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Second ‘MDM’ radio interview discovered

1 March 2016

In October 2011, only months after starting her website of ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ messages, Mary Carberry gave a 45 minutes interview with a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., Catholic radio station.  Her convoluted responses would be contradicted by later ‘tellings’ of her story. As she gained popularity, she asked followers, through her Facebook allies, to make no reference to the Philadelphia interview.

It was ultimately her voice, captured from that interview – scientifically matched to the voice of Carberry – that provided conclusive evidence that Mary Carberry and Maria Divine Mercy were the same person.

Along the path that uncovered the identity of Maria Divine Mercy [MDM], there were occasional references to a second interview. But none was found and researchers thought the claims were mistaken.

But a second recorded interview was just discovered. Two months after Philadelphia, still in the first year of vision-making, Carberry – who did business under her maiden name McGovern – was interviewed by Radio Maria in Budapest, Hungary.  A transcript was found at a German-language website.

Jozsef Selynes-2Hungarian priest Fr. Joszef Selymes, program director for the Hungarian station in 2011, was an early follower of MDM. Using an English interpreter named Lilla, the priest, also a promoter of the ‘visionaries’ of Medjugorje, compiled a list of questions for ‘Maria’ for the interview that aired on 17 December 2011.

Three times in 2011 Carberry participated in written and verbal public discussion to bring attention to her website.  Her first ‘appearance’ was June 2011 when she engaged detractors at the Mother of God online forum that addressed the newly-claimed messages from Heaven. Then in October 2011 she provided a 45-minute interview with Ave Maria Radio in Philadelphia.  Then again, two months later, December 2011, she answers questions from the Hungarian radio station.

No audio version of that interview can be found. A German transcript appears on a website maintained by Carberry’s German business partner, Heinrich Martin Roth. The interview further establishes that during her first year of operation, Carberry and her associates wrote and spoke different versions of her story.

During the following three years, more contradictions emerged when Irish business partner, Breffni Cully, posing as Joseph Gabriel, spoke at US seminars. They just couldn’t get their stories straight.

Here are highlights from the newly-discovered interview with corresponding commentary.

INTERVIEW — ‘Maria’ claims — less than a year into her visions — that she has already been threatened so she has to protect her family; that the archbishop began investigating her messages in February 2011, before any were posted on her website. “The archbishop knows exactly who I am,” she says. She is open to a thorough investigation of the messages. She thought she was going mad so immediately fled to a priest. She has to go to Mass everyday; she complains that she, a seer, is ridiculed by those who call themselves seers; that she is a very busy and successful businesswoman with an important management position.

COMMENT — Carberry’s bishop may have known of Carberry’s claim to visions, but he

Mary and Sarah 2014-001

Mary McGovern-Carberry – aka ‘MDM’ – claims in a December 2010 Budapest radio interview that she is no longer interested in fashion. The photo of Carberry was taken at Christmas party in November 2014. Missing: the medal of salvation.

never admitted to that knowledge. In his statement condemning the MDM messages in April 2014 he wrote of “a person who calls herself ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ and who may live in the Archdiocese of Dublin.” If Carberry was secret, who could have threatened her? The only family still at home was the youngest daughter. The older three are adults. In another occasion Carberry claims to have no one to go to when the messages began. In other ‘tellings,’ she has many friends to share her story. The other ‘seer’ known to publicly dispute the MDM messages is Vassula Ryden, a Greek Orthodox Catholic also condemned by Church authorities. Carberry’s “important management position” was head of her own public relations firm of which she and her daughter were the only employees. And she hasn’t been successful in business for 15 years.

INTERVIEW — In the interview ‘Maria’ says Satan hates her and wants to stop her; that attacks on her are not from the Church; she went to a priest and read him her first three messages and he cried. The start of her website “really cost money” but in general she does not need money; among the personal signs Jesus gave her was the healing of her right hand. She speaks approvingly of Medjugorje and comments on the long time it takes the Church to render a verdict on ‘seers.’ She claims to get wonderful support of priests, bishops and sisters. “Thank God for these wonderful people.”

COMMENT — In other stories we learn that ‘Maria’ had no one to turn to and that church men were unsupportive. It is unlikely Satan objects; he may have be the inspiration for this enterprise. This is the only time ‘Maria’ references a priest so moved by her messages that he cried.  During business partner Breffni Cully’s US appearances, he speaks of a “little old nun” who cried, but no crying priest. It certainly cost thousands of dollars to create and maintain the website, publishing and sales activities. As Carberry could not keep up with house payments, she is an unlikely source of funding.  And she DOES need money. During the first year her website requested donations. The prospect that her bishop would act so quickly to condemn her must have surprised her. The Church is slow to act on claims of ‘visions.’ The “healing of her right hand” is a novel story unique to this interview. Business partner Cully claimed ‘Maria’ was cured of breast cancer but had her healthy breast removed anyway.

INTERVIEW — Within the first year her messages were translated into 14 languages. 10-15 thousand people visit her website daily. She requires no financial assistance. She used to be a prisoner of fashion, but not any more. She is the breadwinner for her family.

COMMENT — The quick world-wide penetration of these messages is no testament to their truth, but rather to the marketing skills of the perpetrators. Researchers speculate that Australia’s convicted pedophile William Kamm may have provided the network of translators. Within 14 months messages could be read in 29 languages. German partner Roth reported in mid 2014 that the MDM website – The Warning Second Coming – had totaled 1.3 billion visits. Book orders were processed from 51 countries. Or so they claim. Carberry is still a fashion dresser as evidenced by family photos at her daughter Sarah’s wedding and PR-related social events in 2014.  She never wears the “medal of salvation,” an MDM invention. She repeats the story of being the sole support of her family, but her husband John is a full-time employee of Ireland’s Electric Supply Board and shares the same house with Carberry. All their children are now adults.

INTERVIEW — And finally….”I’ve always been a believer from childhood. As a child I was a member of the Legion of Mary, even a very active member, but then I ceased.”

COMMENT — Researchers studied Carberry’s family for any expression of religious faith.  They found the opposite. In her first radio interview Carberry stated she was agnostic bordering on no faith. There is no other mention of membership in the Legion of Mary or any other church-related organization.

Carberry’s first interview with the U.S. radio station is covered in an early article appearing at Midway Street.



Who are Michael Lindemann and Christo Gifts?

29 May 2015

Christo gifts logoIn late March, within days of the demise of the Maria Divine Mercy vision-making enterprise, Christo Gifts emerged as the new exclusive online purveyor of MDM books and trinkets, offering for the first time the anticipated Book of Truth Volume 4.

The Book of Truth contains the chronological ‘messages’ received by the now-exposed so-called ‘visionary’ Dublin resident Mary Carberry, who had a four-year career posing as a ‘secret’ seer receiving messages from Jesus and his Mother Mary.

Carberry had invested six years in the business beginning in 2009 as an uninvited ‘apprentice’ using the name Mary Egan assisting Irish ‘psychic’ Joe Coleman. In March 2011 her website – The Warning Second Coming – went ‘live’–a colorful, professional collection of pages promoting her ‘visions’ backdated to 8 November 2010. To gain attention she carelessly set up a phone interview with a U.S. Catholic radio station providing a 45-minute ‘telling’ of her story with many mentions of her website address.

During the next three years the MDM website went ‘gangbusters’ accumulating a claimed one billion-plus ‘views’ and the condemnation of bishops world-wide. An international team of bloggers joined forces to identify the mysterious ‘seer’ who only admitted to being a successful European business woman with young children.  From the radio interview they also learned she was Irish. Their research was published online November 2013.

After major media exposure in three colorful multi-page articles in February and March 2015, written by Irish Mail on Sunday investigative journalist Michael O’Farrell, Carberry shut down her business and her Facebook page and requested her ardent followers with dozens of related and supportive Facebook pages do the same.  Jesus had commanded! The Irish Mail commissioned a scientific analysis confirming the voice of Mary Carberry matched the voice of ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ from the radio interview. The ‘secret’ seer was ‘outed.’

Book sales of Carberry’s ‘visions’ also stopped from the ‘official’ Coma Books website as did sales of MDM ‘salvation medals’ from Salvido Gifts, both exclusive sellers of MDM paraphernalia. Carberry’s business partners incorporated two companies in Ireland and later two companies in the UK to conduct sales of MDM merchandise, but none has reported any revenue and no company in the U.S., Ireland or the UK claims to do business as “Salvido Gifts.”

Christo Gifts scapularWithin days of closure of the MDM business operation, Christo Gifts – an online seller – emerged with the anticipated Book of Truth Volume 4 and other MDM memorabilia, including a new scapular.

Who is Christo Gifts?

Lindemann and Langan--from computers to Christ

Lindemann and Langan–from computers to Christ

Fine print deep inside Christo’s website claims association with “Christo Limited.” The UK company was incorporated in March by the unlikely duo of Michael Lindemann and Thomas Noel Langan. Both are computer ‘geeks’ with a solid history in computer-related occupations and NO history in retail sales of religious items. What’s up?

The computer duo appear to be ‘fronts’, with no person-to-person link to Mary Carberry or her previous business partners, Irishman Breffni Cully and German Heinrich Martin Roth.

German-born Lindemann, 36, has been ‘in’ and ‘out’ and ‘in’ of six companies over the past six years beginning with a computer company in Auckland, New Zealand — Byteworks — that he founded in 2008 at age 28.

After three years with Byteworks, Lindemann left New Zealand for England in early 2011 to work as an IT manager for Diligent Boardbooks before joining Rackspace, a cloud-based Web hosting service. A year later – December 2013 – while still working for Rackspace, he began a new company with New Zealander Faith Belcher — Biteworks Catering. The company lasted a year-and-a-half. Its Bite Works catering logowebsite claimed that “head caterer” Faith Belcher with “partner” Michael Lindemann had more than 25 years combined “hospitality experience in New Zealand and the UK.” But Lindemann makes no mention of the business in his online LinkedIn resume and reports no prior “hospitality” experience.

Sharing a London address with Michael and Faith was “Renate” Lindemann, Michael’s mother. Renate was employed in the east Auckland, New Zealand, area of Waitakere during the time that Michael was heading Byteworks in Auckland’s north shore. She followed Michael in the move from New Zealand to England.

German-born Renate – or “Renata” – 62, was educated in Cologne and is proficient in German and English, a potential link to Carberry’s German connections through business partner Heinrich Martin Roth, himself an English-German translator and Cologne resident. Roth owns the business side of the Carberry enterprise though he claims he makes no money from sales of MDM merchandise and wrote that the “real owner” of the MDM business was Carberry herself, though her name does not appear as owner/director of any MDM company. Renate also uses the name Rena Linde H-mann. She left Germany in 1990 when Michael was 10.

Within weeks of incorporating the catering company Biteworks, Lindemann, now age 32, incorporated Headspace Hq Ltd with partners Irishman Thomas Noel Langan, 28, and Romanian Marius Ion Voila who met working at Rackspace. Headspace changed its name to Incus Technologies in October 2014 dropping Voila as a partner.

The three Lindemann London-based companies — Biteworks, Headspace, Incus — claim the same address — 85 Deans Road, London.

While Incus is still an active company, Lindemann and Incus partner Thomas Langan incorporated Christo Limited on March 5, 2015, just after media exposure of Mary Carberry as the ‘secret’ Maria Divine Mercy, and just a few weeks before Carberry closes her MDM websites and businesses. Christo Limited does business as Christo Gifts, though Christo Gifts is not mentioned as a ‘Doing Business As’ name in Christo Limited incorporation files. The company uses Magento, a fulfillment company owned by the US-based auction seller eBay, to process orders for Catholic religious items. Magento was also used to process sales of MDM books sold by Coma Books, and MDM ‘medals of salvation’ sold by Salvido Gifts.  Both items are now sold exclusively by the new Lindemann-Langan Christo Gifts.

The only paperwork connection with Lindemann-Langan’s Christo Limited and the online “gift shop” Christo Gifts is a ‘fine print’ mention of “Christo Limited” as property owner of the “Christo Gifts” website. Christo has the appearance of a legitimate seller of Catholic religious items, but the MDM merchandise has been publicly condemned by Mary Carberry’s [MDM] own bishop and seven other Catholic bishops worldwide. The MDM books, medals and scapulars promote a condemned seer.

As with all other MDM-related companies, Christo Limited/Gifts uses a “mail drop” as its address-of-record — 20/22 Wenlock Road, London — an address owned by “London Presence,” a mail-forwarding company associated with “Companies Made Simple,” the business that prepared and filed incorporation papers for Christo. Companies Made Simple is owned by a Cameroon national Stephen Chi Taiti, 36.

Who profits?

Lindemann makes no mention of his association with Christo Limited/Gifts in his online LinkedIn resume. Researchers are exploring the connection with Michael and Renate Lindemann [Rena Linde H-mann] with other ‘persons of interest’ in the Maria Divine Mercy scam.  Renate was a fan of Australian ‘clairvoyant’ Carolyn Flynn, a resident of New South Wales, Australia, home of convicted pedophile and ‘visionary’ William Kamm, who claimed through associates to have ongoing ‘secret’ communication with ‘Marie Divine Mercy.’  Does Renate link to Roth and Carberry?

Still, no company associated with MDM has reported any revenue from sales of MDM merchandise. Where is the money?  Researchers are aware of reports filed with the tax evasion hotline of the UK’s Revenue and Customs department detailing the businesses associated with Carberry, including the new Christo Gifts.  Maybe they can track the money trail.

In the meantime, anyone having information enlightening the relationship of the Lindemanns to the ‘players’ in the MDM enterprise may contact the author through the confidential “Contact” page.  Any errors will be promptly corrected.


“The messages of Maria Divine Mercy are demonically inspired”

Testimony from Father John Abberton

1 April 2015 [Posted 28 May 2015]

Fr-John-Abberton-2-webI am a priest exorcist of 15 years experience. I have permission to share these things.

The so-called “messages” of Maria Divine Mercy are false. Lately I have been trying to help a lady who used to read these false messages. This lady has been possessed by many demons. I cannot say how many. I have had many sessions with her in the presence of another priest and a lay woman who are witnesses to what I have to say.

This person came to me shortly after she had stopped reading those false messages. The reason she stopped was that she felt “spiritually dead” in spite of saying the prayers recommended by the messages, including the Rosary, and she realised that she was not growing in faith etc. She felt unhappy about this and was strangely ill at ease. As soon as she stopped she was attacked by a demon. She felt its presence and then she realised that she needed help.

When she came to me, it seemed that there were other problems – problems that had been there before she began reading those messages. We have still not got to the bottom of those.

