.”

    Precisely, VTA. The faithful who are faithfully defending the honor of Holy Mother Church are constantly accused of “siding with the devil.” This is a recurring theme with the seer and her disciples. What this counterfeit Jesus teaches is out of sync with the teaching of the Catholic Church. Would Jesus contradict the Vicar of Christ who was speaking infallibly when he wrote the Encyclical on the Holy Spirit? Never. As there is only one God, one faith, one baptism and one truth the “entity” speaking through this seer is a deceiver.

    “But remember this. When the Truth is finally revealed to you, there will be no turning back if you are found . . . guilty of the one eternal sin. That is IF YOU BLASPHEME AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT.” {Jesus} August 8, 2012.

    “But if you block final plan of salvation by ridiculing openly and gathering believers of My Church to . . . consistently proclaim the Voice of the Holy Spirit to be false and evil, YOU WILL SUFFER ETERNAL . . .DAMNATION.” {Jesus} Aug. 8, 2012.

    “Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit . . . is the sin committed by the person who claims to have a “right” to persist in evil -in any sin at all – and who thus rejects Redemption. One closes oneself up in sin, thus making impossible one’s conversion, and consequently the remission of sins, which one considers not essential or not important for one’s life. This is a state of spiritual ruin, because blasphemy against the Holy Spirit does not allow one to escape from one’s self-imposed imprisonment and open oneself to the divine sources of the purification of consciences and of the remission of sins.” Bl. John Paul II, encyclical “On the Holy Spirit”, 1986

  50. PocketSketch

    That being said, VTA, how does this sit with you?
    “I will cut out the hearts of those hardened and stubborn souls who care nothing for anyone’s needs, except their own.” “Jesus” speaking to mankind from the Warning second coming site, Aug. 29, 2013

    The only one cursing and threatening cruel punishments, annihilation, eternal damnation is the entity that speaks from W2C. The following is from the Living Word of the one and only Divine Mercy:

    “I will give you a new heart and place a new spirit within you, taking from your bodies your stony hearts and giving you natural hearts.” Ezekiel 36:26

  51. Pocket sketch, it is obvious you are from a site called “Jesus to mankind”. they cut me of this Facebook site I guess the truth is to much for the author of this site. Can you tell me who runs this site on Facebook. You you have to have a sick mind to think that the Blessed Mother or Jesus would talk in such a manner. Any such sites without a Bishop or Church leader will fail. Godbless.

  52. PocketSketch

    Lonnie; Kindly take a few minutes to check out the Miracle Hunter website and scroll down to 1970 under “unapproved apparitions” where you will find a direct link to Bishop John Mugavero’s letter written in 1986. It states:
    “I, the undersigned Diocesan Bishop of Brooklyn, in my role as the legitimate shepherd of this particular Church, wish to confirm the constant position of the Diocese of Brooklyn that a thorough investigation revealed that the alleged “visions of Bayside” completely lacked authenticity.”
    “Moreover, in view of the confusion created by published reports of messages and other literature by this “Movement,” I consider it my obligation to offer Christ’s faithful pastoral guidance, lest their faith be endangered by “messages” and “teachings” relayed by “visionaries,” which are contrary to the Faith of our Catholic Church.”
    “Therefore, in consultation with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, I hereby declare that: 1. No credibility can be given to the so-called “apparitions” reported by Veronica Lueken and her followers.”

    There is more if you want to read the entire letter. This matter went all the way to Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which means it received a very careful and full investigation. Of course, if you want to believe Paul VI was replaced by an impostor with extensive plastic surgery to make him pass for the Pope . . .

  53. Paul VI double was obvious by placing the ears and nose and comparing to Paul VI. Dumb bishops usually clueless.

  54. Doccus

    It’s useless to argue with someonne who genuinely believes the political structure of the Church is what Jesus was referring to when He said “the gates of hell will not prevail”. It certainly did with the Borgias, so if that is what someone believes, they make Jesus out to be somewhat less than truthful. The “Church” is the “Body of Christ”, that is, the Faithful, and NOT the Pope, or the Magisterium.
    There are so many Popes that have violated every sacrosanct virtue, that it cannot be argued ,that it is obvious, that it is NOT the Papacy and other heirarchical structures that He was referring to, that the gates of hell would not prevail against.
    Lest one dare argue I am uninformed about Cathiolic history, I should point out it is hardly so, as I have had access to, and have read. many hundreds of authorized Catholic historiucal texts, and others also, to refer to in the last 50 years.

  55. Doccus

    Addendum: I should have added the qualifier “necessarily” to the statement “..The Church is the Faithful, and not *necessarily* the Pope, or the Magisterium”
    To the extent that the Pope is among the ‘Faithful”, he is part of the Body of Christ , Some Popes have truly been Saints, after all..

  56. Conte condemns everyone , which means that sometimes he gets it right. But even I could do that.

  57. Doriette Caruana

    WELL SAID ROSARY….. my goodness….. These messages are full of threat …. Father God does not talk to his sinful children like that. He guides us with love and then it is our choice if we want to go to heaven or hell…… guys out there RUN ! Are you so blind ! pray for discernment and the Lord will reveal in your heart how false MDM is. It is against the Pope, priests and the Catholic Church. Let’s pray for our leaders and condone them. They need our prayers and not judgement !!!!!!