At one session I prayed specifically against any spirits that had come into her through Maria Divine Mercy. At this she began to jerk furiously in her chair and was thrown onto the floor where she rolled around and started to cry out. As I knelt down beside her I prayed against the Jezebel spirit – a spirit associated with false prophecy. When I did this, the women’s eyes flashed at me and stared straight at me with a definite look of anger. We needed more sessions. At one she was delivered of something quite “big” and as she went home she said, “Now I am happy about Pope Francis”.

I understand that whilst she was reading these “messages”, she painted a picture which she believed she had been inspired to paint. She hung it up in her little boy’s bedroom. After this the boy was disturbed every night. The disturbances stopped after she tore up the picture and burnt it. After that the child slept soundly.

These and other things are conclusive proof for me that the “messages” of Maria Divine Mercy are demonically inspired.

This lady is one of four people who have contacted me because they had spiritual problems through reading these so-called messages. One other person told me he needed my help because he “felt bad”, another told me he had been “attacked” when he decided to stop reading the messages.

There are other indications regarding these so-called “messages” that should be noted. First of all, where demons are involved in promoting false mysticism, visions and locutions, it is possible that there could be more than one demon involved. Demons working together take on different tasks. One may encourage addiction or dependency. The presence or activity of such a demon could be one reason why so many seem unable to break free from such things. There may also be a spirit of anger present which might explain why some adherents are unable to deal with negative questions and simply become angry.

In judging such things as this, it is important to be rigorous. Many people, when challenged say things like, “But we are told to say the Rosary. Surely that can’t be wrong”. If it was a simple as that many other false apparitions and locutions would have been accepted. Many people do not realize that after St. Bernadette saw Our Lady there was a sizeable number of other reported apparitions at the grotto by other girls. None of the others were ever accepted as genuine. The false messages and apparitions of “Our Lady of Mt. Carmel of The Holy Face” which originated in Spain, along with other false so-called mystical events may well have been accompanied by apparent requests to pray the Rosary, but where demonic falsehood is at the root of such things, such Rosaries are lacking, since they have been requested by demons. God looks at the heart and will always be merciful to those who are caught in falsehood through no fault of their own, but it is important to know that prayer needs to be offered in accordance with God’s Will. Otherwise it will hardly be true prayer. It must come from the heart, and the mind needs to be informed by the teachings of the Church.  Where there is an honest search for truth and a desire to pray, God will act according to His Mercy, but we have to be clear that simply focusing on the Rosary or even Eucharistic Adoration as some kind of authentication for supposed mystical events is not enough.

Traditionally we look at the fruits, and according to Holy Scripture these will be seen especially in daily life and in the way we treat one another. Many people apparently spend many hours in prayer, but are mentally disturbed and may be classed as suffering from “religious mania”. We do not know how God judges such prayer.  Much prayer is called for, but it must be prayer in union with the Will of God which is normally discerned in the life of the Church, that is, in union with the Pope and the Magisterium and according to the teachings of Scripture and Tradition. When we depart from these we are open to deception and confusion.

In the spiritual life there must always be balance. We cannot focus too much on mystical events or experiences, and we should never listen to “prophets of doom”. Messages that come from God bring a sense of peace even if the messages are very serious. Continued agitation is not a good sign. Also, some people who think they know better than others (know more about the supposed future for example) can quickly become arrogant and overbearing. We must always remember that the most important thing about the spiritual life is to seek God’s Will in our daily lives. It is wrong to be continually thinking about what “might” happen when there are problems and needs under our noses. There is a danger that focusing on so-called messages can be an escape from responsibilities and problems that we are unwilling to face.

One of the aspects of this kind of situation where people become too readily accepting of so-called “messages” from God is a lack of knowledge of Holy Scripture. To take one example, the mention of a thousand year reign of Christ in the Book of Revelation. The number 1,000 in Jewish theology is symbolic of “Divinity” and so should not be taken literally. In fact the Magisterium has declared Millenarianism a heresy.

Some people who claim to see visions or “hear” locutions are mentally ill. Others are quite sane but have a strong imagination which may have become active in this way due to stress, illness or confusion or deception, especially if someone else has been involved who is making similar claims. In my view the worst case is that of someone deliberately creating a false vision or message either for the sake of money or to gain some twisted form of fame. Where such a person is deliberately creating false messages we have someone who is in very great spiritual danger.

There are undoubtedly genuine mystics and prophets in the world. Usually they have good spiritual directors who submit to Church authority. Discerning these matters is never easy and sometimes mistakes are made, but when we see serious theological problems, prophecies which do not come true, and a spirit of anger or obstinacy we can be sure that something is seriously wrong. In cases like that it is wiser to back away than to continue reading or supporting the supposed mystic.

Father John Abberton is a Roman Catholic priest in the Diiocese of Leeds in the United Kingdom. The bold type in his testimony was added by Father John.


Carberry closes MDM website

21 March 2015

Four years after opening her website – TheWarningSecondComing.com – the Catholic “visionary” who took the name Maria Divine Mercy has closed shop.

On 20 March  the internet-only “visionary” permanently closed her website that began in March 2011 as the source of more than 1,200 “messages” from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. “Visions” were backdated from November 2010 and continued to this month. She gained millions of believers, worldwide prayer groups and more than 425,000 Facebook followers.

The immediate cause of the shut down is not known, but the closure comes seven weeks after Mary Carberry, a Dublin, Ireland, resident was revealed by the Irish Mail on Sunday as the true identity of the internet seer. Security cameras caught Carberry hauling more than 300 copies of the Irish Mail to her car the morning the paper was issued.  Pictures of her carrying arm loads of papers earned her front page in the following Sunday’s edition.

Irish Mail commissioned a professional comparison analysis of Carberry’s voice recorded in January 2015 with a radio interview Maria Divine Mercy made in October 2011. Verdict: it’s the same person.  The secret “visionary” had only identified herself as a European business woman with children.

International bloggers had first revealed Carberry, a public relations consultant, as the secret seer in November 2013 posting business documents that linked Carberry to two promoters of Maria Divine Mercy merchandise. In February 2014, in the process of defending Maria Divine Mercy, Carberry’s German business partner identified Carberry as the “seer.”

In April 2014 Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin formally condemned the visions of Maria Divine Mercy as inconsistent with Catholic teaching and forbid their promotion.

The Irish Mail disclosures did not prevent Carberry business partner, retired millionaire dentist Breffni Cully, from offering two MDM seminars in Poland in February and seminars in the Philippines this month.  Did Carberry keep him ‘in the loop’ of her plans to shut down her “vision” enterprise?

There is speculation that the source of  MDM’s “messages” will reveal a new identity for the seer to carry on the momentum of the profitable business venture.  Was Mary on the payroll of a wealthy benefactor as she claimed to Irish Mail on Sunday reporter Michael O’Farrell?  O’Farrell quoted Carberry saying, “I was only doing a job for someone.”


MidwayStreet author is interviewed by MDM-True/False website

22 February 2015 [Posted 30 May 2015

Mark Saseen, MidwayStreet author, is interviewed by staff at Maria Divine Mercy: True or False. Saseen accurately predicts the closure of the MDM enterprise, which had yet to occur.

Saseen interview 22 February



Mary Carberry gathers papers exposing her as ‘Maria Divine Mercy’

8 February 2015

One week after exposing Ireland resident Mary McGovern-Carberry as the ‘secret’ Catholic visionary “Maria Divine Mercy,” the Irish Mail on Sunday featured her again…gathering up all available copies of the 1 February 2015 publication near her Malahide home. The former owner of McGovern PR should have known better.

The public relations consultant, who fell on hard financial times in recent years, transformed herself into an all-internet, all-secret ‘visionary’ in 2011 gathering millions of Irish-Mail-Inside-2-Feb-8-1followers who purchased her books and medals. Store security cameras caught Carberry – who, as Maria  Divine Mercy, called herself the last prophet, angel and victim soul – hauling hundreds of copies to her car giving contrasting explanations for her curious behavior.  Carberry’s ‘Jesus’ communicated almost daily through his ‘angel’, but has been silent for 12 days now, a sign, perhaps, that the Malahide Madam is now ‘out of favor’ with celestial forces.

The complete 1 February 2015 Irish Mail story is available in two files.

Irish Mail inside Feb 8 15              Irish Mail Inside 2 Feb 8 15


Mary Carberry is Maria Divine Mercy

1 February 2015

In a two-page spread on 1 February 2015 Irish Mail on Sunday, reporter Michael O’Farrell exposed the central characters behind the fraud of “Maria Divine Mercy” as the public relations mother-daughter team of Mary and Sarah Carberry and millionaire retired dentist Breffni Cully.  This is the first major media exposure of the four-year-old scam that claimed messages from heaven. The Irish scammers sold books and medals to an estimated million-plus followers with promises that wearing the penny-value trinket would assure eternal life in paradise.

Irish Mail investigative reporter Michael O’Farrell’s research included a personal confrontation with Mary Carberry, who uses hIrish Mail on Sunday 2-1-15er maiden name McGovern in business. O’Farrell quotes Carberry: “I’m sorry. I’m not going to get involved with internet trolls who are trying to destroy my life because of a job I did for somebody.”  She adds, “I can’t deal with this crap. I’m sorry. But if you honestly believe this shit, you can.”

Was she referring to her ‘messages from heaven’?

The Irish Mail sent the recording of Carberry’s comments to a U.S. voice analysis expert to compare with a radio interview ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ gave in 2011. Conclusion: Mary Carberry is Maria Divine Mercy!

The complete 1 February 2015 Irish Mail story is available here in two files.

Mary Carberry pg1              Mary Carberry pg 2


U.S. Catholic weekly reviews recent media exposing PR Girl Mary Carberry as ‘secret’ visionary

13 February 2015

Wanderer Press Feb 19 15 thumbnail page 1In a front page article the oldest U.S. Catholic weekly, The Wanderer, interviewed Mark Saseen on recent developments exposing the Irish public relations consultant Mary McGovern-Carberry as the ‘secret’ ‘visionary’ Maria Divine Mercy. The article’s author, Dexter Duggan, previously wrote on the Irish team last summer.  Here is the article in two parts.

Wanderer Part 1                            Wanderer Part 2


Front-cover-FINAL-WEBNew book tells MDM story

The story of how an Irish public relations executive transformed herself into a Catholic ‘visionary’ is now in book form.  The Outing of Mary Carberry includes information found at MidwayStreet and new discoveries accumulated during recent months.

Among new material is a handwritten letter sent to the administrator of MidwayStreet from William Kamm, the Australian ‘seer’ who claims ongoing contact with Mary Carberry, the Dublin woman who communicates ‘secretly’ to the world as Maria Divine Mercy. The book reveals a third name used by McGovern-Carberry during the pre-vision-making year she spent interning with Irish ‘psychic’ Joe Coleman, and includes photos, timeline, footnotes and full texts of documents. The 100-page book is a free download in PDF format with an ePub file for ‘readers’ due soon. Click on the book cover to download. Continue to check this page for new information.


Where is Breffni Cully?

6 June 2014

There is a frenzy of activity as the Mary Carberry ‘vision’ enterprise reshuffles the list of companies designed to receive and conceal revenue from the sale of vision-related products.

FRONTAL VIEW: Mary Carberry, who turns 59 this month, is adorned with family heirloom necklace and custom-made hat and accessories at a May 31 family event. Conspicuously missing attire: the 'Salvation Medal' charm, the invention of her spirit handler.

FRONTAL VIEW: Mary Carberry, 59 this month, is adorned with family heirloom necklace and custom-made hat and accessories at a May 31 family event. Conspicuously missing attire: the ‘Salvation Medal’, an invention of her spirit handler.

We noted on 16 May [see “From Obscurity to Absurdity” below] that Carberry’s German business partner, Heinrich Martin Roth, registered two companies in the United Kingdom in April that seemed to mirror the two companies previously registered in Ireland by both Roth and retired dentist Breffni Cully.

New developments indicate that Cully may have left the enterprise.  It has been difficult for Cully to maintain a normal life as his visibility and embarrassment increased with disclosures of his promotion of Carberry’s “Maria Divine Mercy” scam.  This is not his first effort at ‘tweaking’ the legal system. In 2007 the Inishowen News of Donegal, Ireland, reported that Cully was involved in a “medical card scheme” that earned him $144,504 [USD].  His new heightened visibility may have been too much for the ‘believer’ in Carberry’s claimed messages from Heaven.

Early in the game, Cully identified his business on electronic business ‘cards’ as “The Warning Second Coming” – the title of Carberry’s website of almost-daily messages. He traveled the world giving MDM — Maria Divine Mercy – seminars, as ‘Joseph Gabriel.’ His April attempt to secure a bed-and-breakfast in Normandy, France, may have tipped the scales of personal tolerance.  The owner of the inn refused to rent to Cully based on an Internet search of his name.

On 11 April the Normandy inn owner wrote on a holiday rental owners forum: “It turns out this weirdo is mixed up in promoting some ‘Catholic visionary’ called ‘Maria the Divine Mercy’ AKA Mary Carberry.  He also goes under the name Joseph Gabriel.  I would advise everyone not to touch them with a bargepole.”

Cully attempted to secure a room using two different emails and addresses.

Now Cully may be out.

Merdel Rolf sig dissolvedMerdel Limited, set up by Cully and Roth in December, was registered in Ireland to sell ‘religious’ medals and other con-game paraphernalia. A week ago, Roth filed paperwork with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland dissolving the company.  Cully’s name is not on the paperwork.

In April Roth registered Unico Distribution in the UK as sole owner.  The Unico website links to only one other company: Salvido. And Salvido has only one product: the so-called ‘Medal of Salvation’ promoted by Carberry’s alter-ego Maria Divine Mercy. Researchers believe that Unico/Salvido – exclusively owned by Roth – has replaced Merdel.

On June 5 Salvido.com was accepting medal orders in euros, pounds and dollars. The copyrighted medal sells for $25 USD for 25 [minimum order] of the Catholic Church-condemned aluminum penny-valued trinkets.  European Union residents will pay $1.37 per medal – US equivalent. 40,000 orders will gross the company’s owner, Heinrich Martin Roth, a minimum $1 million. Spiritual value: zero. Orders are processed by Magento, a US fulfillment company.

Dissolving Trumpet Publishing, the other Roth/Cully-shared Ireland-registered company, may be more challenging.  Though currently unreported, Trumpet has income from sales of books of Carberry’s ‘visions’ sold under the name Coma Books. Within days of registering Unico [dba ‘Salvido’] in the UK, Roth, again as sole owner, registered Icon Publishing.  Presumably, Icon will replace Trumpet Publishing in Ireland. That would end Cully’s formal business relationship with the German Roth and ‘visionary’ Carberry.

All companies associated with Carberry, in Ireland and the UK, use ‘mail drop’ addresses, unstaffed ‘virtual offices’ to create an impression of an active business.

In his February ‘rant’ posted at his German-language website, Roth claimed he provides his name to MDM-related companies as a favor, but the businesses “really belong” to Mary Carberry.

Follow the money.

More evidence is emerging that ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ was a calculated money-scamming invention formed a year before Mary Carberry’s first claimed ‘vision’ in November 2010.


The Matter of 12 Missing Priests and a Crying Old Nun

June 14, 2014

Did Mary Carberry’s bishop send an exorcist priest to determine authenticity of her claimed messages from heaven?

In October 2011 Carberry was interviewed by As the Spirit Leads radio, WTMR, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US. During the 45-minute interview Carberry says that following her first ‘visions’ in late 2010 she contacted many priests, including one sent by Dublin’s Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.


The bishop’s exorcist priest, Fr. John Chisholm: visions are ‘utterly false’.

Researchers have identified the Archbishop’s priest as John Chisholm, now deceased.  Fr. Chisholm, an exorcist, spent six years in the apparition site of Medjugorje, held three doctorate degrees, and was believed to have the gift of reading souls.  There is no recorded statement from Fr. Chisholm regarding Carberry’s claimed ‘visions’.  However, in her radio interview Carberry says:

“[A] priest brought it [her visions] to the Archbishop’s attention who agreed to investigate the messages and he [pause] this elderly man decided that someone like me couldn’t receive a message from Jesus. I was not a typical visionary and dismissed the messages within a few months.”

“Someone like me…” — meaning a “worldly,” “agnostic,” “high flier,” public relations consultant? We now know that “high flier” meant living above her means and “agnostic” meant she did not believe in God.

An acquaintance of Carberry’s confirmed that Fr. Chisholm examined Carberry’s claims of ‘visions.’  In November 2013 the administrator of a website devoted to addressing the truth of the then-mysterious ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ received an email from someone who knew both Carberry and the priest.  She wrote, “Archbishop Martin assigned an Irish Exorcist Priest to meet her [Carberry] and examine her messages. He told me that he told her that her messages were not from God, that they were utterly FALSE.”

Fr. Chisholm is one of 12 priests Carberry claims she contacted during her first months of vision-making. From the radio broadcast:

“The first thing I did was talk to a priest…[1]…he reluctantly passed me on to another priest [2] who reluctantly passed me on to another one [3]…I had to go through five [+2]…and then on the final priest [6] he broke down, cried and told me he couldn’t do it. The next priest [7] brought it to the Archbishop’s attention [8] who agreed to investigate the messages…This elderly man [9] decided that someone like me couldn’t receive a message from Jesus. I was not a typical visionary…So now, thankfully, I have a spiritual director [10] and I’ve access to two wonderful priests [12] who take my call anytime, any day, any hour.”

Except for Fr. Chisholm, no priest has admitted direct contact with Carberry or her alternate personality ‘Maria Divine Mercy.’ A fabricated story supports the claim of a calculated scam. Was she lying?

Within weeks of the interview and its online posting, Carberry, acting through Facebook agents, requested followers not reference or link to the broadcast.  Subsequent to the broadcast, station staff were told by their spiritual advisor to have nothing to do with ‘Maria Divine Mercy.’

Getting the story straight has been a challenge for Carberry and her agents. Two years after Carberry’s radio interview, at a Chicago seminar 6 September 2013, Carberry business partner Breffni Cully, posing as ‘Joseph Gabriel’, said “Maria could find no priests to back her up…One priest [1] inferred that the messages came from below; and another [2] told her they were absolute rubbish.”

Missing: 10 other priests from Carberry’s spoken account and no mention of a “spiritual director.”

‘Gabriel’ did offer his audience an assuring note. From notes taken at the event Gabriel says, “Maria asked a little old nun she found in a chapel to read some of her messages and tell her what she thought of them.  The nun read them, and, with a tear running down her cheek, said, ‘Yes, they are from the Lord.’” Thus, in the mind of the salesman Cully we have confirmation that the ‘messages’ are authentic.  A still-unidentified “little old nun” said so.

Three months before Chicago, ‘Gabriel’ [Cully!] in St. Louis, Missouri, gave a different count of priests. “She took the messages to five priests initially. The first one [1] told her she was crazy. Maria now had the gift to read souls and Jesus told her to tell the priest that he is refusing the cup I’ve offered him. This made the priest very upset and he threw her out. The second [2] told her the messages didn’t come from above. The third [3] said he’d look at them but couldn’t now as he was so busy. When she came back…he told her he started them, but they were too insane to continue. He told her to go home and stop messing with these messages – to be a good wife to her husband and take care of her family. There were two other rejections [4 and 5.] Maria had no one to turn to. She couldn’t show her family, no friends to share this with, and now the priests of the Catholic Church all were rejecting her!”

(In her broadcast interview, Carberry says that following the first appearance of Jesus, “I rang my best friend the next morning.” So, by her own spoken admission, she did have someone to turn to.)

Again, ‘Gabriel’ assured his St. Louis audience that a “little old nun” “cried for ten minutes” and said the messages were from God. Missing from both ‘Gabriel’ accounts is Carberry’s mention of a spiritual “director” and the “two wonderful priests” she claims access to “any day, any hour.” In contradiction to Carberry’s own spoken words, ‘Gabriel’ says “…the priests of the Catholic Church rejected her.”

Researchers reviewed statements that an East Indian exorcist and world-recognized speaker Father Rufus Pereira had exorcised Mary Carberry in 2012 a month before his death.  In investigating the claim, Erika Gibello, Fr. Pereira’s secretary, said there was no contact with Carberry, but nonetheless condemned Carberry’s ‘visions.’ She wrote: “All are lies of the evil one.”  Her comments:


Erika Gibello, secretary to Indian exorcist priest: “All are lies of the evil one.”

“We [Gibello and Pereira] went to Ireland often to give retreats. We never met that lady [Carberry]. Last time we went to Ireland was in March 2012…We were in Dublin and Athlone too, but Fr Rufus never prayed over that lady nor did he warn her. All these are lies to make it look as if she did not need an exorcism, as she claims she [is] instructed by the Mother of God. All are lies of the evil one.”

In summary, Carberry and her agents claim the ‘visionary’ of Malahide had in-person contact with many priests who determined the messages were not from God.  By their own accounts, the priests said the messages are rubbish, come from below and are utterly false, and that Carberry is “insane” and “crazy.”

During Easter week, knowing that Mary Carberry, a resident of his diocese, was hiding behind the mask of ‘Maria Divine Mercy,’ Archbishop Martin declared her ‘visions’ opposed to Catholic teaching and forbid promotion of her messages.  As bishop to the self-proclaimed ‘seer,’ the Church accepts his authority to speak regarding her validity.  A total of seven bishops have condemned the ‘seer.’

But a little old nun said the messages are from God.


Oldest US Catholic newspaper connects Carberry to Maria Divine Mercy; Quotes MidwayStreet

May 26, 2014



‘Salvido’ — from Obscurity to Absurdity

Posted 16 May 2014 [Follow-up to “Million Dollar Caper” below]

The Salvido website is taking form. Pages are appearing in anticipation of taking orders for the ‘Medal of Salvation’ with the magic power to save ‘billions’ of souls.

In July 2013 the now-Church-condemned ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ claimed a vision from the Virgin Mary commanding that a medal be struck showing a crown of thorns above her head with crossed swords on the back, available in bulk and “freely distributed.” The ‘seer’ has been exposed as Dublin resident Mary Carberry.

Salvido no results

Non-existent company Salvido to sell magic medals. Who profits?

There is no evidence that Salvido – that claims to be based in the United Kingdom – is an actual company.  Global Edge, an international business resource center, shows “no results” for any company called Salvido in the UK or Ireland.

Salvido address

Cheap seats: Salvido, like its now-disappeared predecessor Salus Gifts, uses a mail-drop as its official address.

Salvido’s address at Portland House, Victoria, London is the same address used by Salus Gifts – a rented mail-drop purchased from Regus, a provider of virtual offices worldwide. Salus Gifts, formed in February, was the first attempt at online medal sales. The company disappeared in April after it was early-on identified by researchers at Midway Street.  That disclosure prompted a contact with the Republic of Ireland Office of Revenue claiming Salus was a false front to conceal revenue from tax.  The London address is among several virtual offices associated with the condemned ‘visionary’ who refuses to publicly identify herself.

Not only has the “exclusive company” selling Salvation Medals changed from Salus Gifts to Salvido, the base of operation has moved outside the jurisdiction of the Irish government to the jurisdiction of the UK government.  Does the move constitute off-shore tax evasion? The Department of Revenue Service in London has received information on newly-formed Salvido, and its related companies and directors claiming more suspected fraud.

On 13 May several Salvido website pages were viewable.  The next day, the website required a login/password entry. In the “About” section, Salvido uses the same language that appeared at the former Salus Gifts website claiming to be “exclusive” distributor of the magic medal:

“[Salvido] has been appointed to exclusively manage the global fulfillment and distribution of the Medal of Salvation and the Seal of the Living God Scapular under license.  The Medal of Salvation is only available for sale online via http://www.salvido.com. No other website has been authorized to sell or distribute the medals.”

Only the owner of the medal would have authority to appoint, license, and authorizeWho is that person?  He or she must be a human being with country-issued birth certificate. Mary Carberry? Breffni Cully? Or Heinrich Martin Roth, the German business partner who co-owns with Cully the publishing company churning-out Carberry’s collective works of ‘visions’?

New discoveries in the last few days reveal Roth’s intensified involvement in the profit-making side of the Maria Divine Mercy vision-making machine.

On 16 April – four weeks ago – Roth – using a new tax identification number – registered as sole owner/director of a private company called Unico Distribution Limited. The filing papers show no other directors or officers.  While identifying himself as a German national, he uses – as a personal residential address – a London location instead of his own Cologne, Germany, address used on earlier company registrations.  That address – Suite A, 6 Honduras Street, London – is also used by Hanson Wade Limited, an organizer of business conferences that has no apparent relationship with Roth, and at least nine other unrelated businesses.

Roth submitted the registration/incorporation papers by proxy through UHY FDW Company Secretarial in Dublin, the company that is now the address-of-record for Roth’s other business ventures, Merdel Ltd. and Trumpet Publishing that does business as Coma Books, the publisher of the ‘visionary’s’ multi-volume transcription of spirit sessions titled the Book of Truth.

Icon registration roth address

Deception? On previous documents, Roth used his residential address in Cologne, Germany. With Unico and Icon, he registers Honduras Street, London, as his “usual residential address.”

Adding to the mystery-of-many-companies, eight days before Roth registered Unico Distribution in Belfast, UK, under his new tax ID, he registered another company – Icon House Publishing Limited – again with himself as sole owner/director. And using the same address as Unico: Honduras Street, London. Researchers have complete copies of both companies’ registration documents.

There is no recorded organizational relationship between any of the new companies – Salus Gifts [disappeared], Salvido [not a registered company], Unico, and Icon or the earlier companies of Trumpet and Merdel.  With the exception of Trumpet’s Coma Books, all companies’ exist only as exercises in web page design, the likely creations of Mary Carberry’s web-designing son, David.  There is no real business activity behind the on-screen appearances.

What’s up, Martin Roth?  The truth, please.

The newly-claimed “exclusive” distributor of Salvation Medals, Salvido, references a future product: a ‘Seal of the Living God’ Scapular. The scapular is addressed in a recent 23 August 2013 ‘message’ received by Carberry from one of her spirits.  “I now request you, child, to have the Medal of Salvation produced now and a scapular of the Seal of the Living God made.”

The set-up for future revenue? A scapular is a religious object made of small pieces of cloth worn by Catholics in the fashion of monastic garments that promotes a particular devotion.

And the claim of managing “global fulfillment” – the process of follow-through from the initial online purchase, payment processing, and Magento logoproduct delivery – is bogus.  There is no staff at the Salvido non-company.  Forensic analysis of website source code reveals that “fulfillment” is actually handled by the same eBay-owned e-commerce company – Magento – that handles processing of Mary Carberry’s books of compiled ‘visions.’

As with Salus Gifts, Salvido claims copyright ownership of the medal and yet-to-be scapular.  The copyright notice is incoherent and ungrammatical: “All corporate names, service marks, logos, trade names, trademarks, websites and domain names of Salvido.com remain the exclusive property of Salvido.com and the term ‘Medal of Salvation’; ‘Seal of the Living God Scapular’ and nothing in this agreement gives you, the buyer, the licence to use these.” [stet] An indecipherable copyright symbol appears on the lower right back of the medal.  

Here are the companies associated with the business enterprise known as Maria Divine Mercy:

*Trumpet Publishing dba Coma Books – Ireland, established June 2012 six months after book orders were solicited, co-owned by retired dentist and multi-level marketing entrepreneur Breffni Cully and Roth, original majority owner was Sarah Carberry, daughter of the condemned seer,  Roth claims Mary Carberry is ‘real’ owner, cash-only sales at workshops + online sales, print-on-demand, no public filings of revenue, annual return 6 months “overdue”, claims copyright ownership of ‘visions’, Dublin mail-drop address, online orders processed by Magento–a US e-commerce company.

*Merdel Limited – Ireland, registered in Ireland December 2013 to sell religious items including “medals”, co-owned by Cully and Roth, no activity, Dublin mail-drop address

*Salus Gifts – UK ‘mail drop’ address, trial pages appear online February 2014, no company registration, claimed to be exclusive distributor of ‘Salvation Medal’, required future medal purchasers to set-up log in and password information, disappeared in April with captured log in/password data.

*Unico Distribution – UK, web pages first observed in April, name registered in April by Roth, claims to be “fulfillment” company, links to Salvido as only client, owned exclusively by Roth, shares address with unrelated company and Icon House Publishing Limited, no staff, exists only as a website, no response to inquirers, generic stock images used at website.

*Salvido – first website reference discovered April 2014 as a link from Unico Distribution site, website live briefly mid May 2014, now Salvido logorequires login/password entry, London mail-drop address, no evidence of company registration in the UK or Ireland, no other company claims to “do business as” Salvido, like Salus Gifts it claims to be ‘exclusive distributor of ‘Savlation Medal’, emails to info@salvido.com are rejected, U.S.-based Magento e-commerce company will handle medal orders

*Icon House Publishing Limited – UK, registered April 2014 by Roth as only owner/director, no incorporation papers, shares address with Unico and unrelated company, also used as Roth’s personal contact address, no staff, zero online presence


“Seer” purchases “Likes” to boost apparent popularity of Facebook page

1 May 2014
JTM likes 1

April 30 screen shot. “Likes”–to the moon?