  58. Vicki Lyons

    I know, I know, MDM is FALSE……it just took a big bonk over the head from her nasty JTM admins to finally wake me up to all the falsity, lies and ridiculousness of the messages. Thank you, everyone, for all the great research and for the prayers. Praised be Jesus & Mary now and forever, amen.

  59. PocketSketch

    To Doccus who mistakes the divine institution of the Catholic Church with a “political structure.” The Church teaches that the bishops have -by divine institution- taken the place of the apostles as pastors of the Church. Therefore, whoever listens to them is listening to Christ and whoever despises them despises Christ and God the Father who sent the Messiah.

    Does this teaching from the catechism sound like a “political structure”?
    “The Church is born primarily of Christ’s total self giving for our salvation, anticipated in the institution of the Eucharist and fulfilled on the cross. “The origin and growth of the Church are symbolized by the blood and water which flowed from the open side of the crucified Jesus.” Catechism 766

    Furthermore, Doccus, you are confused on another point. Infallibility does not mean impeccability. Popes are capable of sin. They frequent the sacrament of reconciliation. As one cannot receive absolution without confessing a sin that means popes do not drop into confessionals to give priests their blessing; they are there like the rest of us, repentant sinners on their knees, asking for God’s mercy and forgiveness.

    Papal infallibility is independent from holiness of life.

  60. Michael

    PocketSketch , So you are saying that a Bishop is more important than God the Father, Jesus our Savior and Mary our Blessed Mother? If Jesus appeared to you and warned you that the enemy had infiltrated the church, you would still stay obedient to the enemy in the church? And you would reject Jesus because you need to obey a Bishop?

  61. Fink

    If you knew more about the Church`s teachings, you`d know that Heaven wills that we obey the Church authorities. God does NOT bypass His Church in THAT manner. As our parish priest (FSSP) said: “If a message urges us to disobey the Church hierarchy, you can be sure it`s diabolical at its source.” Medjugorje followers: take note!!!

    Even if Pope Francis were what MDM claims, God would have His own way of dealing with him, without taking short-cuts to some seer. Satan loves doubt and division. Anyway, MDM`s underhand way of operating exposes her as false.

    Saint Pio is a canonised saint, not because of his mystical experiences, but because he led a life of heroic virtue, and
    obeyed his superiors, even when they were persecuting
    him. He was given no special treatment by his “Friends in high places”, but Time vindicated him. Same with various other true seers et al.

  62. PocketSketch

    I am saying that in this case I would be especially vigilant to obey my Bishop. After all, if the “father of all lies” could deceive Adam and Eve with his cunning why couldn’t he outsmart me?

    “And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding” Jeremiah 3:15.


    to the question of :
    If Jesus appeared to you and warned you that the enemy had infiltrated the church, you would still stay obedient to the enemy in the church? And you would reject Jesus because you need to obey a Bishop?

    My answer is that Mary the Mother of God, in Fatima, in La Sallette, has declared, as others Popes, that the enemy of God is already in the Church, is not something new.


    MANY people in the world has the spirit of apostasy, even in the church.

    Is Apostasy, the form of consider all the church hierarchy the enemy of God. Remember that God send his apostles and the others 72. They received the Holy Spirit that is passed on the hand imposition in the priest´s ordination. So you can be apostate of the church hierarchy by believing that they are not of the holy spirit.

    Other thing is to say that there is a “group” of people inside the hierarchy of the church that are followers of satan.

    You must obey your bishop because he is who represents the authority of Peter in each community. And if your bishop is doing things or saying against the Holy Word, you must DISCERN THAT HE IS NOT GIVING OBEDIENCE FIRST TO GOD, AFTER TO THE DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH.

    God blessed you, friend
    I also read MDM and I do DISCERN
    Pope Francis was given by God to finish what Benedict must haven’t done
    Others seers has declared this.

  64. I defend our Church against false prophets and hatred towards our Holy Father Pope Francis..but I think we should leave Medjugorje out of this because the documents for that apparition are now in Pope Francis’ hands. Whatever the Church decides…

  65. Hi…You posted “If Jesus appeared to you and warned you that the enemy had infiltrated the church, you would still stay obedient to the enemy in the church? And you would reject Jesus because you need to obey a Bishop?”

    First of all the enemy has always been in the Church ever since Judas. Secondly Jesus is the Head of the Church, and He promised us that the gates wouldn’t prevail against it, and I believe this. Now if a spirit appeared warning us of something that is contradictory to what He has told us in scripture I would immediately dismiss it!

    The spirit of disobedience is also in the dissenters who are ready to abandon the Barque of Peter on the say so of a false prophet. You and the followers of MDM are causing the schism prophesied in scripture. It is you we have been warned about.friend.

    MDM has been uncovered and proven to be false…so let go! The Church now needs the faithful to remain obedient and prayerful in order to remove any spirits not of God. Do not listen anymore to false spirits whispering in your ear, because the Holy Spirit cannot help you if you keep shutting Him out.

    God Bless You

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