A forensic examination of the main Maria Divine Mercy Facebook page – Jesus to Mankind – exposes a major misrepresentation in the number of “likes” registered by viewers.   By “liking” a Facebook page, viewers signal friends of their interest.

On April 30, JTM registered 192,000 ‘likes,’ more than six times the number registered in November.  The increase was not gradual over Facebook Likesthe three years of Facebook visibility.  It was sudden over the past few months. If accurate, the number is 40,000 greater than the ‘likes’ registered by the Queen of England.  Could Mary Carberry be more popular than Queen Elizabeth?

Or is she cheating the system?

Queen Elizabeth Likes2

More popular than Queen Elizabeth?

Investigators believe that the MDM enterprise is aggressively boosting the numbers to misrepresent interest in the Dublin deceiver. Can ‘likes’ be faked? Several web sites offer ‘likes’ for purchase.

An indication that Mary Carberry has utilized these purchases is revealed by a diagnosis of the age group and country of origin. Facebook customarily provides that data.

Queen Elizabeth is most popular in the city of London.  Believable?  Yes.  In contrast, although MDM followers are predominantly English-speaking, Facebook tells us that MDM is most popular in Ho Chi Minh City in Communist- controlled Vietnam.  Believable?  No.

Queen Elizabeth LikesThe age group of ‘likers’ is another indication of fraud.  Facebook tells us – based on the origin of ‘likes’ – that MDM’s most popular JTM likes 2age group is under 24 years old.  A review of ‘friends’ associated with MDM-favorable Facebook pages rarely lists any one in that age group. Although Jesus to Mankind is Mary Carberry’s ‘official’ page, other Facebook pages, independently administered – but monitored closely by the MDM team –  promote her messages. None has a ‘friends’ membership of more than 3,000.

What we observe is a sad act of desperation to artificially boost the appearance of popularity at a time when real followers are declining. Much of the new disenchantment is due to the April 16 condemnation by the Dublin Bishop who has authority to determine the authenticity of the messages.


Dublin Bishop condemns ‘visions’ of ‘Maria Divine Mercy’

Posted  April 16, 2014

On April 16 the Catholic bishop of the Archdiocese of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, released a statement condemning the messages of “Maria Divine Mercy” – ‘MDM’ — Mary Carberry — a resident of  Malahide, Dublin.  It is a rule of the Church that the presiding bishop over a claimant to visions is the authority to determine their authenticity. Bishop Martin becomes the seventh Catholic bishop to condemn the ‘seer.’

This is a major hurdle for the MDM enterprise.  By continuing to disseminate her ‘messages,’ Carberry dismisses the authority of her bishop and her church essentially forming a cult with the former head of the McGovern PR/Marketing Agency as its only authority. Will MDM followers understand the implication of continuing to follow these ‘messages?’

By his statement, the Dublin bishop is admitting to substantial knowledge that ‘MDM’ is a member of his diocese, narrowing the search for the woman-in-hiding who has never admitted her true identity.  In fact, Mary Carberry is a registered member of St. Sylvester’s Parish in Malahide where her grandchild was baptized.  The pastor of St. Sylvester’s has refused to respond to inquiries of Carberry’s active status.


This is the Bishop’s statement, published April 16, 2014:



Requests for clarification have been coming to the Archdiocese of Dublin concerning the authenticity of alleged visions and messages received by a person who calls herself “Maria Divine Mercy” and who may live in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wishes to state that these messages and alleged visions have no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology.

These messages should not be promoted or made use of within Catholic Church associations.


Within hours of release of the bishop’s statement and recognizing the significance of the bishop’s condemnation, Dr. Kelly Bowring, Carberry’s chief theological supporter, published an announcement on this web page withdrawing his book that claimed the messages of ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ were “plausible.”

A representative of Bowring writes, “On Wednesday of Holy Week 2014, the Archdiocese of Dublin issued a statement on its website on the writings of the alleged visionary Maria Divine Mercy (MDM) stating that the Archbishop wishes to state that ‘these messages should not be promoted or made use of.’ In compliance with this statement, Two Hearts Press and Dr. Bowring will no longer be selling the book, ‘The Great Battle,’ which had made use of MDM as a source.”

Will Mary Carberry rest in peace or continue to post new messages and promote sales of her now-condemned books of ‘visions’ and sales of her custom-designed ‘religious’ medal?

We are watching.





Irish ‘visionary’ uses fake companies to sell ‘religious’ medal; Unico/Salvido take over from Salus Gifts

Updated 13 April 2014 [Originally posted 10 April]

In early February 2014 salusgifts.com appeared online claiming to be “exclusive global distributor” of medals inspired by the visions of an anonymous woman using the name Maria Divine Mercy.  Two months later the site disappeared.

Maria Divine Mercy – MDM – planners have redirected their ‘Medal of Salvation’ distribution efforts down a confusing path of deception that nevertheless leads to the House of Mary McGovern-Carberry, the revealed identity of the Irish ‘seer’.  What’s at stake?  Millions of dollars in potential revenue.

medalIn July 2013 MDM claimed a vision from the Virgin Mary commanding that a medal be struck showing a crown of thorns above her head with crossed swords on the back, available in bulk and “freely distributed.”  A San Diego, California,  graphic artist designed the medal that has been delayed due to redesigns and mis-mintings.  This is the same graphic artist who designed the sheet of paper containing a special prayer and red-colored ‘seal’ that, when displayed, assures deliverance to heaven. According to MDM’s ‘visions,’ wearing the medal offers the same gift of salvation–the assurance of life in paradise. [18 July 2013]


On 18 October 2013, the MDM/Carberry group registered the website salusgifts.com with Network Solutions in Pennsylvania, US. The site went “live” in early February claiming to be “exclusive global distributor” of MDM medals and scapulars. Sales of medals through Salus Gifts were to be managed by Magento, the company that also processes sales for MDM books purchased through the Coma Books website. Salus claimed to be UK-based and published a London address revealed to be a mail drop purchased from Regus, a provider of pretend offices. There is no record of its incorporation in the United Kingdom, Ireland or the United States.

In January 2014 Carberry claimed a vision of the Virgin Mary – there are more than a thousand – commanding that every person in the world [approximately 7 billion] be given a medal.  As of 6 February, Salus Gifts was not accepting orders, but assured that items will be available to every country in the world from Salus and unidentified “authorized re-sellers.”  Medals would be sold in lots of 25, 50, 100, 200.  “Larger orders are available on request.” Emails sent to the contact address – info@salusgifts.com – were rejected with the reply: “Failure Notice: No such recipient.” By 18 February Salus Gifts removed all content from its website but for two words:  “Coming Soon.” Today, it’s a blank page.  What happened?


Researchers believe the MDM team has redirected its medal sales to a newly-invented company called Salvido Gifts the ‘shopping’ arm of another non-existent company called Unico Distribution, which claims to provide “end-to-end supply chain solutions for distance sellers” – an “order fulfillment center.” 

Consistent with the businesses associated with MDM – Trumpet Publishing and Merdel Limited – Unico uses a bogus office purchased from Regus at 450 Bath Road, Longford, Heathrow, London.  No desk, no files, no staff. The website photos are generic stock images shared by other companies.  The company website appeared on 26 March – two weeks ago.  It has one client, an “Online Christian Gifts Shop” called Salvido.  Salvido is not taking orders, though, as “Service is Temporarily Unavailable.”  Salvido registered its website name on 24 March, two days before Unico.

The website files for Salvido and Unico are located at the same computer server in Galway, Ireland, and share the same website “IP” address as Coma Books, the publisher of MDM’s three-volume collection of ‘visions.’  An IP address is a unique string of numbers that identifies a specific computer.  Coma Books is the business name used by Trumpet Publishing, originally co-owned by visionary’ Mary Carberry’s daughter, Sarah, and retired Irish dentist Breffni Cully, who travels the world as ‘Joseph Gabriel’ giving seminars promoting Maria Divine Mercy. In January 2013 Sarah, who posts demonic Facebook photos of herself, transferred her interest to her mother’s vision-chasing German friend, Heinrich Martin Roth. In December Roth and Cully registered as co-owners of another company, Merdel Limited, for the purpose of selling religious items including medals.  The filed paperwork was witnessed by “Mary McGovern, PR consultant.”  McGovern is Mary Carberry’s maiden name. 

One of many pretend offices offered in London by Regus. This address is used by Unico Distributing. No desk. No files. No staff. Bogus.

One of many pretend offices offered in London by Regus. This address is used by Unico Distribution. No desk. No files. No staff. Bogus.

Unlike Trumpet Publishing and Merdel Limited, there is no record in Ireland or United Kingdom of any registration of companies titled Unico Distribution or Salvido Gifts. What’s up?

On 27 March “Maria’s assistant” confirmed on the official Maria Divine Mercy Facebook page, Jesus to Mankind, that the Medal of Salvation would be available “from a different company – not Salus Gifts… They will be available for the world very shortly…We are going to have a fulfillment house in Malaysia which will distribute to Australia…We have three different suppliers working on them,” she posted. Maria’s assistant, who identifies herself as “Grace” in correspondence, is believed to be Andie Lynwood.  She continued, “…you cannot even imagine how much the devil hates these medals. It is actually pretty unbelievable what we have gone through to get them.  He hates their power.”

The devil hates the power of the medal?  Or is it the other way around?


While we wait confirmation of the worldwide distribution channel for the ‘Medal of Salvation,’ Heinrich Martin Roth has been selling the medals through his German website. Roth received an early shipment possibly delivered by his business partner Cully who visited Roth’s hometown of Cologne, Germany, on 29 March speaking at the Auditorium de Diakonie during a tour of Luxembourg, Austria and Germany promoting MDM and offering cash-only sales of MDM books. On 1 April Roth wrote on his website, “The interest sparked by the medals is incredibly high. Stocks are empty. New production is going on. We ask all who ordered to be patient. We will try to mail the medals out as soon as possible.”

Sarah Carberry - March 2014 Facebook photo. Sarah, Mary "MDM" Carberry's daughter, held majority ownership of Trumpet, set up to sell the "visionary's" books of heaven-sent messages.

Sarah Carberry – March 2014 Facebook photo. Mary “MDM” Carberry’s daughter held majority ownership of Trumpet, set up to sell her mother’s books of ‘heaven-sent’ messages. Is she sending ‘believers’ a message?

A Polish website is also promoting medal sales and links to Roth for orders. The site confirms that Salus Gifts was the original intended distributor of the medals. We read, “The administrators of the German site were given permission to distribute the medal now. Its price is one euro [$1.40 USD]. This is dictated by the need to cover the costs incurred by MDM, especially losses, and the need for further financial outlays for subsequent editions of books in many languages.”

The website does not explain that the MDM books are ‘print on demand’ – they are printed one-by-one after orders and payment are received.

At $1.40 USD, and only pennies to produce and distribute, promoters realize a profit of more than $1 per medal.  If one million medals are sold, one million dollars is made, a neat payoff for three years of ‘vision’ business. 


Adding to Mary Carberry’s business concerns, Trumpet Publishing, which does business as Coma Books, ostensibly owned by MDM promoters Cully [aka ‘Joseph Gabriel’] and Roth, is a month overdue in filing its annual report, even after extending the reporting deadline by three months. The four MDM company names – Trumpet, Merdel, Salvido, Unico – are curiously resurrected names of dissolved companies previously registered in the UK or Ireland. On 4 February Roth claimed in writing [See ‘Martin Roth Speaks’] that he does not profit from ownership and that the companies “really belong” to Mary Carberry, who Roth identified as Maria Divine Mercy.

[Added April 13] The comings and goings of short-lived companies has characterized Mary Carberry’s professional life for 15 years, long before her first talking-Jesus-picture experience. During that time the Irish ‘seer’ who promotes herself as a “successful business woman” has co-owned 10 companies with her daughter Sarah or husband John that have dissolved.  Marketing Ambition [dissolved January 2012] and Ambition Awards [dissolved 2013] ended with judgments registered for bad debts.  All were delinquent in filing required annual reports.

A report of these findings has been sent to the Republic of Ireland Office of Revenue.   


Successful business woman? Or bankrupt and unemployed?

14 April 2014 [Edited April 30]

As noted in “The Million Dollar Caper” posted 14 April, adding to Mary “MDM” Carberry’s business concerns, Trumpet Publishing [Coma Books], ostensibly owned by MDM promoters Breffni Cully [aka ‘Joseph Gabriel’] and German Heinrich Martin Roth, is a month overdue in filing its annual report, even after extending the reporting deadline by three months. The five MDM-related company names – Trumpet, Merdel, Salas, Salvido, Unico – are curiously resurrected names of dissolved companies previously registered in the UK or Ireland. On 4 February Roth claimed in writing [See ‘Martin Roth Speaks’] that he does not profit from ownership and that the companies “really belong” to Mary Carberry, who Roth identified as the Maria Divine Mercy.

The comings and goings of short-lived companies has characterized Mary Carberry’s professional life for 15 years, long before her first talking-Jesus-picture experience. During that time the Irish ‘seer’ who promotes herself as a “successful business woman” has co-owned 11 companies with her daughter Sarah or husband John that have dissolved.  Marketing Ambition [dissolved January 2012] and Ambition Awards [dissolved 2013] ended with judgments registered for bad debts.  All were delinquent in filing required annual reports.

Mary Carberry’s so-called ‘success’ as a business woman was not sufficient to keep up with monthly house payments.  In December 2009, while still a “high flier” and agnostic, and a year away from her first celestial encounter, the Building Society in upscale Malahide near Dublin sought to repossess her home.  John and Mary Carberry were $67,000 USD behind on payments on their $1.4 million residence. She and her daughter Sarah remain in the house after Carberry found “legal ways” – words written by Roth – to satisfy the debt. John has left the nest.

Carberry may be unemployed.  Carberry’s “award-winning” business, McGovern PR – operated under her maiden name – was a “traded as” name for Ambition Awards that dissolved in 2013.  And she is not hanging out at Eighty Twenty PR, a company McGovern PR founded and teamed with in 2009, a year before her first supposed ‘Jesus’ communication. Today a representative of that company claims no association with Mary McGovern. Her webpage at LinkedIn – a social media site for business and government professionals – disappeared in recent weeks.

The ‘angel’ and ‘last final prophet’ – titles claimed by Carberry – is associated with only one active company. She is co-director of Future Media Communications Limited, founded by daughter Sarah and son Stephen.  After two years of operation, the business reported a negative net worth of €7,500.  The company claims on its website to be a digital marketing agency but dismisses online inquirers claiming that the site is being updated – “Check back with us soon.”  No active links. No address. No phone number. Sarah’s real work with the company is maintaining a recipe-trading forum at ilovecooking.ie.

The notion that the self-proclaimed ‘visionary’ gains credibility by claiming to be a successful business woman becomes a bogus theory in light of her financial distress over 15 years and the maze of short-term businesses with questionable reporting and bad debts.


Dissolved companies co-owned by Mary Carberry with husband John or daughter Sarah, listed in order of dissolution dates.  All were in debt and/or delinquent in filing required annual reports/financial statements.

*Teetime Ltd – formed January 2000, dissolved June 2002, 2 years in business

*CultureLink Ltd – formed January 2000, dissolved July 2005, 5 years in business

*Escape Overseas Ltd. – formedNovember 2000, dissolved July 2005, 4 years in business

*Marbella Property Investments Ltd – formed October 1999, dissolved December 2005, 6 years in business

*Pivotal Marketing Limited – formed June 2005, dissolved April 2007, 2 years in business, no reported data

*Qube Awards Ltd, formed 2009, dissolved February 2010, 1 year in business

*Ambition Communications Group – formed July 2009, dissolved May 2012, 2 years in business

*Marketing Ambition Ltd – formed March 2009, dissolved January 2012, last annual return September 2010, 2 years in business, judgments registered for bad debts

*Digital Training Academy Ireland Ltd – formed in 2010, dissolved January 2013, last annual return March 2011, 3 years in business

*Ambition Awards Ltd – dissolved October 2013, traded as McGovern PR/Online PR, 5 years in business, creditors meeting Aug 2011, judgments registered for bad debts

*Carberry Dress Hire Ltd – formed 2009, “liquidated” August 2013, dissolved November 2013, four years in business, negative net worth of €4,900


‘Visionary’s’ business partner ‘goes ballistic.’ Confesses: Mary Carberry IS Maria Divine Mercy!

Posted 17 February 2014

An Irish ‘visionary’s’ empire is dismantling.  On Feb. 4, Heinrich Martin Roth, German business partner of the ‘visionary’ Maria Divine Mercy, posted a 30-page ‘rant’ on his website reacting to a flier distributed by German Catholic publishers Miriam-Verlag.

Mary McGovern-Carberry in April 2009, from Irish Independent Online article announcing new PR venture, Eighty Twenty PR. Today, a company spokesman says, "We are no longer associated with Mary Carberry."

Mary McGovern-Carberry in April 2009, from Irish Independent Online article announcing new PR venture, Eighty Twenty PR. Today a company spokesman says, “We are no longer associated with Mary McGovern.”

While defending ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ and attempting to support the authenticity of her ‘messages from heaven,’ Roth, writing in German, provides embarrassing details exposing the ‘visionary’s’ identity and history. He admits:  Ireland resident Mary Carberry is Maria Divine Mercy!

Are Carberry and Irish business partner Breffni Cully aware what Roth has done?

The Miriam-Verlag two-page flier – the object of Roth’s bizarre document – was edited by a priest working in Switzerland and his affiliated group.  The flier exposes the MDM fraud primarily using information authored by Michael Hesemann posted at the popular German Catholic website Kath.net.  Roth also reacts to an article at MidwayStreet.wordpress.com that represents the work of international researchers exploring the identity of the Internet ‘visionary.’

In recent weeks 20,000 copies of the anti-MDM flier were distributed by Miriam-Verlag staff and groups at parishes and pilgrimage sites. Another 20,000 will be distributed in March. To counter, MDM followers are distributing their own flier they claim was written by Roth. Roth’s ‘rant’ is posted at two websites: his own and that of another German MDM supporter, Jochen Roemer.

Researchers first linked Mary Carberry to Martin Roth through his pen name ‘Herzmariens,’ identified as a member of a prayer group formed by Irish psychic-reader Joe Coleman.  Carberry and Herzmariens names appear together on Coleman’s website as contacts for a June 2012 gathering.  ‘Herzmariens’ was linked to a German website promoting visionaries hosted by Roth. Later, “Heinrich” Martin Roth shows as a business partner in government documents forming companies selling MDM books, medals and scapulars.

On Jan. 30, six days before posting his ‘rant’ at Herzmariens.de, Roth emailed his document to staff at Miriam-Verlag, believing, in error, that the publisher originated the flier. Legion of Mary members are actively distributing the anti-MDM flier in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Roth is among three key players creating and promoting the messages: Mary Carberry, Dublin, Ireland, conjurer of the spirit world as Maria Divine Mercy; Breffni Cully, Ireland, co-owner of the MDM enterprise and promoter as

This is the signature page from the original Trumpet Publishing incorporation document showing Sarah Carberry as co-owner. Sarah's majority interest in the company that publishes Maria Divine Mercy's Book of Truth was transferred to Martin Roth, who claims he is merely a figure-head for the company, and that it belongs to Sarah's mother Mary Carberry who uses the name Maria Divine Mercy.

This is the signature page from the original Trumpet Publishing incorporation document showing Sarah Carberry as co-owner. Sarah’s majority interest in the Book of Truth publisher was transferred to Martin Roth who claims he is merely a figure-head for the company, and that it belongs to Sarah’s mother Mary Carberry who uses the name Maria Divine Mercy.

‘Joseph Gabriel’ in English-speaking seminars; and Heinrich Martin Roth, Cologne, Germany, publisher and translator of the messages.  Cully and Roth are co-owners of the companies set up to sell MDM merchandise: Trumpet Publishing [doing business as Coma Books], and Merdel Ltd.

Within hours of receiving the Roth ‘rant’ on Jan. 30, a Miriam-Verlag translator summarized the document for English-speaking researchers. Here are elements from that summary.

To prove he does not benefit financially, Roth makes dangerous admissions. He says he only lent his name to the MDM companies to satisfy legal requirements to avoid paying taxes, as ‘items of devotion’ are not taxed in Ireland.  Roth and Cully are owners-of-record of Trumpet and Merdel, but the companies really belong to Carberry, writes Roth. He and Cully do not gain financially – they only assume liability to satisfy financial claims.

He describes a summer 2013 gathering with Carberry and several of Roth’s friends. They witnessed Carberry speed-writing without mistakes spontaneous answers to questions posed by members of the group.  Mary correctly answered a particular question that a participant says was known only to her.

Roth’s writes, quoting his friend [translated from German]: “And then I asked Mary if could ask her a question about Jesus. She said, ‘Yes,’ and to my surprise went immediately to her place and picked up a picture of Jesus and a small notebook. I thought that she wanted to write down my question in order to give her answer to me at a later time. After I asked the question she (to my surprise) prayed over the picture of Jesus briefly, perhaps 10 seconds. Then she began to write. I sat next to her and watched as she, without hesitation and thought and with great speed, wrote this text without error……”

Roth concludes that Mary’s ability to communicate with spirits in the form of automatic writing is necessarily from God. Still, Roth says Mary might make mistakes in hand-written transcription or in transferring the ‘messages’ to computer that result in confusion. This explains why some ‘messages’ are rewritten.

Roth compares Carberry to St. Paul.  He admits that he and Carberry were followers and promoters of psychic-reader Joe Coleman, who initially promoted Mary’s ‘visions.’ He believes the breakup with Coleman was Coleman’s initiative. [Editor’s Note: In June 2013 Coleman acknowledged that Mary Carberry is ‘Maria Divine Mercy.’ He wrote: “I pray for her (Carberry) that she will turn back to God. The devil works in many ways to deceive people and keep them from the truth…”]

Roth continues: Two people from Germany who met “Mary” in July 2012 confirm she is a business woman and business women do not invent messages from heaven. Roth admits that Carberry had financial troubles, but he says she found “legal” ways to satisfy her debt. Carberry, an angel and prophet, still knows little about religion. He writes, Mary does not understand the messages any better than anyone else. That is why she must not give explanations; She could never invent such messages, neither the quantity nor the depth.

Roth confirms that his business partner, Breffni Cully and world-traveling MDM promoter ‘Joseph Gabriel’ are the same person.  Roth writes that Cully is not concealing his identity as his real name is Breffni Joseph Gabriel Cully!

Roth believes attacks on him and Carberry are signs of authenticity proving the messages are truly divine. He knows nothing of any link between Carberry and the Australian criminal cultist William “The Little Pebble” Kamm. Roth denies Carberry’s ‘messages’ contain threatening content, but, he says, like the Gospels, some people are afraid of topics such as hell and purgatory. He claims there is no message threatening those who do not believe them.

While claiming Mary has been slandered, there is nothing in the Hesemann article or the Miriam-Verlag flier that Roth contradicts or denies. He says MDM attackers lack love. He asks, how can a woman of Mary’s background, lack of religious training, and absence of devotion, possibly make up a thousand visions and a hundred prayers?  They must be from God!

Roth does not consider that there are darker forces at play.


NOTE added 19 February 2014: The day after this article posted, Martin Roth referenced it at his German website. Roth writes: “[My] statement…concerning the attacks on this mission…[were]… misused to twist my words, to distort, and to use against the Book of Truth and against Mary. I will not post any more statements about [the content of the Miriam-Verlag flier] on our websites.”  

Oddly, Roth then adds this website address – https://midwaystreet.wordpress.com/updates.  He follows with this: “Urgent Appeal: MDM urgently asks us and especially all prayer groups to pray for this mission as satan massively acts against the messages and is especially angry about the production and fabrication of the medal Mother of Salvation.” 


**ADDED March 11: Kath.net article on Roth, the cancer cure, and the “SM” medal

**ADDED March 3: Miriam-Verlag flier translated from German Jan 2014

Original Roth ‘Rant’ document posted by Jochen Roemer

Google English translation of Roth’s ‘Rant

Miriam-Verlag document, original German, referenced by Roth

German language article by Michael Hesemann exposing MDM, Nov. 25, 2013


Imprisoned cultist William Kamm – ‘the Little Pebble’ – claims secret contact with MDM !

Posted 14 February 2014

A German researcher has obtained emails revealing secret ongoing communication with Australian cult leader William Kamm and Irish ‘visionary’ Mary Carberry. Carberry conceals her identity using the name ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ [MDM]. If authentic, the email exchange supports the notion that Carberry is under the influence or direction of the excommunicated Kamm.  Researchers at midwaystreet.wordpress.com have original emails with full text.

The emails are exchanged between Magdalena – leader of a German prayer group – Kamm’s fake bishop Malcolm Broussard, Broussard’s fake priest ‘Fr. Marie-Paul,’ and Carberry [MDM] email-responding assistant Grace.

After moving to Australia in 1983, German-born Kamm, as ‘The Little Pebble,’ formed the Order of St. Charbel. In June 2003 Australian Bishop Peter William Ingham declared the Order “schismatic,” excommunicating Kamm and his followers. Kamm currently resides in a prison cell convicted of two counts of child rape. He believes he will be the next pope. He continues to receive ‘messages from heaven’ encouraging his followers to support ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ and claims the Irish ‘seer’ supports his mission.

Pedophile William "Little Pebble" Kamm marching to court in 2005. He claims secret contact with Maria Divine Mercy.

Pedophile William “Little Pebble” Kamm marching to court in 2005. He claims secret contact with Maria Divine Mercy.

There is no admission from Mary ‘MDM’ Carberry of direct communication with Kamm or his associates. She is forbidden by her ‘spirits’ from supporting any other ‘visionary.’ There is, however, a curious email written by Carberry supporting Kamm’s fake priest ‘Marie-Paul.’

Before his make-over as Fr. Marie-Paul Lasalette, a ‘priest’ in the schismatic Order of St. Charbel, Bruce Sabalaskey designed and maintained Kamm’s web pages. In 2005, while Kamm’s conviction was under appeal, Sabalaskey, a Canadian resident, wrote an online article defending Kamm showing parallels with the Biblical Patriarch Joseph.

Now, using the identity ‘Remnant Clergy’ he manages the website Biblical False Prophet claiming, in union with Kamm and MDM, that Pope Francis is an agent of the anti-Christ.

During Mary Carberry’s early years as ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ [MDM] Sabalaskey, writing as ‘Fr. Marie-Paul,’ frequently contributed comments to MDM’s primary English-language Facebook page, Jesus to Mankind. He was literate, persuasive, and provided convincing theological support.

When Facebook followers increasingly questioned his priestly status, the Facebook page administrator sought direct advice from ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ who spoke to Jesus who told ‘Maria’ that the fake priest was a “good man” and “his contribution was important.”  Carberry writes, “(Fr. Marie-Paul) added great credibility to the messages. I was sad to see him go and I miss his posts.”

Does MDM’s ‘God’ not know that fake priest Bruce-‘Marie-Paul-Remnant-Clergy’-Sabalaskey is an unrepentant excommunicated follower of the ‘Little Pebble’ cult?

Here are excerpts from emails originating in Germany and written in English exchanged between Oct. 31 and Nov. 5, 2013. They include an admission from ‘Fr. Marie-Paul’ – Sabalaskey – that he has ongoing secret contact with ‘Maria Divine Mercy.’

A leader of a German prayer group, Magdalena, emailed MDM’s assistant, Grace, regarding a claim from ‘the Little Pebble’ that MDM endorsed him as a prophet. Magdalena’s prayer group finds this odd as MDM has been forbidden by ‘Jesus’ from commenting on other visionaries.

Grace responds: “Maria is forbidden to speak of any other visionary true or false. She is not permitted to give anyone advice. This is not her role.”

Magdalena to Grace: If Maria Divine Mercy is forbidden to speak about other seers or visionaries, why does the Little Pebble say that Maria Divine Mercy believes him to be God’s Prophet? Is he lying? You can imagine that our prayer group is a bit confused.

Grace: As I have already told you, Jesus would never permit Maria to speak about anyone, true or false.

Magdalena writes Broussard, the Little Pebble’s ‘bishop:’ We are a prayer group in Germany. We believe in the Little Pebble and Maria Divine Mercy. The Little Pebble believes also in the messages of Maria Divine Mercy. At the moment we are confused. A letter from the Little Pebble claims that Maria Divine Mercy believes him to be God’s Prophet. We have contacted Maria’s assistance, Grace, who says Maria never said the Little Pebble is God’s Prophet. We are astonished to hear this.  Is there any information that proves the opposite?

Ooops. At the start of Bruce Sabalaskey's incarnation as "Remnant Clergy" hosting the website The Biblical False Prophet, his address line revealed his former identity as Marie-Paul, advocate of Maria Divine Mercy.

Ooops. At the start of Bruce Sabalaskey’s incarnation as “Remnant Clergy” host of the website The Biblical False Prophet, his address line revealed his former identity as Marie-Paul, advocate of Maria Divine Mercy.

Broussard: Greetings from Australia. I informed the Little Pebble of your email this morning. He wants me to assure you that he is in private contact with Maria Divine Mercy. She has also replied to me when I wrote to her on his behalf. She has also replied to one of our priests who also wrote to her on behalf of the Little Pebble. We hold this correspondence as confidential. She will neither confirm nor deny any reference to the Little Pebble because Our Lord requires that of her at this time. The person you refer to, Grace, is not privileged to the information shared between the Little Pebble and Maria Divine Mercy. She will not speak of these details to Grace. Do not doubt. These two chosen souls are destined by God to work together for the salvation of souls. The Little Pebble told me that when he is out of prison he will make plans to visit all of you.

Marie-Paul: Dear Magdalena, I am a priest of the Charbelite Order and was forwarded your message to Bishop Broussard about Maria Divine Mercy and the Little Pebble. I am the priest who is the contact with Maria Divine Mercy. I wish to confirm that I only speak directly with Maria Divine Mercy and not with her workers because the communication is confidential. Jesus has told Maria Divine Mercy that she is not allowed to comment whatsoever on any other of God’s Prophets or Seers. I do hope that this testimony will help remove your concerns.

Magdalena to Broussard: We were all happy to get an answer from you.  Some hours ago we received a message from Fr. Marie-Paul. Our prayer group thinks Fr. Marie Paul is the spiritual leader of Maria Divine Mercy. We are a little disappointed with “Pope Franzikus” and believe what Maria Divine Mercy has revealed about him. Do you believe it possible in the future that the Little Pebble will become Pope?

Broussard:  No, Fr. Marie-Paul is not her spiritual director. He is in another country, but they correspond. Today the Little Pebble said to tell you his Papacy is a mystery regarding himself and Pope Benedict XVI. It is the same papacy. It does not conflict with Maria Divine Mercy. He told me that when he is Pope he will reign in Germany. Feel free to share this with your group. I assure you he will be the last Pope of the Catholic Church. Prophecy is always mysterious and like a puzzle. Yes, what Our Lord and Our Lady have revealed about Francis as the Anti-Pope is true. He is gradually playing his role and making his moves.

[Editor’s Note: Emails to Janice Williams, secretary to the ‘Order of St. Charbel,’ seeking confirmation of this email exchange have been ignored.]

The Prophet’s Profiteers 

Public Document Links Mary McGovern-Carberry to business partners Cully and Roth

Posted 27 January 2014

Signature page-2

This signature page in the Articles of Incorporation for Merdel Ltd was filed on Dec. 18, 2013. Breffni Cully and Martin Roth share equal

ownership in the company whose purpose is “to purchase, manufacture and retail religious medals…” Mary McGovern, “Consultant PR”, signs as a witness.  She is the mystery “visionary” who identifies herself as Maria Divine Mercy.  Cully and Roth also share ownership in Trumpet Publishing, dba Coma Books, whose entire inventory consists of Maria Divine Mercy’s multi-volume Book of Truth.  Initially, Mary McGovern’s [married name: Carberry] daughter, Sarah Carberry, held majority ownership of Trumpet Publishing before her share was transferred to Roth, a resident of Cologne, Germany, and McGovern’s cultist-following friend. Cully speaks worldwide to promote the “visions” under the false name Joseph Gabriel. The Merdel Ltd. paperwork allows either owner “to lend and advance money or give credit to any persons…” Qui bono? Who stands to gain and so might be responsible?


The Claim of the Miraculous Curing Cancer

Posted 4 March 2014

As Mary Carberry’s business partner Breffni Cully tours English-speaking nations, he tells the story of the Miracle of the Disappearing Cancer as evidence of Carberry’s special relationship with God.

Breffni Cully

Straight-faced, Breffni Cully tells seminar audiences that ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ was cured of cancer, but had her miraculously-healed body parts removed anyway.

As the story goes, sometime after God-the-Father first appeared to Carberry-invented ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ in June 2011, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As transcribed at his 6 September 2013 Chicago seminar, Cully tells his audience that a crying God-the-Father asked Carberry, “What can we do to save souls?” She responds by accepting the role of a ‘victim soul’ who suffers for the benefit of others.  Cully calls this an ‘irreversible contract.’

A seminar audience member noted Cully’s remarks: “Shortly after that, Maria was diagnosed with cancer.  After a mastectomy was booked, the Lord came to her and told her that she was cancer-free, but if she had both breasts removed she could save hundreds of thousands of souls. The thought of saving so many souls caused Maria to smile as she went into the operating room.”

This ‘miracle’ would confirm Carberry’s special place as an ‘angelic messenger’ and authenticate the divine origin of her ‘messages.’   It would…if it could. But it can’t.  Aside from Cully’s story-telling, no other mention is made of this historic event in the life of the woman who claims to be the ‘Last Prophet.’ During her 45-minute October 2011 radio interview, Carberry makes no mention of her physically-unexplainable life-saving cure.  A strange omission.  Breffni offers his audiences no evidence verifying the ‘miracle.’ And for good reason.

The miracle never happened. No documentation. No witness statements.  No doctor has come forward to say, “I amputated non-cancerous body parts.”  If Carberry could save “hundreds of thousands of souls” by having her breasts removed, might she save hundreds of thousands more by having a healthy leg or arm removed?

Many Catholics believe in the value of mortification – voluntary physical suffering to compensate for the consequence of sin, a sharing in the Cross of Christ.  There is no Catholic belief in the value of mutilation, the destruction of the body considered a temple of Christ.  Would Jesus really tell Mary Carberry he would be pleased if – with a painless operation – she had healthy body parts removed?  What, then, was the point of the ‘miraculous cure’?

With her voluntary mastectomy, there is no evidence that Jesus was there at all.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church addresses the issue:

“Except when performed for strictly therapeutic medical reasons, directly intended amputations, mutilations, and sterilizations performed on innocent persons are against moral law.” Did Jesus err by suggesting to Carberry that removing healthy body parts would save souls?

Catholic researcher David Moorcroft examines the no-sense of Carberry’s ‘cancer cure’ story against Catholic moral teaching and concludes,Evidence? None. Credibility? Contemptible.”

Applying Catholic doctrine, he writes that the ability to ‘see’ God the Father – the Beatific Vision – is reserved for saints in heaven. No mortal eyes, not even Mary Carberry’s, could bear that glory.  How could God-the-Father cry?  He has no body. Carberry says God-the-Father asks, “What can we do to save souls?”  Does he require Carberry’s help to accomplish this? That was the reason God sent his Son, Jesus. This claim by Carberry would seem to make her co-redeemer.

Moorcroft continues that the notion that a miracle took place is meaningless without investigation. The claim must be tested against available evidence to confirm a miraculous event.  In this case, there is no evidence whatsoever.  Carberry is a ‘victim soul’?  This calling, like any other in the Church, is wholly voluntary. Any soul may seek dispensation of that freely-chosen state if she or he is unwilling or unable to bear the burden.  God does not make contracts.  It is the devil that makes ‘pacts’.

Only an angel could call itself ‘an angelic messenger,’ writes Moorcroft.

And Mary Carberry is no angel.

A House is Not a Home 

Companies use mail drops for addresses

Harcourt building Dublin

Harcourt Centre, Dublin. “Home” to Trumpet Publishing

Updated 5 February 2014

The physical office locations used by the Breffni Cully enterprises, Trumpet Publishing [Coma Books] and Merdel Ltd, contain no staff, no furniture, no phones.  They are mail drops purchased for $110 a month from Regus, a supplier of virtual offices. Both the Harcourt Center and Cresent Building addresses are among four addresses purchasable from Regus in the Dublin area.  The Harcourt address is used as mailing addresses for The Warning Second Coming and Trumpet Publishing/Coma Books, sellers of the Book of Truth.  The Cresent Building, near the Dublin airport, is used for the newer company, Merdel Ltd, formed in December to sell medals promoted by Maria Divine Mercy. Earlier in February, the MDM business began promoting sales of medals and scapulars under the name Salus Gifts using a London address, which turns out to be another Regus mail drop. [More on  Salus below.]

Dublin airport

The Cresent Building, Dublin. “Home” to Merdel Ltd.

The Cresent Building, Northwood, Santry, Dublin. "Home" to Merdel Ltd.

Portland House, London. Address used by Salus Gifts.



Florida seminars forbid event documentation of Jesus’ instructions for all mankind.

Off To The Races

Breffni Cully returns to the US as “Joseph Gabriel”

Re-edited 10 February 2014

In a daring act of shamelessness, Breffni Cully, again using the name Joseph Gabriel, returned to the US for lectures at three Florida locations in early February. Followers of the “visionary” Maria Divine Mercy hosted appearances in Punta Gorda [Diocese of Venice], Orlando [Diocese of Orlando], and Clearwater [Diocese of Saint Petersburg]. At previous seminars Cully sold books [cash only] published by his company Coma Books. Photos are requested for publication at this site. His appearances in Florida follow a February 1 meeting in Belgium promoted by Hubert Luns, who translated for his Dutch and German audience, and a “private” strategy meeting December 7 in Cologne, Germany, with his business partner, Martin Roth.

Save us from Salus – the Un-company 

Website to sell MDM medal mocking Jesus

Updated 3 March 2014

On Oct. 18, 2013, the MDM group registered the domain name Salus Gifts with Network Solutions in Drums, Pennsylvania, US. The site went “live” in early February claiming to be “exclusive global distributor” of MDM medals and scapulars.  Though it uses a London address, “Salus Gifts” is a non-existent company; there is no record of its incorporation in the United Kingdom, Ireland or the United States.

Mary Crucified. MDM medal mocks the crucified Jesus.

Mary Crucified. MDM medal mocks the crucified Jesus. Is that a wink in the left eye?

The medal was ‘visioned’ in July 2013 with the command to have it ‘struck’ showing a crown of thorns above the head of the Virgin Mary, with crossed swords on the back, available in bulk and ‘freely distributed.’  The San Diego graphic artist responsible for creating the printable “Seal of the Living  God” that guarantees eternal life in heaven designed the medal that has been delayed due to various redesigns and mis-mintings. Sales of medals through the website will be managed by Magento, the company that also processes sales for the printed MDM books purchased through the Coma Books website.

According to MDM’s visions, wearing the  medal “offers the gift of salvation”–the assurance of life in paradise. [July 18, 2013]

In January Carberry’s ‘Mother of Salvation’ commanded that every person in the world [approximately 7 billion] be given a medal.  As of Feb. 6, the site was not accepting orders, but assures that items will be available to every country in the world from Salus and unidentified ‘authorized re-sellers.’ Items will be shipped, someday, in lots of 25, 50, 100, 200.  ‘Larger orders are available on request.’ Salus claims to be UK-based and publishes a London address revealed to be a mail drop purchased from Regus, a provider of virtual [pretend] offices. Emails sent to the contact address, info@salusgifts.com, are rejected with the reply: “Failure Notice: No such recipient.” [Editor’s Note:  Sometime between the appearance of this article and Feb. 18, Salus Gifts removed all content from its website but for two words:  “Coming Soon.”]

Facebook Follies

‘Maria  Divine Mercy’ joins Facebook five months before her name is revealed to the world!

Posted 3 March 2014MDM facebook jpg

An internet blogger has uncovered a Facebook page named after Mary Carberry’s ‘visionary’ Maria Divine Mercy.  Though it contains no content, the page is significant to researchers studying the identity, history and character of the woman who calls herself the ‘Last Prophet’—

It was started June 2, 2010…five months before the first claimed appearance of ‘Jesus’ to the Irish lady!

The new information is a curious point-of-interest supporting theories that the MDM enterprise was planned months ahead of the official start of the story.   Was this a mapped-out hoax by the PR professional and possibly other financiers and ‘handlers’?

The Official Story, version 3 or 4

The beginning of the ‘visions’ as told in the Introduction to the Book of Truth

Posted 8 February 2014

There are two versions of Mary Carberry’s journey into the world of vision-making. In October 2011 she gave an interview with As the Spirit Leads radio, WTMR, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, to jump-start her website. That was a tactical error. Within months, she requested her Facebook followers not to link to the interview. She also requested the station’s website, BlessedMothersChildren, to withdraw it. She retells her story, somewhat differently, in the Introduction to her collection of visions, the Book of Truth published by Coma Books, incorporated as Trumpet Publishing originally owned by Mary’s daughter Sarah.

In the Introduction, which can be previewed at bookseller Amazon.com, Carberry recalls her discovery that she is an angelic messenger and the absolute final last prophet of all time. It is a bizarre amateurish narrative that speaks of sizzling sensations that travel “all the way” from her stomach to her feet, of a bedside drawing of Jesus whose lips move without speaking and a face that changes expression, of powerful urges and electrical surges. She transcribes by hand exactly 745 words on a single “old envelope” in a humanly-impossible seven exact minutes in a manner reminiscent of occultist automatic writing. She trembles with shock, tears pour, there’s a soothing calmness. She writes that “she would never have the capacity to produce a script like this” — a revealing use of the word “script.” She hides her identity only because Jesus tells her to hide. Yet, he also tells her not to run away and to be strong. Although this life-changing sizzling event occurs at 3 in the morning, there is no mention of waking her husband, John, who must be an unusually sound sleeper.

Actual talking picture at bedside.

Actual talking picture at bedside.

By 11 am, seven hours after “suddenly” waking up, she naturally assumes she is another visionary. Naturally! But “this was not the case.” She is a one-of-a-kind visionary, which is different, an end-time prophet, not chosen, but SENT by Jesus to prepare for his second coming. Her prophet-assignment, however, is confined to note-taking.  She is not to be seen or heard.  She describes herself as an intelligent mother of four who led a busy and fulfilled life, but we know she has a history of failed businesses and a life lived beyond her means in a $1.4 million home [US dollars].

A major event occurs in summer 2011. She will be visited in person by God the Father who is pre-announced by the Holy Spirit who says, “God the Father wishes to communicate with you.” God tells her “why He created the world in the first place,” with no mention of his second or third-place reasons. “It was so He could have a family.” Was he lonely?  Did he lack for friends?

The truth “slowly dawns on her” that the messages are authentic, although she privately hopes they are not, probably to avoid the burden of being an angel.

The official story continues to confound. Mary “believed in God but she was not devout in the traditional sense.” Is there an “untraditional sense” of devout? She has the shock-of-a-lifetime talking-lip experience on Nov. 9, but now describes a visit the day before from the Virgin Mary – Nov. 8.  So what was all the surprise with Jesus’ visit?  She says that only those who turn to God will have eternal life. This was probably a transcription error due to speed-writing fatigue, as all souls are indestructible and live for eternity. The Introduction ends with “We don’t have much time.”

On that, we agree.

Following broadcast of Carberry’s interview, radio station staff were advised by their spiritual director, Fr. Neil Buchlein, a promoter of Medjugorje, to have nothing more to do with the Irish ‘seer.’  The link to the radio interview is no longer visible or searchable from the station’s website, but can be found through Google search and YouTube.  A complete transcript of the 45-minute interview is available at http://miraculousrosary.blogspot.com due to the dedicated work of its founder, Rosary Lovey. This is the printed book version as described above:  Official history of the beginning of the messages as it appears in the Book of Truth.

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  1. Alex Lim

    Excellent investigative work there. Of course you can expect MDMers to start denying this and defending their cult leader.

  2. Alex Lim

    Indeed, speed-writing or automatic writing is driven by the spirit world. To conclude that it could only come from God betrays a total ignorance about its contents. I don’t think Martin Roth even bothered reading them. The devil, being a spirit, can easily know the secrets of people. Just because Mary Carberry was able to say things to a person that only he knows, is no indication it came from God. Even the devil can appear like an angel from God. But you can know right away if the content of the message is from God. Anything that slanders the Vicar of Christ of earth, says bad things about the Catholic Church that insults the Holy Spirit who is behind the Church, or subverts Catholic teachings with doctrinal acrobatics unmistakably betray that the devil is behind the messages. It is no secret that the devil wants badly the destruction of the Church that Christ founded and the ruin of souls as a result. It doesn’t matter if the messages are full of pious injunctions to pray or go to mass. That’s what deception is about. lt only takes a drop of poison to make an otherwise excellent cup of coffee fatal. That. in a word, is what MDM’s ministry is about, plunging the immortal soul to perdition of unwary gullible and ill-informed MDMers if they do not repent.

    • Allison

      I was in a Community since I can remember. I grew up from one. But last September, something really sad and terrible happened. It wasn’t the first time our Servant Leader introduced MDM in the community. Years back, she introduced to us the website. But some elder in the community — my father and others — opposed the idea of it. So she stopped. Then again last year, she met this guy named Jack and this woman named Agnes. Jack was a member of the Divine Mercy group in the City. Agnes is a rich woman, owning a Christian boutique also in the City. As you can see, they were not of those who’s looks cannot be trusted. Then, they introduced her again to MDM (Book of Truth, Crusade Prayers). And again, our Servant Leader pursued it. Still some elders didn’t liked it, but we continued. Until she started to tell us about The Holy Grapes — just ordinary grapes inside the jar filled with some liquor for preservation — which can be consumed when the great famine comes. With that, my father with 2 other couples stood up and explained why this is wrong. She never believed in us, that’s why we decided to stop attending prayer meetings and other activities from the community. Yes we left. At first we feel sad, really sad. But in the end, God’s grace to those who follow the Church is extravagant. I am just sad that my friends and everyone that I love in the community is mislead, misguided, and was deceived by MDM.

      What is the Truth?

      It is not in the Book of Truth. *It is not anything that slanders the Vicar of Christ on Earth. It is not anything that says bad things about the Catholic Church that insults the Holy Spirit who is behind the Church. Or subverts Catholic teachings with doctrinal acrobatics.*

      It is believing in the Church. The Church whom Christ personally handed to Peter. Which he said on Matthew 16:18 “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” — KJV

      Disclaimer: *….* credits to Alex Lim in his comment.

  3. “Roth denies Carberry’s ‘messages’ contain threatening content, but, he says, like the Gospels, some people are afraid of topics such as hell and purgatory. He claims there is no message threatening those who do not believe them.”

    Oh REALLY !

    Well I challenge Hr. Roth to read the message delivered to Mary Carberry by her ‘entity’ on May 4th of 2013…

    “To those of you who claim to speak with great knowledge of Me and then spit with a cursed tongue against My prophet – know this. Your faith will not save you when you curse the Word of God. Your self-proclaimed love of God is meaningless when you judge one of His children before Him. You are cutting the umbilical cord, which binds you to My Father, when you show disrespect, anger and hatred towards Me. When you spit at Me, you will become blind and will never see again. When you utter words of hatred, your tongue will be cut out. When you stand up and declare to all your self-proclaimed knowledge of God, you will fall with your legs cut from under you. When you deem My prophet to be evil, you will have no life.
    My Word will never die; it will live for eternity. It will trample on those sinners who try to defy the Mercy of God, through these Messages. Reject Me this time and you reject the freedom I bring when I come to gather you, finally, into My Kingdom. You don’t have much time to redeem yourselves in My Eyes…”

    Nope, nothing threatening about that message… other than CASTRATION, BLINDNESS, and DEATH !

    Only the most abhorrent preternatural entity would utter a message such as that!

    • PocketSketch

      Gadfly: The initiate candidate to Free Masonry is led blindfolded with a noose called cable -tow placed around the neck. It is interesting to take note of this because in some esoteric circles it represents the umbilical cord. It is a symbol of obedience and submission. To my mind, the tirades of Mary McGovern/Carberry/MDM bear an uncanny resemblance to a Worshipful Master leading her followers by the neck with such bloody threats. Another interesting parallel is the command this woman has made to put down one’s armour. Candidates to this secret society are asked to strip and remove all their sacramentals which include rosaries, religious medals, crucifixes, scapulars and even their wedding rings which have been blessed by the Church. Can anyone find such a parallel in Divine Revelation asking Christians to divest themselves of their armour? No. To the contrary. If anything, the faithful are constantly reminded to:

      “PUT ON THE ARMOR OF GOD SO THAT YOU MAY BE ABLE TO STAND FIRM AGAINST THE TACTICS OF THE DEVIL. For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens. Therefore, put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist the evil day and. . . In all circumstances, HOLD FAITH AS A SHIELD, to quench the flaming arrows of the evil one.” (Ephesians 6:11-16)

      Compare and contrast with poor Mary who by her own admission never read the Bible:
      “Put down your armour and allow Me to give you this special gift.” (Feb.2, 2012)

    • Actually I don’t think this message mentioned “castration”….that was another one….and I thought it was speaking about some hellish punishment….it is pretty bad there, you know…..
      But I agree….this message is very disturbing….it does not sound like Jesus at all.

      • carla cacciatori

        Thanks to Mark Skoljarvec’s & gadflyjk for your very good explanation of the Seal & Medal. Thank you I too was caught up in these heretical messages!

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  5. No Catholic can remain in good standing with the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church while at the same time adhering to the Maria Divine Mercy Messages. The most obvious sign MDM is false is her slanderous rejection of Pope Francis as the Vicar of Christ. In addition, automatic writing is of the occult and is the same type of communication as a Ouija Board. The Church warns us to stay away from these activities. For MDM’s automatic writing, apparently she can take questions and ask them of “jesus” and she gets an immediate response. No visionary approved by the Church has had apparitions or locutions on demand! In real visions, Jesus and Mary have told the seer the time and the place of the next vision, and often the visionary is surprised by an unexpected apparition or locution. In the case of Saint Faustina, she would lament when Jesus left her, and beg Him to come back, but He always came in His own good time, and not upon her personal wishes.

    • I think what you say is true, Rosary, and I am concerned about this “speed-writing” – that is why I would like to verify this alleged article by her “business-partner”….but I can’t find it. Anyone can make up anything – but where is the proof?

  6. David


    • PocketSketch

      “And then there was John the Baptist, sent to prepare God’s children for the coming of the Messiah . . . And now you . . . have been sent to prepare the way for My Second Coming . . . They refuse to believe that My Father could possibly send into the world, in their time, HIS FINAL PROPHET. By doing so, they are denying the Holy Gospel of God.” [Jesus of Mary McGovern] May 25, 2013

      To David who wrote: “Maria Divine Mercy is {a} God’s chosen servant!” maybe you can tell us where, in any of the four Gospels, is it foretold that a final prophet will come to prepare mankind for the Second Coming? Remember, she is the one who made this assertion; therefore, it should be written that there will be a “final prophet.” Frankly, this is a surprise. For my part, I would never deny a word Jesus proclaimed in one of the Holy Gospels.

  7. David


  8. David


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  10. I just saw this “update” tonight – your link to the 30 page article is not working – how can we verify if this is even true? Does anyone have a copy of it?

  11. Hello??? No response….I am asking for the link (this one doesn’t work) or the document (30 page) that you are claiming all this stuff from Maria’s German “business partner”….otherwise it is just lies or heresay….nothing substantial….please produce the document. Thank you.

  12. Thank you guys, got it! Thank you for all the research!!!

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  14. How about the coming article on the exorcist who talked to Maria then died shortly after….noticed you took that announcement down…..?

  15. aquiness

    First, we are not to despise any brothers, sisters, family members or relatives who have followed the false Prophet, Mary Carberry. Our enemies are not of flesh and blood, but of the spiritual order and nature. Each of these children of the Church are beloved of God, and so should be our same response towards them. The true enemy of God is Satan who wants to see divisions within the sacred body. Prophecy of Marie Julie Jahenny….

    “During the time of the approach of the punishments announced at La Salette, an unlimited amount of false revelations will arise from Hell like a swarm of flies; a last attempt of Satan to choke and destroy the belief in the true revelations by false ones.”

    I pray now that the information given below will show the followers of Maria Divine Mercy that her visions are truly coming from hell!

    We know from various credible witnesses that Mary Carberry was involved with the well known psychic/medium, Joe Coleman and according to them she was with him when he received the apparitions at Knock. She also helped promote his book ‘The Message’ Now, according to her own testimony, she did not have a good knowledge of the faith, so it is understandable that she would be naive when it came to discerning the falsehood of a psychic turned visionary.According to one witness who knew her personally,….

    “Joe Coleman’s infestation definitely spilled onto Mary Carberry and soon she too began to have visions. In fact a number of people associated with this Medium, Joe Coleman began to have visions including Keith who was killed in a car accident. “

    At this point I will show the truth that Joe Coleman was/is indeed a psychic medium. The following comments were taken from a forum dealing with psychics.

    3rd Nov 2009 …”Does anyone know if Joe is still in Ballyfermot giving readings and if so would anyone have his number to make appointment to see him? Would love to get a reading done.”

    “you have to go to him, usually. or come and collect him and will go to a house if there is a few people to see him 4-5. He does not drive himself. i think he is very good. Some times he is busy , and you would have to wait a few days , or more to see him.”

    “He doesn’t need to use cards. The Virgin Mary speaks directly through him, and only asks for €60, which isn’t bad, you have to admit, for a direct conversation with the Mother of Jesus. Even Ben Dunne couldn’t beat that.”

    “For the record, the one time I went to see Joe Coleman he did tarot cards with me, and said 2 members of my immediate family that had passed on were in the room, this is where I felt quite calm and comforted. The Virgin Mary was mentioned once, he said he prays to her and has had visits, I didn’t ask anything about it, he didn’t offer anymore information. I was very pleased with the tarot reading, BUT I will stress this, even though I believe in the afterlife I take all readings with a pinch of salt. The point I was trying to make is that I found him to be a very nice person, who strongly believes in what he does. “

    4th Nov 2009…”This man claims to be a Marian visionary therefore it could be assumed that he presents himself as a Catholic or Christian.” Despite this, he operates in the psychic / medium / new age arena – which is completely contrary to Catholism and Christianity. Its fairly simple. If you are a Catholic or Christian then you should have nothing to do with psychics / mediums and the new age “movement”. If you are not Catholic or Christian then by all means seek whatever you want to seek – but then why would anybody seek “comfort” from a person who claims to be a Marian visionary if they are not Catholic / Christian. “This man is a walking contradiction.”

    “I’d say Joe is both, he is also clairvoyant and a visionary.”


    The following list of people participated in Joe’s spiritual/ prayer sittings. The name Mary Carberry can be clearly seen.

    Leo Murtagh Offline chris mcmahon Offline Dave Offline Gary Branigan Offline Janet Dunne Offline Louise Toal Offline Lyn Furlong Offline Mary Carberry Offline Sean lydon Herzmariens

    The above information is available on Joe’s website.


    Conversation with Joe on Facebook where he was asked if he could identify Mary Carberry. Here is the question asked of him regarding Mary’s photo…

    “Have you seen the photo of Mary C on the Internet? I don’t think it’s her cos I heard she was older.” Today 16:31 Joe Coleman 17:51 Joe Coleman “thats her allright a younger version,” 18:53 …Thanks Joe, God bless you Joe Coleman” 18:55 Joe Coleman “I will keep you in my prayers God bless ,,joe”

    Let me just please say here that both Joe Coleman and Mary Carberry are not nasty people, they truly believe they are receiving messages from heaven…but as we know heaven does not work with psychics!

    Below is a letter sent to Ron Conte from Mary.

    “I am the second visionary. We both see Our Lady as well as her beloved son Jesus Christ. I also see a nun during the apparitions which I have been led to believe is Sister Faustina the Polish nun who are given a prayer of the Divine Mercy to prepare the world for the Second Coming back in the 1930′s. Visions of St Philomena and St Bernadette have also occured from time to time. They are becoming more pronounced and more frequent in recent weeks. Neither of us knew each other in advance and come from different types of backgrounds and education. One this for sure is that the apparitions not only happened but many of them were witnessed by quite a few people. We receive messages every month. From the beginning Our Lady asked that we publish them. Joe has gone public – I manage the website but have not gone public because I dont have the courage to tell you the truth. Nor could I put my family through what Joe’s family had to endure when he went public. The Catholic Church have banned us from Knock in Co Mayo where the sun began to spin and shake in the sky after each apparition predicted in advance. Neither of us have ever read the Bible (because as Catholics for some reason it is not taught in schools – yes this is true). Yet the messages received all relate to biblical prophecies which did not make sence in the beginning. but now, of course, they do. Either way after a very tough year in which our lives have been turned upside down and inside out – riducled, laughed at, mocked and banned along with all the genuine believers from entering the Catholic Church in the grotto at Knock, the messages, are of huge significance for the world as the Second Coming of Christ is about to take place. No date has been given nor will it Our Lady says. But the time is very close now. We have been given YEARS but not dates regarding the Second Coming. The Tribulation has already started. The second half starts at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013 and will last four years until 2016. The ‘Trinity Years’ as the period was referred to by the Holy Spirit will last from 2013-2018 the sign of the beast 666. The first six relates to the one world economy. The second six relates to a new world leader – the anti-christ and the last six relates to the abolition of all religions into one new false religion. Reference was also made to the lifting up into the clouds but it was not clear. It seems to refer to the year 2013 but we are not sure. Visions have also been given to Joe about future events, places, cities, and islands which will all be destroyed. In your writing you have been accurate in one you predicted but we have not gone public with those”

    In the letter, as in the Book of Truth, she falsely predicted that the second half of the tribulations would start at the end of 2012…but we haven’t seen the first half yet and it’s now 2014!

    Notice also in the letter that Mary did at that time agree with Joe’s ‘visions’ Only a false seer would agree with a false seer’s apparitions. A genuine seer would know from God that he was false, and of course Mediums are not God’s instruments.

    2 Thessalonians 2:9-12: “Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders, And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying. That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity.”

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  17. Mark Skoljarev

    I discovered the Occultist power behind Maria’s “seal of the living god” and on the stamp above the crown & cross it says Sigillum Dei Vivi. And it leads to Occultism by a man named John Dee from
    the 1600’s.
    I put this piece together which explains the power of control over humans & creatures behind the seal as a magical diagram. Link to image below:

  18. Solus Unus

    The “seal” has a curious inscription.

    In Latin, “sigillum” means “seal.” In Icelandic, “sigillum” means “subsidence all.” According to Wikipeadia, “Subsidence is the motion of a surface (usually, the Earth’s surface) as it shifts downward relative to a datum such as sea-level. The opposite of subsidence is uplift, which results in an increase in elevation. Ground subsidence is of concern to geologists, geotechnical engineers and surveyors.” So in Icelandic, this seal says may all the earth shift downwards. hmmm…..

    “Dei” is Latin for God, but Italian for “of”

    “vivi” in Latin is “living” in Italian its “live”

    So all together we could have a subliminal message here, “Subsidence all of [the] living.’ or “Subsidence all [who] live [for] God.” Satan is quite subtle, but what becomes of the person who owns/wears/has this “seal?”

  19. Solus Unus

    My dear David,
    You seem to be very agitated. Many who follow MDM find themselves to be so. The presence of God brings peace, tranquility and joy, even amidst trials and sorrows. I have observed this panic and agitation amongst her followers. With good discernment, your spiritual director will undoubtedly recognize this as the wide and smooth path spoken of in the Gospels that many people follow which leads to hell. The agitation in your soul is the quivering of the purest part of yourself as it begins to follow consumate evil. This is a dire warning. Seek peace and tranquility in your soul, that is the presence of God within. If you pray the rosary daily, you are entitled to “signal graces,” a unique promise of Our Lady. After praying your rosary well, and I would not recommend using any format from MDM, ask in your heart for Our Lady to grant you the grace to be able to see the truth in this matter. I have done this, because some people had approached me with select messages from MDM, and they all looked and sounded very good. After taking it to prayer, I found in my inbox immediately when I returned to the office, the condemnation of MDM by the Archbishop of Australia sent to me by someone I don’t even know! Our Lady will lead you, protect you and guide you if you want to follow her to her Son. When the Church speaks, we her children, listen obediently, and we are safe and blessed for this.

    Look at poor Kelly Bowring. He is a theologian who went way out on a limb to support this apparition. He now must withdraw his books from circulation and his publisher will no longer sell them. A huge loss of profit for him and his family! The book itself was good, but he used MDM as reference material, a poor judgement call on his part. Now his good name has been compromised and few will respect him as they did before. Do you see how following a false prophet cost him dearly? The same will happen to all MDM’s followers.

    John 10:10 says, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I am come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly.”

    I know two priests that followed her; one has developed an unexplainable heart ailment and lost three close family members unexpectedly. The other has lost his position with a devout Catholic apostolate for spreading heresy (that Pope Francis is the False Prophet/antichrist) and he has also experienced strange health issues since following her. Do you see any good coming to those who follow her? Look at your own situation. God does not bless evil. If MDM is from God, why are you so agitated? Where is your peace? Our Lady does not mislead when you ask for signal graces. Trust your Mother!

    May God bless you with the grace of good discernment (or may he bring those who have good discernment into your life). But do ask. Pray your rosary, open your heart to hear the truth, whatever it might be, whether you like it or not, and follow whatever Our Lady asks of you with a peace-filled heart. Follow the peace! There you will find God.

  20. Jenny

    Amen to the above! The Holy Rosary is our weapon and the scapular!! USE THEM !


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  24. Ray

    To those who believe no proof is necessary, to those who don’t believe no proof will suffice. If all the negativity stated above is true and it is proven as such, nothing has been lost, for if a person followed the instructions in the messages of praying 3 Rosaries per day, praying the Divine Mercy chaplet as well as the Crusade Prayers are receiving all the Blessings and gifts they imply. Maria will have to answer for deceiving the believers. If then they are proven correct will also have to face the same God. To those who say the messages are from the devil are ignorant of the facts. The devil will NEVER
    ask anyone to pray the Rosary much less three, nor the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It’s easy to criticize anyone when you don’t have all the facts in hand. Throughout the history of alleged visionaries and locutionists not one has not faced the negative criticism that the enemies of God has perpetrated. In lieu of finding fault, try praying the prayers that has been asked of us to say and going to daily mass etc, and see what discernment God gives you.

    • ..the devil in bayside,, and the devil in troya de palmar..and many other false marian apparitions asked the faithful to pray the rosary…in order to split the Church..to bolster disobedience against the magisterium…here is from a possessed man..an homage to the Virgin Mary from a demon….
      the case of Antoine Gay….
      Homage to Mary from a demon
      (The little parish of Ars was to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception. It is relevant to note here that the dogma of the Immaculate Conception had not yet been proclaimed and was not, in fact, promulgated until a year after this homage was recorded. Then an entirely unexpected event occurred. Antoine Gay (the possessed) was found kneeling at the foot of a statue of the Virgin, his arms extended in the form of a cross, and his eyes filled with tears. From his lips there streamed forth this solemn declaration which could only have come from the infernal spirit that possessed him, since Antoine Gay himself had not the theological background to pronounce such an impressive discourse.)

      “O Mary, Mary, masterpiece of God’s handiwork: God has made nothing greater than thee! Incomparable creation, admiration of all the heavenly host! All honour thee, all obey thee and acknowledge thee as Mother of the Creator. Thou art raised above the angels and above all the court of Heaven: thou art seated near to God, thou art the Temple of Deity, thou hast carried in thy womb all that is strongest and greatest and most powerful and most loving! …

      Mary, thou hast received in thy virginal womb Him who created thee, thou art Virgin and Mother, there is none to be compared with thee. After God, thou art the greatest; thou art the Strong Woman, there is more glory to God in thee than in the heavenly host …

      In thee there has been no stain, Anathema be they that deny that thou art Virgin and Mother; thou wast conceived without sin, thou art immaculate! …

      I praise thee, O Mary, but all my praises of thee ascend unto God, the author of all good. After the Sacred Heart of Jesus there is no heart to be compared with thine. O loving heart! O tender heart! Thou wilt not abandon even the most thankless or the most guilty of mortals. Thy heart is overflowing with kindness, even to the unfortunate who merit chastisement alone, yet thou obtainest for them grace and compassion: the worst of sinners is converted by thee! …

      O, if all the inhabitants of the earth should know thee! If they could understand thy tenderness, thy power, thy goodness, not one of them should perish! All that turn to thee in trust and hope and pray to thee continually, whatever their state may be, thou wilt save them, thou wilt bless them eternally…

      I am compelled to humble myself at thy feet and implore thy pardon for all the outrages I inflict on the one I possess! …

      I confess today, one of the most solemn feasts of the whole year, that thy divine Son compels me to say that it is the most solemn of all the feasts.”

    • PocketSketch

      Sorry, Ray. You are sadly deceived. Satan will come as an angel cloaked in light, exhorting the faithful to pray their devotions religiously, if, in the end he can gather these same souls under the mantle of his darkness and subjugate them to himself through the sin of spiritual pride. One presumes on God’s mercy if one thinks they can run around spreading lies and calumny about God’s anointed and appointed Vicar of Christ on earth, Pope Francis. Only after you repent and stop promoting this anti-Catholic bigot, Mary Carberry, will your prayers once again be a sweet smelling offering to God. As it is, all this rubbish emanating from the W2C website stinks to the high heavens!

      • PocketSketch

        How does this prophet sound to you Ray?

        “I will use you to announce with a quiet voice the reign of the Antichrist’s beginning. It will be a time very soon, when the sacrifice of the Sacred Mass is no longer sacred to many. The horrible sacrilege will be man himself, exalted, replacing Me at My altars as the gods. They will at that time remove Me from My Tabernacle-Thrones. Quietly and together, We will sweep a Movement of the fire of My Holy Spirit across all nations to rectify the neglect of Me as fully God, alive with you in the Eucharist. It will be a Movement that gathers an adoring and obedient remnant away from the antichrist and his alterations of My House and My Sacrifice (the Mass). Tabernacles will be torn down. Sacred statues will be destroyed. The Mass will be altered and in many places terminated, leaving echoing barns with wordy ceremonies in the place of My Sanctuaries . . . The antichrist will appear, at that time, to have removed Me as the eternal sacrifice, but My remnant Movement will bring forth a small obedient flock who will not adore the horrible sacrilege of man himself on My altars.”

        During the time of St. Bernadette of Lourdes there were well over a hundred seers who were all claiming to see and hear the Blessed Mother. Bernadette was the only one who proved real. Let the Church and her ordained successors to the Apostles figure it out. Why risk sinking in such a quagmire of demons and deceit? The course of prudence is to humbly obey Archbishop Diarmuid Martin on this matter and to stay on the straight and narrow path to heaven. She is a detour you need not bother to follow.

  25. Pat

    I work with an exorcist. You must NEVER, I repeat NEVER, be in agreement with the infernal spirits on anything. They can ask you to pray with them, and if you do, you are in agreement with them. The prayer is a small price for the demon to pay to have access to your soul. Once you are in agreement with them they are in, and you will have a very difficult time removing them precisely because you welcomed them in! Even if you are a good, prayerful, devout, daily Mass Catholic, (then why in heaven’s name would you be agreeing with evil about ANYTHING?) you will have within your soul a wide open door through which evil can, and will, enter at will to “kill, steal and destroy” wreaking havoc and suffering in your life, which are the marks of the evil one. (Cf. John 10:10). There are so many obvious clues in MDM’s web that cause us to steer far clear from her. Yet, there are so many Catholics that do not know the faith properly who are being sucked into this web and drowned in her venom…without really realizing it, until suddenly, they see that they have strayed far from the truth and are in desperate straights. With MDM, satan is setting the Church’s faithful against her own Pope. His work will be accomplished by the poorly educated of the Church who, being in agreement with satan, (because they are praying his prayers), will execute his work in the world against the Church and the remnant faithful. Just look around. Observe the lives of those who follow MDM…observe their sufferings…observe their lack of peace…watch as they unravel and fall away from the Church…observe their lives of sin which they excuse away as “faithful service to God.” Observe and avoid them. Pray for them, but do not be in agreement with them either!

    If you need to release your soul from the grip of MDM. There is an excellent source, “Healing of Families” by Fr Yozefu Ssemakula. It works very well to close the access points satan has in your life and free you from his oppession. (www.preciousbloodinternational.com to order the book)


  26. Victoria Lyons

    Don’t forget to send your new E-book to Mary Carberry’s Bishop as well! I’m sure he will interested in seeing it.

  27. jack ortega

    I saw the Jesus to Mankind followers for several years as a group and i see them praying th e rosary of Our blessed Mother, the Divine Mercy, the Crusades of Prayers and the Litany Prayers heartily. This done daily in the meeting or at individual houses. I seen covertion in mysome member of my family and their family as well. The membeqs of this Jesus to Mankind grow into big community. When alk these end times devotions are prayed heartily will be finished in four hours.These followers goes weekly confession ar possible and thir group do a mission to propagate the importnce of the Holy Mass, the Holy Eucharist- propagate the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy, pqopagate the confession and teaching catechism of Catholic Church. Giving rosaries and prayer guides spend from our pockets. And thanks God we have priests that believes in these messages. If satan is behind MDM then it is impossible.

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  30. celia carvell

    At first I was taken in by MDM. The Website was impressive and it is good to be warned of things to come in the Church and in the World. However it bothered me that she would not reveal her name and wanted to stay anonymous. It also bothered me that Jesus said the Pope was not of him because of his humility and great love for the poor as the Pope seems so very sincere and holy. I started to doubt even more when I saw the new medal as it seemed more New Age. I love and wear my miraculous medal and had a bad feeling about the medal MDM was selling. When the Christmas prophecy about it being replaced didn,t happen. I knew for sure she was false. I feel silly for being taken in, however I did pray about this and now I have my answer for sure. I look forward to Divine Mercy Sunday. There we have all we need. Jesus I trust in you.

    • PocketSketch

      Thank you Celia Carvell for your witness. It is such good news that you have managed to free yourself from MDM. Sadly, a good many of the faithful still loyal to her attended the celebration of Divine Mercy last Sunday praying for Pope Benedict XVI as they stubbornly refuse to recognize the legitimate election of Pope Francis. It calls into question if they received all the blessings of Divine Mercy when one of the conditions for the indulgence is to pray for the reigning Supreme Pontiff (not the retired former pope.) May Our merciful Saviour take pity on these deluded souls and hear their prayers regardless.

      For my part, I always wear the Miraculous Medal and would never trade it in for the demonically inspired medal of damnation. Has anyone of her followers yet explained why Carberry’s so-called medal of salvation features two swords instead of one? They can’t because it is an occult symbol. It is nothing more than a superstitious amulet and a sign to the Living God that one has abandoned the one, true faith to follow a false Messiah. Where the Miraculous Medal is a badge of honor that one is a child of Mary, the other is a badge of shame.

      Kindly remember to pray for the rest of Mary’s children who have been led astray.

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  34. Nottoobad

    Looks like the back up at http://mybookoftruth.com


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  37. Patricia Barry


  38. Ken

    I used to be part of her cult. I was set free after I began praying the Rosary
    THANKS be to God
    Please pray for me and everyone still believing that woman, she’s leading many astray… Jesus warned about her. He said many false prophets would come who would deceive many, and if that were possible, even the elect.

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